The wide spread many diseases that is likely to be underlining conditions make it difficult have anyone left out of this group. In this article I will share my take about the topic.

Information that is widely spread in all areas of news is that the elderly and folks with underlining Health conditions are at high risk to contract COVID 19. My take on the topic is: does everyone know what is meant by underlining Health Conditions?


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PS. Please note that the information throughout this article is purely my experience and should not be considered as any medical advice. I am just on ordinary writer; I am not in anywise a medical professional.

It is a fact that many elderly people experience some form of health conditions that come with aging. But as time progresses, many young people are now associated with some chronic diseases that was labeled as ageing diseases.

My # One Recommendation

This is an issue that many people are looking to the government and healthy authority to remedy, however, I don’t think that way. I believe every individual should take responsibility for what they put into their stomach and called it food.

There is one disgusting health issue that is taking over many young children on rapid these days. From what is seen from where I am, should the spike of this plague continues by the next decayed there won’t be much of the younger living in health as they should.

Who to Blame?

I am sure that nobody eats for me! Nobody is allowed to feed my child, or decide on what food my child eats! Neither will my underage child be allowed to choose his diet. I decide on what is the correct nutrition for my family needs.

When talking about nutrition it is easy to get carried away by delicious foods which are mostly fast foods. Whilst it is important for the food to be delicious it a must be nutritious for me! I prefer to peer it making the meal delicious and nutritious to ensure my nutrition level is upbeat.

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The immune system can only be in good shape when the nutrition level is correct. Type 2 diabetes is not partial, it attend to people’s pancreases once it is invited. There is a common talk that type 2 diabetes cannot be reversed, I am not a medical personnel, it is not for me to dispute.

But I will boldly say: “different folks, different strokes” People who was once affected and start exercise regularly and eat herbs and less sugar,  will have a different say whether the disease is reversible or not.


Some herbs are processed into Supplements that is available in health food stores and online shops. Whatever caused the health issue there might be a supplement to help fight for your health. Never take your health for granted. Without being alive and having good health it makes no sense; it would be better to be dead!

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I have a Friend who is a medical Surgical Doctor. Who was experiencing severe family issues! He developed all kinds of diseases that could have wiped him out. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and this might not be a disease but it was most evident, rapid ‘ageing’ him being my friend. I was distressed about his condition.

However, because of his profession I was kind of fearful to introduce some of the real Jamaican healing herb to him. Yes, he was treating himself with what he believe was effective treatment. Those jugs might have relieved some amount of his pain and discomfort on short term. I make time to talk with him, and found out that the high cholesterol was among the collection of diseases plaguing him.

He began to walk with a limp sometimes holding on to his knee. I took brave heart one day and suggested some herbs to him; He shouted my name in a raged! Then said in a calm way, ‘you are brave’ you may go now. I have work to do! I have a good laugh and left his office.

I saw him trying to walk into the Bank a few weeks afterward and a man was helping him not to fall. I was not pleased, knowing he is my friend and I offered him help and he refused. Somebody has just given me three Jamaican herbal books I had the mind to send them abroad to three friends.

But seeing him in such declining condition I changed my mind and went straight to his office and ensure that his receptionist put one of the books on his desk. I asked her to tell him that I left it there for him. I had given his office a wide circle; I never go back there I waited for him to call me.

My Doctor friend is one of the most robust, happiest men in the city now. He no longer limped; all the grey hair returned to black he no longer looks like an old man! I tried not to discuss it with him even when he showed gratitude.

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So I am not sure if it is the natural herbs or the supplements one thing I know is that he diverts to the herbs and the changed is evident. Nobody has to live with any kind of underlying medical condition. If your immune system needs upgrade, go ahead, it is your body, your health that needs fixing.

Fix it, before it fixes you! If you allow your social or professional standing to hurt your pride and destroy your dignity who will be sorry when your pride kills you? Not me! The creator had no pride when he creates herbs for the healing of the nations; why should you be ashamed to consume some herbs that will cure your disease? You can avoid type 2 diabetes if you detox your body even once per year.

The herbs you believe tasted bad could be the ones with the remedy for your complaint. Research supplements, find supplements that offers the nutrients your body needs. No one has to lose their body to any of these common diseases. Make a list of nutrition health benefits.

Research and ensure everything that involves nutrition is on your list. Then compare your health condition with the various vitamins and minerals, see what works for what! Help your medical practitioner to get you well I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment in the comment section below. I will reply as soon as possible. Do like, share, and follow.

  1. Very interesting and mind raising article about health. I have a long-term weight problem, but I’m happy to be able to live more healthy in the last year and reduced my weight significantly (even though I need to lose a lot more). The article helps to motivate me more and it is important to live a more healthy life with our family. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Hey David; thanks for your comment. It is a small phrase to say weight loss. But weight-loss is a big problem to solve. I am glad I was able to motivate you. keep living healthy my Bro.


  2. It is no secret that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  Every individual should take responsibility for what they put into their stomach and eat all day and night. It is of utmost importance to eat the correct nutrition foods and safeguard our health. 

    The article is well written and i commend you for your efforts Dorcas.



    • Hey Aparna; thank you for your comment. Every adult has a responsibility to themselves and the society to ensure they indulge in the proper nutrition so they eat healthy foods and observe everything that involve health.


  3. Thank you so much for this amazing and very simplified review. High Cholesterol is one of the major sources of illness that hunt humans as they aged but until recently there was less information food substances and feeding habit especially among the illiterate population. 

    The experience with your Surgeon friend revealed that there are many in the Medical field that do not have idea of the funtion natural herbs and supplement. Food for thought! 

    • Hi Kingsking; thanks much for your comment. I had once fallen victim to high cholesterol and I was scared when I found out that I had the disease. 

      The doctor said it was just emerging so he did not prescribed any medication, he told me to return to my plant base foods I did exactly as he told me in addition to blending those lushes green plants that grow in my backyard. I am robust and healthy as I possible can. 

      But when I remember the discomfort and foot sole pain I felt during that time I feel sorry for those who suffers from high cholesterol for a long time.


  4. This is such an important topic to be made aware of.  Thank you so much for sharing and spreading awareness about the importance of knowing what type of foods and supplements we are putting in our body.  It is our responsibility to educate ourselves to know what foods are healthy or harmful.  Wonderful information provided!

    • Hi Lindsey; thanks much for your comment. It may sound hard when I say this, but it is a fact that many people who eat food do not know the value of nutrition they eat for filling, once they are full they believe they are alright. They never stop to observe the nutrients in the food they eat. This is one reason why so many of us have become obese!


  5. Thank you very much for this post and I completely agree with you. I like the humorous way you write saying truths in a way that also makes us smile. Only we’re responsible for our intake and it’s time for us to assume our responsibilities.

    There’s one of your phrases that resounded with me: “Fix it before it fixes you!”

    • Hey Ann; thanks for your comment. It is always necessary to include humor when writing facts, Humors allow facts to resonate with people more easily. And it is a fact, if we failed to fix our poor choice of food our choice of food will fix us.


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