What is weight Gain and Nutrition?

Protein is the most important nutrient for healthy weight gain, muscle is made up of protein, and without protein, the extra calories produce body fat. It is not a secret that when you indulge in eating high-calorie foods it becomes a death threat to your health.

Especially if you are undergoing stress. You should be watching what you eat. A recent study carried out by the head of the Dieting Laboratory at the Disorders at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research reveals via an animal model that high-calorie diet, when under stress resulted in weight gain. Than a similar diet without stress.

Pathway Within The Brain


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There is a molecular pathway within the brain, that is controlled by insulin, The Insulin enhances the weight gain. The study sensitizes us that we need to be cautious about the foods that we are eating while undergoing stress.

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However, some people eat less while they are undergoing stress. While there are some others who increase their eating while they are undergoing stress. The increase is always that of calorie, fat, and sugar. These are weight gain enhancers.

Did you know that the Hypothalamus and the Amygdala in the brain, are the two elements that control food intake and emotional responses to include anxiety both agree that stress over a period of time, on high calorie, resulted in obesity?

Study Shows

According to some study, under stressfree conditions, the body produces insulin after eating a meal. The insulin helps the cells to absorb Glucose from the blood and send a signal to the Hypothalamus to stop eating.

The hypothalamus is the feeding center of the brain. Chronic stress alone will slightly raise blood Insulin levels. However, with the combination of stress and calorie, the Insulin will be ten times more normal.

Prolong high levels of Insulin in the Amygdala caused the nerve cells to become desensitized to Insulin. The action stopped them from detecting Insulin altogether.

The desensitized nerve cells enhance their NPY levels, that promoted eating and reduces the bodies’ normal response to burn energy through heat.

Chronic High Insulin

More on Insulin

A vicious cycle where chronic, high Insulin levels are driven by stress and a high-calorie diet promoted more and more eating, the promotion reinforced the idea that while it is bad to eat junk food, eating high-calorie foods under stress is a dangerous practice that fuels obesity.

It is a fact that Insulin imbalance is at the center of many diseases because Insulin has more wide-spread effects in the brain than many experts previously thought. It is amazing that Insulin had such a significant impact on the Amygdala.

Insulin does not only impact peripheral areas of the body; it also regulates functions in the brain. Obesity increases the risk of developing anxiety and depression both in children and adolescents in addition to traditional risk fractures such as psychiatric parental illness.

Increase Anxiety And Depressive Risk

There is an increased risk of anxiety and depressive disorders in children and adolescents with obesity compared with population based on migration and overcrowding.


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The behavioral pattern of some children and adolescents with obesity shows an increased risk of anxiety and depression, This is a concern that healthcare professionals, those mainly in schools should be vigilant about.

Statics into these areas could be a deficit by lack of self-reported assessment of anxiety, overweight, and depression. The anxiety and depression that are reported are found to be more common among children with obesity than in children with normal weight.

There is a possibility that parental depression might contribute to much brain activity that is linked to risk-taking in adolescent and children, leading to risk-taking and rule-breaking behaviors. Because there are a lot of changing taking place in the adolescent brain.

Ageing Does Not Cause Brain Dysfunction

Thus it is necessary to know that the brain will not deteriorate because of aging. Rather, poor nutrients in the diet can result in brain dysfunction in some older folks. Because Nutrition is key to healthy living. I, therefore, encourage people to ensure that their daily diet includes many kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Like all other gland and organs in the body, the brain is nurtured by Nutrients carried to it by way of the blood supply. If there is not enough blood supplying the brain, there will be dysfunction in areas of the brain that leads up to various types of diseases and illnesses.

Brain diseases caused some people from everywhere to suffer resentment more than the human being should. Because they become difficult to control and maintain, some family member is even afraid of them, so they are left on their own.

Phen for themselves

At this stage in their lives, it is a challenge for them to recover, as they cannot maintain a nutritious diet. At this stage, their nutrition level falls low, and while they will always find food that can satisfy the stomach, they will not be able to maintain a diet for themselves, making the recovery process much more difficult.

If we look around us carefully, we will find a lawyer in the dieting behavior of man, that states: “I eat to please myself and my taste buds” ” I will not give heed to people telling me what I should eat”.

It is a fact that the taste buds can sometimes become unruly and demanding on some junks that we should be eating. and as human beings, we sometimes fall victim to the circumstances of the taste buds demand.

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We should remember, however, that there is a consequence to all of this action. That allows us to decide whether we should follow and obey the urges of our taste buds, or we should follow the laws of self-discipline and eat healthy nutritious foods.

Such as foods that can boost our health from brain Nerves and body. The decision is ours to make, Let us work on our nutrition to boost our general health and wellbeing. I am Dorcas.  I would love to hear from you please leave a comment in the comment section below. I will reply in short order.


  1. Awesome post Dorcas! I hear so much these days about the effects of cholesterol, eating too much fat, and all of the other nonsense that has already been disproved. It is refreshing to find somebody who finally writes about the issues that actually matter, such as combining junk food with a high-stress lifestyle.

    I also enjoyed you making the remark about aging. Indeed, aging has little to do with cognitive decline, as it has much more to do with the lifestyle choices of nutrition, lack of exercise, poor sleep, and stress!

    • Hi Ben; thanks for your comment; I enjoy helping people that is the reason why I write in this detailed manner. I found out that junk food is the most convenient food to eat.

      I would fall victim to junk food if I did not learn so much about its dangers.

      Many unlearned folks cast blame on ageing when their loved ones fall victim to brain diseases, instead of finding the root cause.


  2. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

    I have always had a hard time gaining weight and recently I have lost a lot of weight but that is due to skipping lunch at work. I have been looking for a good method to gain weight because my health depends on it and it would be nice not to feel like a 36-year-old man in a 12-year-old’s body!

    This is a great article and its full of a lot of interesting facts… I have a problem gain weight, do you any suggestions for someone trying to gain weight?

    • Hi Salvatore; thanks for your comment. If skipping lunch caused you to lose noticeable weight, it means that you do not have a nutritious breakfast. It is not the amount that you eat that matters; it is the quality of what you eat.

      If you want to gain weight, depending on your size, you might go at it the correct healthy way, or you will end up with type two diabetes. You should eat more protein to enhance your weight if you think gaining weight is necessary.


  3. Dear Dorcas,

    You have given me plenty to think about here. This article is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of!

    Information on hypothalamus and amygdala is an eye-opener. The studies and facts you shared is very informative and helpful. After reading your post I realized the importance of managing my stress. I was shocked when I came to know that stress plays an important role in our weight gain and weight loss.

    Obesity is becoming a big challenge and struggle for many. Indeed, it is related with anxiety and depression and we need to find ways to overcome our anxiety and depression. By maintaining the right weight for our height is a must.

    My wife being a vegan nowadays I take more fruits, greens and vegetables and I can feel the difference and the benefits. I am not going to please my taste buds (For all these years I have done that) going forward I am going to focus on eating healthy nutritious foods.

    I will have to go back to it a few times just to grasp all of that information. You definitely have done your research. Your article certainly made me think more on the subject.

    Thank you for this elaborated write up!

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul; thanks for your comment. On my own, I went far studying the human body as I had access to the books of a family member who was a general medical/surgical practitioner before the computer was available.

      When you passed age forty-five, it is one of the hardest struggles to get your weight down to normal. However, even if you do n’t get it standard, you can get it to a reasonable balance. Imbalance diet caused Obesity as well as lack of exercise.

      When my nutritional intake is right, one of the benefits is that the hot days do not feel as hot, I can cover myself with a sheet at nights without using a fan or AC.

      Thanks again


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