What’s Next for Nutrition?

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Nutrition is a subject that covers a wide area of health that include foods and its components. There is a combination of nutrients that include calories that can be confusing to some professionals in the health sector seeing that not all nutrients in foods are identified in the same manner by those affixing labels on food packages.

Some Dietitians must be finding much difficulty in making decision on what really is Nutrition. In reality, Nutrition is the intake of healthy foods that sustains all areas of the human body.

There is no if and but neither any headache in identifying that the body’s health relied solely on the intake of nutrients which involve food, air water and sunlight. While the nutrients can be broken down into many sub names the fact remains that Nutrition is the key factor to all of the subdivision of food values.

Absorbing over-much of any nutrients are as unhealthy as not absorbing enough. We therefore need to know what nutrients is contained in each food that we eat. What area of the body, they bring health to sustain; in a bid to satisfy the whole man.

Doctors cannot tell everybody everything because if they do, they will not make any money after going through such rigorous training. It is the responsibility of every living person to ensure to eat healthy. Eating healthy foods allows for individuals to live a healthy life, as also a longer life.

It will not matter much, if one ensures a healthy liver and ignores having healthy kidneys. Poor Renal Nutrition and Rich Liver Nutrition will prove conflicting when trying to maintain a healthy body. How much time do you spend revising some of the lessons you learned in Human and Social Biology while you were at School?

Although it might not make sense to you, and as far as you can remember, there is not enough information there for you to identify the nutrients needed for all areas of your body. I challenge you; you might be surprised if you give it a try.

You might not find all the information in sequence as you would want it to be. Keeping in your mind that the human and social biology textbook was written by the medical professionals at heart. Therefore, all texts could not be written in sequence.

But if you give reading up on pass text book a try, you will no doubt find valuable information that can help you to boost your health by proper Nutrition. What is next for Nutrition? Much! I will ask you one simple question here: have you ever filled a tooth?

Or is there anyone close to you who does and after a few weeks the filling fell out, or you begin to experience mouth odor? You might even curse out the Dentist behind his back saying how he does a faulty job in your mouth and you talk against him to your friend to prevent them from supporting his practice.

Supposed I tell you that filling fell out and your mouth odor has nothing to do with your Dentist, nor the work he performed in your mouth? You are the prime culprit in this matter, not your Dentist. Yes, you are! Believe it or not.

It all goes back to your Nutrition! You have ensured to buy the toothpaste to prevent cavity, and bad breath. That is good for your hygiene. But how much do you remember to eat the correct food that will supply your teeth with adequate amount of calcium for the maintenance of your teeth health? In many cases of our health issues, that we often murmur against our health providers.

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In plain talk, we are really unfair to give blame to the innocent who tries all in their power to help us with our messed up self that we ignorantly ignored by eating the foods that does not give value to our health, but rather proved ruinous. In many cases, we give blame to the wrong source.

It is high time we take responsibility for our actions. We can help to make the doctors work lighter and earn bigger when we identify that we are not doing justice to our body with the nutrients that we eat. We can improve our health and wellness by educating ourselves on the various nutrients that enhances the health of the different organs and glands of our body.

For an example: when we have a common cold, we do not take eye drops to cure the cold. We seek for cold medicine. As also it is noticed that people whose nutrition is in good standing do not get the common cold because their immune system is in good health.

Some of the things that will be next for Nutrition are very common around us, but we are too much otherwise minded to see them, we are also not convinced that they carry the nutrition that is needed to take our bodies to the healthy level of performance in wellness.

Again, we expect the health providers to be supernatural and work some miracles and make us whole. We need to know that if an ailment is identified in the body that is caused by a deficiency of some nutrients it will not matter how effective a medication is performing. Without that nutrients are supplied you will continue to ail.

What’s next for Nutrition I have identified a balance diet. One that contained all the nutrients that can supply each cell in the body with the required nutrients to keep them robust and in peak performance throughout the cell life span.

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Thus enhancing the organs and glands with better performance. We should not need one to come from Mars to tell us that although Nutrition covers a wide area we as a people can identify each area need for nutrition and supply them accordingly.

We read about Methuselah how he lived over nine hundred years, I am almost certain that there were no Doctors in his days. The man utilized what was available, and kept his health in peak performance. How nice would it be if we could adopt his principles and eat for our whole body?

I am Dorcas. I want to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi, you really can’t put a price on health. for our immune systems to work we have to have the right nutrition. All of the cheap food that people eat contain no nutrients that are value. this is why they often get sick. Aside from that, supplements are a good idea. they cost a little bit of money, for my personal health and well-being I am willing to Fork out the money.

    • Hey Jake; thanks for your comment. Where I live fruits and vegetables are not really expensive, but not many people want to eat vegetables. One of my sisters-in-law eats no fruit at all neither members of her parent’s family.

      I agree with you to fork out the money that will supply the nutrition needed for your good health.


  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about What’s Next for Nutrition and explanation are given.

    Everyone put on pounds of holiday. I have read many articles about it, but these are the best I have found with a lot of useful information. I will definitely be charging a supplement for detoxification.

    Thanks again and keep in touch.

    • Hi Razvanllie; thanks for your comment. Days gone by it used to happen to me. Because I was not careful about the things I ate. I was mindful of being full of some of the delightful delicacies. 

      I was never careful about the things I ate. Now I am more mature. I do not want to end up with any form of dismemberment, neither blindness.

      With the awareness that these ill things are possible if I indulge in eating none nutritious foods, I am paying attention to the foods that I eat.


  3. I, first of all, thank you for the hard work to provide this valuable content. More and more people are now going back to basics in terms of food and health practices because they would need to achieve prime health and fitness. With the fast-paced, technologically-driven world people are now living, who would not want to turn away from certain medical conditions and disorders. thank you very much

    • Hey Mugalu; thanks for your comment. If we return to basic we cannot be wrong. If you are a Bible reader you will remember that people of old times dress a calf or two kids for their one or two guests.

      They ate a lot of meat, they traveled far on foot and we read about the oil that ran down Aaron’s beard, but we never read about any of them being overweight.

      They could not be as their mood of transportation was not anything like ours, that too was common exercise. If we could handle it now. Back then, their most common ailments were the Demond position.


  4. I completely agree with your premise that health and nutrition are intrinsically linked. Personally, I eat a large number of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and occasional meats – but I still find to maintain my health and avoid the winter flu and miserable colds that circulate through my office I have to take vitamins and supplements to support my health and nutrition. I am interested in your suggestions about the relationships between nutrition, robust mind and exercise for a healthy body, is there a particular form of exercise that you recommend undertaking to complement nutrition in maintaining a healthy body?

    • Hi Lisa; thanks for your comment. of course, The fruits, grains vegetables do keep the blood flowing, but we must keep in mind that many of the fruits are filled with natural sugar.

      Having too many sweet fruits with some sugar fighting vegetables we could be mustering high blood sugar levels in our system. I ate a lot of meat. I do exercise at home to maintain a flat belly. You should find some on Pinterest.


  5. Hello Dorcas,
    Thanks for this lots of information, if only we know the potency of the food and fruits we find around us. Also if we know how to combine them, we will enjoy good health.
    In my family, we consciously ensure that every meal goes with fruits and vegetables, and we nurse this fruits and various green vegetables right in my backyard to ensure they are fresh and readily available, this culture has helped us stay healthy.

    • Hey there Parameter; thanks for your comment. It seems like we have somethings in common here, I prefer not to eat than to eat unhealthily. Og a fact the back yard is a good place to ensure you get the vegetables fresh. It is only when I can’t help it I use my Refredgetor to keep my vegetables fresh. I think planting is a good hobby for me.


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