Top 10 Advice About weight Loss

Although all calories are measurement of energy and might have similar energy content, all calorie sources would not have the same effect on your weight.

Different food will have different metabolic process which will lead to much different effect on the hormone that regulate the body weight.

Calorie from Carb and fat are different from that of protein. It is common knowledge that you can boost your metabolism by replacing carb and fat with protein, which will reduce your appetite and allow you to stay full for longer.

Source of Calories

While enhancing the function of weight regulating hormones. Natural calories from fruits are more filling than calories from refined foods.

Saying that, leads me to say, that many supplements are introduced into the market of weight loss these days.

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But I do not rely on them because although some have proven effects there could be more than half that is hype and proven very much ineffective.

Not all Weight Loss Supplements are Real

More the reason why Supplement producers stressed that you must be involved in an exercise program along with the weight loss program.

Wherever you are, you can access green groceries to source yourself some green vegetables and fruits that will do the job for you. I depend on a natural source for my weight loss and it works!

The Same Method Will Not Work for Everyone

However, you need to know that the same method will not work for everyone who wants to lose weight, be it supplement natural fruits and vegetables or whatever, it is “different folks different strokes”

Because some folks body stored fat more than others, there will be those who are referred to as obese, when the body reach that level, it is kind of difficult to reduce the excess fat and water from the body.

Lifestyle is a Contributor to Body Moss

Your lifestyle can contribute much to your body mass. I had friends that I used to suggest to them healthy lifestyle tips. Which they chided me about and refused to comply.

We are no longer friends because they are obese and I am not they envied me. Yet they had rejected my advice when they had the chance to avoid obesity.

I strongly believe that an ounce of prevention is better than ten pounds of cure. Once you reach the stage of obesity, you can overcome by one means only. That is a complete lifestyle change. Which is not: ABC.

There are some supplements that will assist you in losing weight along with rigorous exercise. However, can you maintain the energy for the kind of exercise that will work on your weight loss during these hot or cold days?

Obese People Should Consult the cardiologist Before Starting Exercise

I will tell you that you should be careful to consult your medical doctor before you start any exercise for weight loss. Remember that your heart is under pressure from your excessive weight.

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You cannot start a weight loss exercise program all on your own without the share advice of a professional in cardiovascular practice.

Although you might be hearing about various weight loss supplements and how effective they are it is sometimes the market strategies to catch your interest.

A friend introduces a weight loss Supplement to me recently and when I looked at the ingredients I had a good laugh. Why? I was using the same stuffs when I moved into the city and had nowhere to exercise my muscles without going to the Gym. I believed that combination would have me to maintain my normal body weight, I was so wrong.

My body starts to grow in mass and pounds. I went to my doctor about my weight gain and he asked me about the foods I ate.

When I told him he advised me to come off that immediately. And return to my normal foods because every time you think you lost one pound you have gained two pounds. He said.

I took his advice and my weight reduced drastically without any exercise or weight loss supplement. Most weight loss supplements are naming only; they are none effective for all age groups of our time.

They, however, make some strong dollars for their producers. So while you are eating yourself to over-weight and obesity you are preparing your purse to strengthen some business income stream.

Signs of Obesity

You should know that sure sign of obesity is when the body become resistant to Leptin. You ask me how you can know when your body is resistant to Leptin?

Yes; you can know as you will not be able to resist eating regularly, the fries, the sweet pastries, and drinks.

In all of this you will need to know that when your health reaches the limit of Obesity your body has given out a public invitation to all types of diseases, and body mind and spirit disorders.

The deficits might not be clearly seen by you at first glance, but before long you will begin to notice the health negatives one by one. As many hormones have become nonfunctional.

Obesity Develop Diseases

Giving rise to some kinds of diseases that you never planned for. Keeping your body at a normal, healthy weight is something you will have to take responsibility to do.

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Look at this: You wake up in the morning you prepare yourself for work, maybe you walk yourself to the gate where you get into a transportation that takes you to work.

Maybe you sit at a desk for eight hours if you get up it is to release your bladder, or for one of those spicy lunches.

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You return to sitting down, at the end of the work day, you repeat walk to the gate for your ride if you do not drive, and if you drive the scenario is even worse, no muscles exercise.

You Need an Active Bowls

In all of this, how many times you have a bowel action for the day? Have you flex your pancreas enough for your metabolic activity to be perfect?

Has it ever occurred to you that good metabolism will allow you to a bowel action every time you take food into your stomach?

If that is not happening, you are open to becoming obese. You might need to consider a low carb, high protein intake and walk when you can instead of driving.

When you are living in the city you are more prone to becoming obese than when you are living in rural areas and this is due to many factors.

You Are Responsible For Your Health

However, wherever you live, whatever status of life you are at you have a responsibility to yourself to maintain a healthy body and a sound mind.

I cannot sustain your body for you I can only give you helpful health tips. The onus is on you to follow my advice and live healthier, disease free life that all human beings deserve to live.

Even if you do not have money and you have good health you are alright. You can find a way to make money once you are in health. But if you have money and you do not have health you will be very miserable. Choose the best one. I know that money can buy you a lot of things.

Health Over Money

Every one desires to have some amount of money even if they are not rich. But if there is a choice between the two which one would you chose? I would choose health.

Then, with my healthy body and mind, I would work my way toward the money. I believe that is common sense. I am Dorcas. Let me hear what you think in the comment section below.

  1. Hey! Thanks for writing this article. You bring up several good points over the course of the post. The first is that “Not all weight supplements are real”. This is absolutely the case and there are a lot out there that overpromise and underdeliver. You are also correct in saying that replacing processed foods with natural foods is incredibly important to weight loss. 

    I like how you put it when you said “You are responsible for your health”. That has so much truth to it and, as someone who runs a fitness oriented website, it can be frustrating. Some people don’t care to change, while others are simply under informed. Hopefully those reading this article will be able to understand the importance of taking control of their health. Thanks again! 

    • Hello Steve; thanks for your comment. The first time I use a supplement for weight loss was when a family member brought one to me with a load of excitement about the product that her friend is distributing and introduced it to her. 

      She believes so much in her friend until she buys two instead of one for her fat self and brought one to me with her friend’s testimony.

      I was a one-twenty-five pounder who never cared to gain weight So I took the supplement believing it would help me to reduce the five extra pounds. I never lose one ounce.


  2. All calories are definitely not created equal, and people must pay attention to what they can individually metabolize in order to feel their absolute best. To me it seems similar to the fact that there are multiple medications for a single ailment, yet only one may work for a specific individual. We are all different, and we must be aware of how our body responds to the fuel, medicine, and activity in our lives in order to balance it all for the best overall health. 

    • Hi Aly; thanks for your comment. Because no two people are completely alike, what works for me might not work for you. People must take responsibility for their every action, the consequences of eating to please the taste buds are overweight and obesity that leads up to all kinds of diseases and early death. 

      All of which could be avoided if we would use our common sense and eat right and live healthy and long.


  3. Hey, this is great advice. Body weight loss is definitely a result of a lifestyle change. Thankfully, I’ve been a skinny build my whole life trying to put on weight. This struggle is similar with weight-loss in that I needed to conscious of what I ate and made sure it was calorie dense and nutritious. 
    Have you tried Phentrac 375? My buddy was considering it a while back, but I told him to stick with just clean food and a calorie deficit diet. 

    Thanks for the article! 

    • Hello Wilson; thanks for your comment. You said that you are skinny because of you never muscular you might believe that you are losing out on something but you are not as long as you are feeling healthy in your body, you are better off than if you were muscular.

      If you really want to gain weight you should eat more carbs and fats. However, your heart will work better in a skinny body, a sturdy body puts pressure on the heart causing the heart to function in a stressful atmosphere


  4. Great advice! I personally know of many things that you have shared here from what I witnessed with family members and myself. My ideal weight for my height is 215 lbs. There once was a time when I was 275 lbs and I needed to lose 60 lbs. My doctor drilled it into me that I had to STOP consuming junk / fast foods and start exercising.

    In order to stop consuming crap is a lot harder than starting to exercise, but when motivation comes upon you, seize it! I started by stopping every kind of soft drinks. No more Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea, Lemonade and other sugary drinks. Within one week and with that being the only change, I lost 10 lbs.

    This gave me motivation. My doctor gave me a list of ingredients I needed to avoid and told me to read the ingredients list of anything I put in my mouth. I was amazed at how much hidden and not so hidden sugar there is in almost every packaged food and drinks. About a week after changing my diet and without exercise, I lost another 7 lbs.

    This quickly increased by another 9 lbs. by the end of the first month when I stopped skipping breakfast and ate some cereal and/or fruit. Then having my biggest meal of the day at lunch and NOT at dinner so my body could efficiently burn the calories, and then having nothing more than a big salad with flax or hemp seeds and a vinaigrette dressing for dinner.

    I lost 26 pounds in my first month and had not started exercising yet. But I felt great! So my doctor started me on some nutritional supplements and told me to exercise every other day. I thought it was going to be tough things like jogging and weight training. All he said was to take a leisurely walk for about 15 to 20 minutes.

    With everything combined I lost that 60 lbs in about 4 months. That made me realize why lifestyle choices with a lack of simple physical exercise and a poor diet will lead to being overweight or even obese, as well as many kinds of diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. That’s my story and much of what you mention above, I did and still do today.

    • Hey there Robert; thanks for your comment. I must tell you that you are a smart man. You have taken responsibility for your action that causes you to gain excess weight. And the result is fantastic.

      Your action has concluded that the fastest and best weight loss program and supplement, is your personal responsibility relating to what you stack your stomach with.

      Thanks for sharing


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