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The Dynamic of Nutrition in Eating Foods


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The human body is very complex, in that, it has areas and reasons to flourish as well as to break down. These are attributes of the body that we human beings often give less attention to, as we think a breakdown of certain bodily function just happen, or we find some foolish opinion to contribute to the decline, or the robustness of the body.

We do because we can always afford to call on our health provider, or the nearest emergency room. As human beings, have we ever stop to think that we sometimes confuse the doctors with our calls?

The Feeling caused by deficiency cannot interpret

The experience we are having when explained to the doctor it is sometimes beyond the training, and not even a lab test can determine the cause, from the way we explain our natural feelings. Yes, we are telling the truth.

But which Doctor would think that in this time and age, this kind of issue could be a possibility for the reason of the ailment as we described the feeling in the body.

Although the Doctor might suspect a deficiency and prescribed some drugs or supplement or whatever he knows should work, there is still no sign of improvement and you wonder!  But the fact is, neither the traditional prescription drugs nor food supplements will be effective enough at this juncture.

Give clear description

The big problem is Nutrition! Your Doctor might have suspected that there is a lack of nutrition in some way or the other, but cannot determine that it is all that bad. Often times people forget that we are eating for the whole body, and not for half.

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Because of the body’s structure, there is a need for multiple vitamins and minerals to keep the body maintained with all the nutrients that is needful to sustain a robust healthy body. If when the body’s nutrients are below a normal count, that is when some extraordinary kinds of ailments start attaching themselves to your physical well being. While the prescription Drugs and the Food Supplements will not do a great job of fixing the ailing body, that sometimes identified themselves as some chronic diseases.

The foods we eat will do the tricks. That is if we eat a mixture of foods that contain nutrients to enhance nutrition. Why? Some foods are packed with certain vitamins some with vitamins and Minerals or certain minerals. There is no one food that contained all the nutrients that the body needs.

No one Food have all the nutrients

For any human being to do nutritional justice to the body, you will have to indulge in eating a wide variety of foods containing all the required vitamins and minerals as no one food will contain all the vitamins or minerals.

It will take a wide selection of many foods to ensure the body is replenished with functional nutrients to nourish the body with the nutrition needed for real health and longevity.


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How can one believe that an under nourished body can become healthier by taking food supplements? When the supplements will not supply all the lacking nutrients that causes the breakdown that leads to chronic disease?

Nutrition Dynamics

The Dynamics of Nutrition are a supply of all the valued nutrients that are in foods being supplied to the body without any form of compromised.

There is only one way to ensure you are in line with the nutrition dynamics as is required, that is to eat all the foods that contain all the nutrients that involved nutrition.

When you think about Nutrition from natural prospective, you will see that there could not be another alternative to nutrition and good health. If you eat the nutrients that protects the Liver, but leave out those protecting the kidneys you are putting your kidneys at risk for a breakdown.

Eat foods with Vitamins and Minerals for every Organs and glands

You ever think why there are so many people with renal failures? Yet those never experiences a heart issue? It is obvious, these might have gone all out to protect the heart with the highest quality nutrients that protects the heart, but never take the time to give justice to the Kidneys.

So after the kidneys watch the injustice for a while, it cries out, and bow! At this juncture, there is very little that a health provider can do to recall the kidneys into reel function. Why? The kidneys are vexed.

It no longer have the strength nor will to total recovery, because of the long period of nutrient deprivation that it endures. No matter how much you try without learning the needs to enforce the dynamics of nutrition throughout all the organs and glands in your body.

You will always experience ailments and diseases that are common to man who do not know anything about Nutrition dynamics and the path to living a healthy lasting long life.

Foods are the staff of life. However, if we are eating food as filling when the stomach complains that it is empty, we are doing to our bodies much injustice.

As human beings, we often satisfy the stomach when it complains with any food that is tasty and filling. Without fourseeing the consequences that lies ahead.

Let us begin to practice “safe eat policy”,  by this practice, we will do justice to all glands and organs in our bodies that will extend to doing justice to our health and to ourselves. We sometimes think hard about protecting the muscles.

Follow this Path to good health

But forget to eat also to protect the bones, which allows the muscles to have a good shape. Yes! This is common among eaters, many of the foods that we eat are very healthy for one area of the body and no concern is shown in the other areas.

Thus allowing the strength of some areas to defeat the weak areas as it is one body with weakness that cannot survive the strength of any other areas. In everything a balance is needed, the body is no different.

This is one big reason why when the pancreas failed due to unhealthy nutrients Meaning too much of some nutrients the whole body suffers, because their required nutrients cannot get passed the pancreas to the other organs and glands in the body.

More on healthy eating Here

When there is a total balance in the nutritional intake, there is no need for a decline in the metabolic process, because each organ and gland take what it required and everyone is replenished sufficiently.

No excess no lacking, the whole body is in good shape well replenished no reason for blood sugar to build up because all nutrients are taken from their respective cells thus maintaining a healthy robust body.

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  1. In the end, I can see that it is really determinant on the foods that we eat and how much food we eat. This is a very nice one because it has really helped me to understand that I need to eat foods with all the nutrients to give my body the right thing. With this,every part of my body take what it needs and there wouldn’t be a need to breakdown. I find this post very educative for me. Tha ks.

    • Hi Henderson; thanks for your comment. I am so very happy that these posts have helped you. because that is the aim of writing this way. 

      It is unwise for us to feed our heads and leave our feet hungry. We must ensure a balance in our body and that can be achieved no other way but by way of our nutrition.


  2. Thanks so much about this post on the dynamic of nutritional in eating food, food is an essential thing, everybody takes in daily , I ate a lot when I was small maybe that was why I was very fat then, now I eat none nutritional foods so I lose weight, I wanna ask does non-nutritional foods cause loss of weight or not?thanks 

    • Hi Rose; thanks for your comment. eating none nutritional foods will cause an imbalance in your body which is not good. You might find that you lose some muscles not fat. As the none nutritional foods are sure to add on some fat. Which is not recommended for good health. 

      You might want to cut back on the number of nutrients, not the quality but the quantity in foods. You could consume one only heave meal per day, and see how it works for you, then take it from there. But never change nutrients for junks.


  3. I am really happy I happened upon your blog article about nutrition.  I have realized over the past few years that food is the best medicine available.  Recently I have been trying cut out excess sugar and carbs and trying to eat more organic which has lead me to bone broths.  Since the change in nutrition I am finding I sleep better and have more energy.  

    • Hey there Pamela; thanks for your comment. Your testimony has strengthened my claim on the benefits of nutrients in the diet.

      The bone broths had allowed your body the needed nutrients that demand a calm on your nerves that allows you to sleep better. and awake with natural energy. 

      Thanks again


  4. Hello Dorcas, the body needs so many things to function well and when some of it are missing it doesn’t work as well as we want it to. Nutrition is a very essential thing that we all dint have much knowledge of and when this is so, that is where we take some food class more than the other and that affects the body. The bone is an aspect that is not being taken care of sometimes and calcium should be taken welll in the right quantity.

    • Hello Benson; thanks for your comment. You know, Benson, as my knowledge increased daily, I realized that if I had known the things I know now everything about me would be different, including my health. 

      I am not sick now but I had experienced ill-health in the past. The body requires general good nutrition from head to toe skin and hair. Every part of the body needs to be fed with the correct nutrients, to remain healthy.


  5. Awesome post! That slimming tea by German herb is awesome. I love the tea! I got it as a gift from my girlfriend. They are great value and its composition I like that it is 100% herbal. A lot of slimming products out there seem to have ingredients that may damage ones health in the long run.

    Thanks for sharing

    • hey there Jordan; thanks for your comment. I displayed the  Slimming Tea by German Herb because I know that many people are out there struggling to lose some weight.

      I never came across it before, I had never used the Tea. But the fact that you have used and can speak of its benefit makes me happy about it. Seen that those in need of such a product can rely much on your testimony to use the product. Seen we never met each other.

      Thanks again 


  6. I do agree that most people eat for taste and not for what vitamins/minerals might be in their foods nor which systems these might work on in our bodies.  We always hear of a “heart-healthy” diet but certainly never a “liver-healthy” or “kidney-healthy” one.  However, in order to cover all of our organs and glands, I am interested to know exactly what kind of diet you are recommending?

    • Hello Feochadan; thanks for your comment. You and I know that there are many named vitamins so as minerals. To ensure that all areas of the body’s organs and glands are sustained with their required vitamins and minerals we should include all the foods that contain all of these essentials in our meals. 

      We don’t need to eat the same food every day because these essential vitamins and minerals are in many different foods that we can eat in abundance and yet eat different dishes every single day.


  7. Nutrition is so important in our lives. There’s no doubt about that.
    And it’s vital to eat the right foods and make sure that you’re having a wide variety of different foods because they all contain different minerals and vitamins.
    Eating healthy can ensure us that we can live normal healthy lives.
    Our bodies require all the nutrients that fruits and vegetable offer to us.
    If you want the organs in your body to work properly then make sure that you have proper nutrition.
    Is there any special diet that you can recommend?

    • Hey there Rob. thanks for your comment. There are sufficient nutritious foods available that can supply us with all the essential minerals and vitamins to supply the general need of the body. 

      But foods, as they are where they are, will not do the job. We as people must enforce the habit of eating foods that are stocked with all kinds of nutrients that is required by the body.


  8. I agree with you that eating the right kinds of foods that has the right nutrition for every part of our organs is essential. Then like some of us, we tend to mess it up with the toxins of the world. I did Weight Watchers a few years back and just by eating healthier did I learn that my body adapted to that new way of life. Thank you for providing this good information. 


    • Hi Jessie; thanks for your comment. It is a widespread indulgence among the human race. to mess up our health by eating the filling foods instead of the nutritious foods. 

      We put nutrition on hold with a promise to get back to healthy eating. But it never always happen until some kinds of sicknesses and diseases sets in.

      Then we start showing remorse and forcing the body with food supplements which might not be as helpful as we expect it to be. Neither will Supplement work the miracle that some believe it can work.


  9. Hi Dorcas. Your post has encouraged me to make some adjustments. I know there are no excuses. And that’s what I have honestly been making up to this point. We’re responsible to guarantee all the nutrients to our body. If we struggle to provide on time everything they ask us for at work… Why can’t we do the same with our body? I have started to consider this.

    • Hello Henry; thanks much for your comment. The example you highlight here could not be better. We struggle to be on par with our jobs because we cannot afford for the boss to find a fault with our work. 

      But we take what we put into our bodies lightly as no big thing until when the Doctor reads the MRI report to us. I agree it is time we take positive action to ensure we are eating the nutrients needful to our bodies for our personal benefit.


  10. Nutrient deprivation is so terrible but we seem to not take it seriously until we have a serious illness. Why are we like this? I even think that we’re bombarded to be this way. But, in my case, it’s not late to get back on. And I’m the responsible of my own health so I’ll start checking I get the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals daily.

    • Hey Abel; thanks for your comment. It is a natural part of the human race to not pay attention to general nutrition, From early days in our lives, we develop a liking for some foods without searching their nutritional benefits to the body. Leading ourselves down the dangerous path of sickness and diseases. 

      Oh yes; we are responsible for our health, so the precautions we should start taking from yesteryear when we were foolish, now that we have become wise the onus is on us to start eating nutritious foods from right where we are!


  11. hello Dorcas.
    I am very happy to come across your article. in fact I was victim of a traffic accident a short time ago, I had a triple fracture of the tibia and fibula; despite the surgical procedure and the placement of a centro-medullary nail the complication occurred and the reason advanced by the medical profession was the lack of minerals such as calcium and magnesium; and since I am under the regime the progress is visible.

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