What About Cucumber Nutrition

In today’s article, I want to share some of the nutritional values of Cucumber with you so that you can choose your foods from some of the healthy foods from the list that I am timely preparing for your benefit.

I found Cucumber to be one of the healthiest easy to grow easy to source foods that I know. First and foremost. Even if you do not have a salary because of how Cucumber is easy to grow, you can produce Cucumber for yourself and enjoy the health benefits like I am experiencing as I write the article.


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Cucumber is of several varieties, in many different colours, length, and diameters. However, it will not matter its colour length or size. Cucumber is one of the Super-foods that is available to help us to experience a healthy life.

Cucumber is a vegetable that is highly nutritional with a lot of health benefits such as keeping the body hydrated due to its natural water content. Ninety-five present of cucumber is water or liquid.

Some of the nutritional contents of Cucumber are essential nutrients that contribute to the body’s hydration such as Magnesium and Potassium.


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This Cucumber is in a house Garden or in a pot as you can see that the vine is tied to a host for its support.

These help to regulate the body’s hydration if you are consuming Cucumber you will not need to worry during the dry, hot days of the year when you have to be on the outside in the open atmosphere.

Cucumber offers health to the body both inside and outside. Cucumber gives  excellent skin care with a cooling ability to critical areas as the eyes and faces in general, around the neck and throat

Cucumber rejuvenates the skin by clearing dryness, burns, and tiredness from the surface and replenishes the skin to a new look due to its content of Silicon, Potassium, and Magnesium.

It has a cooling effect that soothes and reduces irritation, swelling and inflammation. Cucumber helps to remove morning puffiness when slices of cucumber are applied to the eyes.


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The Sterol content of Cucumber helps in preventing a build-up of harmful cholesterol in the body because of its rich fiber people who suffer from high cholesterol should ensure a regular intake of the valid commodity.

Prevents Inflammatory Disease

Cucumber is one source of the plant chemical phytonutrient which has the capability and preventative properties to prevent inflammatory disease and skin disorders.

Consuming cucumber often prevents inflammatory disease in the body. Using Cucumber as a natural face mask helps to protect the skin from Skin irritation dryness, acne, and other skin problems.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer


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Cucumber contains polyphenolic substances lignin which is antioxidant that protects the body from Cardiovascular diseases also decrease the risk of Cancer.

Phytonutrients which is another name for cucurbitacin which is a component in cucumber has anti-cancer properties.

Therefore, regular eating of Cucumber helps to lower the risk of Ovarian, Brest, Uterine, and prostate cancers. Some other cancer fighters found in Cucumber are flavonoids, fisetin, and caffeic acid.

Healthy Bones

Because Cucumber contains vitamins K which improves Calcium absorption, regular consumption of Cucumber influence proper bone health.


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Cucumber is a none-starch vegetable that contains cucurbitaficifolia that reduces spikes in blood sugar. Regular eating Cucumber aids in diabetic health.

Keeping in mind that Cucurbita’s helps to stimulate the release of insulin and maintain the metabolism and hormone in the blood sugar processing of hepatic glycogen. Cucumber is an excellent fruit for diabetic patients.

Blood Pressure

A cucumber that is rich in Magnesium, Fiber, and Potassium is a good source of nutrition for people suffering from high blood pressure. Because these three food properties maintain blood pressure.

Keeping it at a level which is not high, not low regular consumption of cucumber will help to maintain the right blood pressure level. It is therefore nutritious for people suffering from hypertension to eat Cucumber regularly.


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Weight Loss

Cucumber is low in calories it also contains Fiber, consuming the fruit, therefore, allows you to maintain a healthy weight due to its rich fiber content you may enjoy Cucumber in your salads and also pure Cucumber juice daily.


Cucumber is rich in erepsin, is an enzyme that works in the digestion process and helps the body absorbed protein adequately. Pectin in Cucumber helps cleans the flora of the intestine.

The fiber in Cucumber helps control the movement of bowel and makes the stool soft due to its high-water content which works effectively in the treatment of constipation, Ulcer, and gastritis.



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I have included all this much images for you to get a picture of what the Cucumber family looks like in variety.

Cucumber contains an array of properties that help the body to function orderly. Such as Antioxidants like Vitamin C, manganese, batá-carotene, and anti-inflammatories like triterpenes, flavonoids, and lignans.


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The components as mentioned earlier which in Cucumber are all aid in fighting free radicals that form a part with a variety of human diseases such as Cancer, stroke diabetes and heart attack. The regular eating adequate amount of Cucumber regularly will keep you from falling victim to free radicals.

Cucumber controls



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Once you are living somewhere, you can grow your desired amount of cucumber for your consumption. You might not have a flower pot, but you can find an old pan, pot, tub, or whatever can hold some dirt.

Full it with dirt to about two inches from the brim giving your plant space to get enough air Then wrap the container with tin foil so it will look good to sit anywhere inside your house if you do not have space outside.

Put a shallow hole in the center wet it with water, and one cucumber seed inside the earth; when it grows to remember to water it sparingly every day.

Watch it grow, when you see that bright yellow blossom shoots up it is time for your plant to bear fruit you can increase the amount of water within ten to fourteen days you should start eating your own grown Cucumber.



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Improve hair growth.

Cucumber is as beneficial to the health of our hair as much as it is to our body. Cucumber juice is an excellent hair rinse. It keeps the hair soft shiny strong and manageable as also enhance hair growth.

Cucumber juice is rich in Sulphur and silicon which prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. For a significant difference in your scalp and hair, you may apply Cucumber juice gently to your scalp and massage into your hair.



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Some Benefits of Cucumber Juice

In the same way, the whole Cucumber is beneficial to your health so is the Cucumber juice. The juice contains many nutrients such as vitamin Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6. Vitamin K Magnesium, Phosphorus, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Silica, Folate, Zinc, and Calcium.

Due to Cucumber high water content eating the fruit keeps your body hydrated. Cucumber juice is packed full of antioxidant that helps in the metabolic process, resulting in weight loss.

Cucumber is a laxative treatment for chronic constipation because it is light in the bowels. Those who are Consuming Cucumber juice supplies the body with Minerals, Hormones, and compounds that protect the body from diseases.


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Due to its high-water content Cucumber juice helps in cleansing the body by expelling toxic waste. Cucumber juice calms the nerve by reducing stress and anxiety allowing you improved sleep quality.

Because Cucumber contains Vitamin B it is an excellent energy booster’ Cucumber juice provides your body with numerous vitamins. Cucumber juice is an excellent sweet drink replacer.

And keep your blood pressure and blood sugar at a reasonable level. Cucumber has many proven nutrients to replace many drink supplements effectively and serves as an excellent body strengthen.

Cucumber Nutritional Facts

Energy                                                                                               15 Kcl

Carbohydrates                                                                               3.63 g

Total Fat                                                                                           0.11 g

Protein                                                                                             0.65 g

Cholesterol                                                                                     0m g                                                                                       

Niacin                                                                                               0.098 mg

Folates                                                                                              7u g

Dietary Fiber                                                                                 0.5 g

Pantothenic Acid                                                                         0.259 mg

Pyridoxine                                                                                     0.040 mg

Riboflavin                                                                                      0.033 mg

Thiamin                                                                                         0.027 mg

Vitamin A                                                                                      104 IU

Vitamin C                                                                                       2.8 mg

Vitamin E                                                                                      0.03 mg

Vitamin K                                                                                     16.4 mg

Iron                                                                                                 0.28 mg

Sodium                                                                                          2 mg

Magnesium                                                                                  13 mg

Potassium                                                                                    147 mg

Calcium                                                                                         16 mg

Manganese                                                                                   0.079 mg

Phosphorus                                                                                  24 mg

Zinc                                                                                                 0.20 mg

Lutein-zeaxanthin                                                                    23 ug

Carotene-B                                                                                 26 ug

Crypto-xanthine-B                                                                  26 ug



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Eating Cucumber when going to bed at night serves as a cooling agent, and because it is low in fat, it will be easily absorbed into the body. You can control your blood pressure and diabetes by eating Cucumber when going to bed at nights as it also improves digestion.

These are some of the many varieties of Cucumber that you can find available in markets and otherwise. You should make the best of consuming the fruit.

I am Dorcas, and I would love to hear from you. Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.




  1. Wow, I learned a lot about cucumbers today that I did not know. I will try the hair & scalp rinse that sounds awesome, and the thought of eating cucumber before going to bed, as it is low cal. and easily digested.

    I try not to eat at bedtime but cucumber may even help with sleep, I will try it! Can you tell me, are there red or purple cucumbers? I have not seen them but would like to know about those varieties, if they exist. thanks

    • Hi Zardozmania; thanks for your comment. Any area of help you try Cucumber in it will work. I use to hear that Cucumber id hard to digest and be warned not to eat Cucumber after four Pm. It is one of the biggest mitt anywhere.

      Cucumber is so easy on digestion that I fed the juice to my baby and he does not sweat during the summer nights. Cucumber cools the blood to its average temperature so allowing you to have a restful sleep.


  2. Hi Dorcas,

    I didn’t know about the many benefits of cucumber until I read your article. So cucumbers are rich in fiber with antioxidant properties that can keep you healthy and even prevent cancer among many other benefits. Wow this is excellent information to learn from. I try to eat healthy but sometimes I just get tired of eating the same things. I’ll add salads and cucumbers into my routine from now on, thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Paul; thanks for your comment. Cucumber is one of the foods that I take for my medicine and my diet. I ate the fruit I drank the Juice I wash my hair and my skin in the juice, I cool my eyes with the Cucumber Slice.

      I found it to be an exotic beneficial fruit for me.

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for spending your time writing about the cucumber nutrition. I do not know that cucumber has a lot of potassium, I only thought that only bananas has a lot of potassium. I will try to include more cucumber to my diet. I have this Thai cucumber salad recipe that is really good. I am going to get some at the grocery tonight 🙂 will try to grow it too 🙂 thanks 🙂

    • Hi Nattenee; thanks for your comment. Cucumber does have a lot of vital nutrients that many people do not know.

      I hope that a lot of people who are searching for health knowledge will find my post and begin to consume more Cucumber to get the benefits that are in the fruit.


  4. We started a small garden a few years ago, and tried to grow green peppers, tomato, pumpkin, and cucumber. Everything did pretty well the first year, but I wouldn’t grow pumpkin again in a small garden.

    The cucumbers that we did grow were very small though. I think I may have planted the pickling kind, but we ate them all the same.

    I was surprised at how hard to handle they were, they almost had thorns growing on them. And also you have a very narrow window to pick them in, because they would quickly turn yellow and bitter, which is something that I wasn’t expecting.

    I chose to include cucumber in my garden last year, because we include them in our green juices and salads. I have heard that cucumber is promotes healthy skin, and my kid will eat them.

    • Hi James; thanks for your comment. The size of the Cucumber could the result of more than one thing. Some species are small. However, not all soil is suitable for Cucumber.  If you are planting for home use only;

      One Cucumber seed when it is grown can bear a lot of fruits. You should plant a small amount because sometimes they bear so many.

      Without having some outlet for the fruits you and your family will not be able to consume the crop. And to have Cucumber consistently you plant one or two new seed every month.


  5. Cucumber is a very important and nutritious food to consume in that they help with weight loss, diabetes and other unwanted body ills. It is known for its low cholesterol which makes it very suitable for consumption. Its interesting to find out here that it’s also very helpful in preventing dehydration.

    • Hi Ennymatics; thanks for your comment; Weight loss is only one of the many health benefits that Cucumber contained. If you have any health issue you should dd a reasonable amount of Cucumber to your nutrition and diet. Prove for yourself how amazingly beneficial the fruit works.


  6. Cucumber is really nutritional most elderly people in my family use it and they say it helps in hydration and as you pointed out its cheap and affordable.

    The most surprising part is my aunty who had issues with skin inflammation after rubbing so many cream without any positive effect. A friend of hers told her to start taking cucumber to my surprise after weeks she reacted positively.

    • Hi Nsikakabasi; thanks for your comment. Since the older folks in your family are eating Cucumber regularly, you should be able to identify some difference in them compared to some other people who you know who are not eating Cucumber regularly.

      As your elderly family members might not see the necessity of sharing the beneficial qualities that are in the fruit.

      That person who had shared the skin benefit with your Aunt so she could apply the fruit to her skin and is now enjoying the healing benefit her skin has realised had done the right thing.

      I hope that your Aunt is sharing the good news with all the people she meets.


  7. I enjoyed reading about cucumbers as we eat lots at home. But really did not know all the health benefits. We also make cucumber water which is very refreshing. We also add cucumber and other non-starchy vegetables to our dog’s diet. She is old so we make all her food to control what she eats. 

    • Hi Glen; thank you for your comment. There are a lot of people who are consuming Cucumber but do not know how powerful it works. If they knew they would consume more of the fruit.

      Glen; do you know that many people would want to be your Dog so that you take good care of them? It is a good thing you are doing for your Dog seeing that she is old.

      Please share my post with your family and friends


  8. I am glad that my parents grow the cucumber by themselves. I do not like working in the garden, but I am sure it will come with the age 😉 It tastes great and it is healthy at the same time I can’t say the same about most of the food, right;)

    Well, after reading the article I will definitely use more cucumber – especially in my favourite salad My simple recipe for salad is 3 tomatoes,1 bell pepper, Half of the cucumber.

    I am gonna update it to 1 entire cucumber 🙂 Then add a little bit of salt and extra virgin olive oil.

    • Hi Michael; thanks for your comment.seen that your parents grow the Cucumber, you can look through my entire website and choose some more superfoods that can be used with Cucumber to your diet and avoide all of the body’s enemies that come in the form of sickness and diseases. 

      I hope that you share my post with your friends and family.


  9. It is surprising that cucumber is so versatile. In principle its flavor can be quite simple and nothing special. However it is a vegetable so noble that you can use it in a thousand ways either in nutritious juices combined with some other vegetable or fruit, salads, side dishes or even as a snack with a dressing or just with salt and lemon, and besides everything, it has very few calories! Thank you!

    • Tommy; thanks for your comment. You seem to be eating up the fruit. I like that. Your comment shows that you knew the guy.

      Yes, he is versatile he works in many areas of health and nutrition. As also serves in many dishes and juices. 

      It surprises me at times to know that there are so many medicines in foods and we choose to exclude them from our diets and claim to be sick. I hope that a lot of people will find my post read it and share.


  10. My family loves cucumbers, and we eat them nearly daily in some manner. We do grow them in the garden in the summer time, but I never really thought about trying to pot plant them. I wonder if they would grow in a pot during the cold months?

    Though we eat them often, and are aware that they are good for us, we didn’t know exactly why. So I appreciate you sharing all of your nutrition knowledge here. I found it interesting to see red and blue/purple cucumbers in your article. I sure have never seen those before! I may have to give them a try.

    • Hey Cris; thanks for your comment; I should have been sharing my knowledge of Cucumber with the public a long time ago.

      I used it I know it is healthy and beneficial to help with many chronic diseases, but I never see the need to share my knowledge before I begin to write this post.

      Yes, there are much varieties of cucumber I could display but a few. I hope that everyone who read my post will share it with someone who requires helpful information.


  11. As I read through your website contents, I had no idea there were so many varieties of cucumber. Also, Amazed that they have so many health benefits, I like the option of creating cucumber juice and sound very refreshing.

    You have produced a very informative website and have much to offer in terms of your knowledge and reasons for making cucumbers part of our regular daily diet programme. I will undoubtedly consider seriously making it a part of my regular daily intake.

    • Hi Alan; thanks for your comment. I knew that Cucumber possesses many Nutrients that are beneficial to the body, but the truth is, I had not given so much thought to the fruit’s ability until I began to write the post.

      I want to beat up myself for not telling some people who I know about the fantastic value of Cucumber that could help them to lower their blood Sugar and high blood pressure.

      I hope now that many people who have a need with the nature of which consuming Cucumber can help, will find my site post and read to their benefit.

  12. I have read the article thoroughly. I’m thrilled to know to inform about the Nutrition of Cucumber. There are many kinds of nutrition in it. It reduces fat from the body. 

    It rejuvenates the skin by clearing dryness, burns, and tiredness from the surface and replenishes the skin to a new look due to its content of Silicon, Potassium, and Magnesium. I like it so much. It is tasty and full of water. Easy to cultivate.

    Every people want this. It is very cheap.

    • Jannatuljui; base on Cucumber’s Nutritional content I found it to be a powerful superfood. It helps relieve the body of many illnesses and diseases. 

      So as keeping the blood at an average temperature, making it into a friendly night companion.


  13. Nice article as am a lover for cucumber I always thought cucumber only comes in the green color its my first time seeing the purple and red cucumber in which it as me questioning if the benefits of the red and purple cucumber is more effective than of the green. This is my question for now please reply to an answer soon 

    thanks for sharing

    • Hi Jermy; thanks for your comment; Since you are a Cucumber lover you are supposed to be seeing the benefits of the fruit in the lining of your face and skin as on your whole body. 

      Like I see on myself. The colour should not have anything to do with the value in Nutrition. Same how people are of varying complexion but all have the qualities of the human race. It is the same with the cucumber family. I hope you are sharing my post.


  14. I didn’t know that cucumber has benefits such as helping prevent hair loss. It doesn’t surprise me at all that it helps with a lot of health ailments. 

    Some of these benefits can help me as I have started to gain some unwanted weight over the past couple of years. I think if I don’t change soon, it could lead to other ailments like hypertension or potentially colon cancer. So I’ll be adding cucumber to my diet.

    • Hi Jessie; thanks for your comment. I am glad that you understand the health benefits that come when consuming Cucumber. 

      Yes, because of Cucumber fibre and watery content you will see changes in your weight if you continuously consume the fruit.

      Increasing weight is a cause for concern if you past forty-five years old as weight does not leave you willingly beyond this age.


  15. Oh God; I love cucumbers. These past months I have them every week for cucumber salads (pepper, salt, sliced tomatoes, onions and lemon juice = yum!).

    I love to eat tiny cucumber pickles too!

    I did cultivate my cucumber for myself once, and they can get pretty big! With all that water and faint the taste is, I didn’t think about the nutritious value of cucumbers until today after reading this article.


    Who thought cucumbers would help improve sleep. Thank you for making this very informative article!

    • Hi Shellykh; thanks for your comment. It is good to learn that you are eating Cucumber that can do a lot for your health. Yes, if you do not pick them within seven days, they can grow to their full size.

      I prefer them when the seeds are soft, so I choose them when they weigh from six to eight ounces. Cucumber is one of the foods that are on my Nutrition list. I am enjoying its full health benefits.


  16. Wow! I had no idea that cucumbers provided so much nutritional health benefits. Cucumbers have always been one of those vegetables that I have always enjoyed eating.

    And my parents have always told me that it was healthy and I ever just took their word for it but have never actually looked into the health benefits until now and wow!

    Thank you so much for this article.

    • Hey Huy; thanks for your comment. There are many healthy foods that we generally enjoy eating, yet not being aware of the health benefits that we are getting from these foods.

      Sometimes parents will tell the children that food like Cucumber is healthy for them and stop. They never take the time to explain the reasons why that particular food is healthy to eat. Even now parents are falling short on teaching to their children in details.

      Parents failed to give concise information to the children that can save them from a lot of health issues later on in their lives.


  17. I found your post informative! I was not aware that cucumber is a superfood and did not know all of the benefits.

    It is cool to see all the variety that cucumbers come in. Of course.

    I seem to have a “black thumb” when it comes to growing things, any tips or tricks to keep these guys healthy and thriving while they are home growing?

    • Hi Alisha; thanks for your comment. The many nutrients that are in Cucumber have superseded many other foods from the Garden. Cucumber Nutrition value is high. Like some other foods, Cucumber is a versatile plant.

      There is a salt that you can get to buy at farm stores called “Plant Food” you can add to the water if your plants are potted; Otherwise, you should sprinkle the powdered salt around the root of the plant in the ground.

      Plants like the Cucumber, you may give it a space of about five inches away from the root.


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