The Importance of Nutrition to the Human Body

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here any health benefit in Susumba leaves and berry’s? In this Nutrition and Health Review I will explore some damaging factures to the human health, that we often overlook until when things get out of proportion where lives are threatened and healing recovery become a burden, causing some level of confusion among medical professionals.


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While I must touch a little on high potential or high blood pressure, there will be much focus on the heart, as a continuation of a series of posts about the heart.

Lower Blood Pressure

The following nutrients are known to lower high blood pressure: Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium, reduce can reduce your systolic blood pressure by 8 – 14 points. This will be a significant difference in your health risk. You can prevent osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Do you know that high blood pressure can cause your blood vessel damage that lead to heart disease, kidney disease and stroke? The reason why high blood pressure is called ‘the silent killer’! Although there might be factors of high blood pressure that come naturally.

For whatever reason, it is the responsibility of you and I to insure that all steps to keep our blood pressure at a normal level be taken. Daily exercise is one factor one should have as a routine.  As well as eating foods rich in potassium, fiber, and magnesium, while low in sodium.

Systolic blood pressure is the top number, which represent the pressure in your blood when your heart beats. While at the same time diastolic blood pressure is the bottom number which represents the pressure in the blood vessels between heart beats, that is during that short rest period between beats.

Blood pressure depends on how much blood the heart is pumping and how much resistance is there to blood flow in the arteries. If your arteries narrows, your blood pressure becomes higher. Thus, you need to ensure to eat foods to keep your arteries clean and expanded.

Having a poor blood circulation will cause your blood pressure to go up. Your blood pressure should be no higher than 120/80 mm Hg which is considered normal. If your blood pressure is 130/80 mm Hg or more, it is considered high. If your reading is above normal, but under 120/80 mm Hg you are in the category elevated blood pressure.

You are at risk of developing high blood pressure. At this juncture you should make drastic lifestyle changes. Which will significantly lower your numbers and reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure.

Unclog your arteries

You will find it difficult to remove plaque from the walls of your arteries. Truth is, it is almost impossible without the use of invasive treatment. Instead, it will be better for you to take action to prevent future plaque development.

How do Arteries become clogged?

Because the circulatory system is a network of capillaries, blood vessels and arteries; which transport oxygenated blood through the entire body to fuel all body functions. When the oxygen is used up, carbon dioxide is exhaled from the lungs, which allows you to breath in more oxygenated blood to start the circulatory cycle all over again.

If those blood vessels remain clean and open blood will flow freely, however, if there is the presence of high cholesterol sometimes small blockage build up in the blood vessels which are called plaques, because cholesterol sticks to the walls of the arteries.

When the immune system discovers a problem, it dispatches white blood cells to attract the cholesterol which will no doubt cause inflammation. The dead cells form a plaque over the cholesterol which cause a small blockage to form in the arteries.

If they break loose, they can cause a heart attack. The fact that the plaque continues to grow, they can entirely block blood flow in an artery.

Are there natural ways to unclog arteries?

There are several articles promoting natural ways to unclog arteries, there are also some small studies in animal show promise for the future. That’s been said; this woman will speak her personal experience, which is not a recommendation to the public.

Note: there are herbs and vegetables that do clean the arteries from plaques and also expand narrowing arteries. I have personally used some of these herbs and vegetables. I will name two of that works fast and effectively.

Purslane and Neem are among the most efficient arteries cleansers, softeners, and expanses, known to me. Should you take any of the two and die, don’t say I killed you I am alive and well after taking these two…

However, the official medical way to cleanse your arteries from plaque built-up are by losing weight, exercising more and eating less cholesterol-rich foods. These are the steps to take to reduce plaque build-up.

Note that taking these steps will not remove plaques that are already building up. You might want to promote better heart health, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits will help prevent additional plaque from building up.

Heart Healthy Diet

Your choice of food can play a significant role in improving your heart’s health, and reducing plaques built up. It can never be too late to start eating healthy diets. Despite years of bad eating can damage your body, turning to good eating can also help to heal the body.

A heart healthy diet contains good fats, and low amounts of bad fats. Good fats are called unsaturated fats. These fat are found in foods like: Nuts, Olives, Avocados, and Fish. So far, I have helped you. I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. Do like, share, and follow.

  1. Thank you, Dorcas, for this very important Article on Nutrition to the human body. A year back I really did not pay so much attention until this recent time.

    I didn’t even know before now that Arteries can be cleaned, softened and expanded. However, I am a bit scared of the caution. Does that mean that Purslane and Neem are equally dangerous to the health, please?

    • Hey King; thanks for your comment. Yes; the arteries can be cleansed as you would clean an ulcer or sour on your body from dead cells so that the wound can heal. Your arteries can also be cleaned.

      There is nothing to be scared about. Purslane and Neem are super safe, and they save lives, without having a long time to waite; but I am not a certified Doctor. 

      I will tell about the natural nutrients that I used be it for myself, my animals, or my family members, and get results fast; but I will not tell you to use them. Using them is up to you.


  2. To be honest, I have never heard of Susumba leaves, are they healthy for your blood pressure and arteries as you mentioned in your article ? If so, that would be very interesting to eat more. Where can you buy these or maybe they excist in supplements ? I would like to try them out, taste them also, because I am very curious how these taste. Very interesting information also about health issues,thank you very much for that ! 

    • Hi Lizzy; thanks for your comment. Susumba is known by many other names, however, the beans are called Gully Beans. Keep an eye open for future posts where you will get all the information about Susumba. 

      I am on a drive to get people fixing the issue of everything that will lead to heart issues, so I think this is my third post that is directly about the heart. 

      I saw my mother suffers to death with heart issues because at the time I was vehicular accident wreckage in suffering myself. I could not help in a positive way. Even now my tears flow for her, if only I could move as I wanted to, no doubt, she would be alive today.


  3. Awareness is the key to keep our bodies healthy and strong enough to overcome the challenges of a modern lifestyle. We get bombarded on a daily basis by pollution and artificial sources energy that saves us from starvation one day and kills us in the long term by causing severe damage to the most important organs of our bodies. 

    Everything you could ever need to be well is already available in nature. Developing the habits of eating proper foods is vital for us to keep close to our ideal weight and thus kill all illnesses related to overweight. 

    Are there some nuts more efficient keeping us away from heart diseases than others!?

    Thanks for a great post!

    • Hey Juan; thanks for your comment. It is because of pride why many of us divert from using the natural things that nature provides to the artificial and man-made stuff.

      If we are like that we need to know that it comes with a high price tag. Which sometimes takes our lives. 


  4. Hi Dorcas

    You are so right, it is important to get the right nutrients into the human body to get it working like a well-oiled machine. Today’s diet tend to be rich in saturated fats and not have enough minerals associated with them, which can give rise to a number of health issues.

    Control of high blood pressure is important and it can be controlled by making dietary changes as well as losing weight and undertaking regular exercise. 

    You are right that often people with high blood pressure do not know that they have the condition and this is why it should be checked at least every two years. Reducing sodium levels is important and not smoking as this will lead to the hardening of the arteries.

    Thank you for the advice in the article


    • Hey Antonio; thanks for your comment. One of the sad things that befall us is that when we become adults we believe the things we learn at middle school are no longer important.

      We chose to forget about them to our future hurt. I am sure that enough is thought bout cardiovascular health to help us to stay heart healthy.


  5. Hello,

    Your information on Robust Body Driven by a Sound Mind is very encouraging and informative relating to healthy eating. One thing that stands out for me is plaque around the walls of the arteries.

    Though people can look perfectly fine on the outside, there could be some serious things going on inside. 

    Clogged Arteries is the number one killer so thanks for sharing your post.

    Best Regards


    • Hello Audrey; thanks for your comment. Heart disease is the number one killer as said by WHO. I could be among the many victims of fatal heart disease, but God Speared my life and reveals healing remedies to me. I would be selfish if I keep it to myself. 

      Knowing that many people had died from the vicious disease leaving small children behind, to grow up without one parent as well as both parents.

      Poor circulation attacks the arteries of the body at any point convenient to it. However, once the arteries of the heart attack, without quick intervention it can be fatal. If we know the nutrients that fight and conquer plaques, it should not be hard for us to maintain a healthy heart. 

      Even if the foods containing heart-healthy nutrients are expensive it will be worth it all. Yet they are not really expensive, it is only to know them.


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