Star Apple Health Benefits

Star Apple is among the number of superfoods that cultivated in Jamaica West Indies. An Island in the Caribbean Sea.

Star Apple has numerous health benefits and active in the treatment of diarrhoea, high blood pressure, fever, and digestive issues.

Some Active Health Benefits of Star Apple

 Because Star Apple is rich in fibre which is mainly Carbohydrate, it helps to keep the digestive system healthy by overcoming constipation and other digestive issues.

Star Apple is a natural antioxidant that helps to remove oxidising damaging agents from the system of the body and keep the immune system robust.

Antioxidant-rich foods like Star Apple can prevent free radicals like Cancer and heart attack. Eating Star Apple moderate to regular (When in season) can help reduce dead cells by removing free radicals. Vitamins that are in the fruit produce collagen that promotes immune health.


50 seed Chrysophyllum cainito, star apple color green Products for rocgueroa

They also moderate the s le iron content allows the body to produce haemoglobin and prevents Anemia. Anaemia causes weakness, fatigue, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, and headache. Consuming foods which are high in iron like Star Apple can prevent all of the ailments as mentioned above.

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Bone Strengthener

Star Apple contained some essential Minerals that are good for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Such as Phosphorous, and Calcium. Having these rich properties allows the regular eating of Star Apple to contributes to the strengthening of bones thus preventing bone diseases.

Weight Loss

Regular consumption of Star Apple helps in maintaining weight loss and promoting beauty and body health. Star Apple is low in fat and contains a large amount of dietary fibre that improves satiety; allowing weight loss.

Water Soluble Vitamin C which is essential in assisting body functions, gives protection to the heart, enhance vision, heals wounds, decreases blood sugar leaves, and improves immune health.

Our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C on its own. Therefore, Star Apple is a good source from which the essential Vitamin C. With its antioxidant properties that help in neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals and preventing fatal diseases such as heart disease and Cancer.

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Star Apple is the best food for Diabetic patients because it controls blood sugar levels in the blood. Its fibre content keeps blood sugar levels under control. Its antioxidants protect the body sugar level in diabetic patients.

Because of the presence of Vitamin C and Carotene that are in Star Apple constant consumption endorse boosting immunity.

Your stomach to feel satisfied even after a long time. It is one of the most excellent fruits for

Against to treat Skin rash, Stomach pain and Diarrhea. While the Star Apple seeds are ground and maid into therefore suitable for those who are struggling to lose weight. Also, the rich Fiber content satisfies the Star App

stomach easily.

* Chrysophyllum Cainito * Caimito * Purple/Green Star Apple * Rare Fresh Seeds *

Herbal Drugs

Star Apple ointment is used to treat skin infections and virginal issues.

Control Vomiting

The eating of Star Apple controls vomiting. It is considered suitable for pregnant women to prevent the urge to vomit. Star Apple is good for pregnant women as it helps to combat many of the illnesses that provoke pregnant health issues such as Diabetes, Cancer and heart diseases.

One of the benefits of Star Apple is that it is low in Calories. One half of a Star Apple contains a minimum of sixty-seven calories. StarApple leaves and seeds as also the fruits are good herbal medicine that treats many health issues.

Boiled Star Apple leaves, and bark or sop is a treatment for diarrhoea, dysentery, Malaria and yellow fever. The leaves used for many ailments Such as indigestion, sore throat, constipation, nausea: fatigue and anaemia


Star Apple nutrients

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B2



Carbohydrates                                                      10.49 g

Moisture                                                                 73 g

Total Fat                                                                  2.49 g

Protein                                                                     6.99 g

Star Apple may contain

Vitamin C                                                                 25

Vitamin B3                                                               1.137 g

Vitamin B1                                                                0.049. mg

Vitamin B2                                                                 0.038 mg

Iron                                                                              0.49 g

Methionine, Lysine, Amino Acids, Riboflavin, Niacin, Dietary Fiber, Pantothenic Acid

Star Apple Nutrition

Nutrients                                                                Amount

Energy                                                                    91.09 Kcal

Total Dietary Fiber                                                     1.92 g

Protein                                                                          1.52 g

Phosphorous                                                                18.95 mg

Tryptophan                                                                   0.004 g

Lysine                                                                            0.022 g

Methionine                                                                   0.22 g

Calcium                                                                          12.35 mg

Star Apple Cultivation

Star Apple grows only in a tropical and subtropical climate. Star Apple cultivation starts from its seed; For germination to take place, the seeds are placed directly in the ground or a container with dirt. When the seedling grows to about a foot high; it is transferred to its home where it is planted into the ground. The seedling takes time to grow into maturity when it bears fruit.

That takes from ten years upwards. However, when the Young tree is grafted with stem from a bearing tree, the ingrafted branch can choose from one to two years to begin bearing fruit.

The botanical name for Star Apple is Chrysophyllumcainito. The fruit takes several months to mature and is always available from December to April. Star Apple are of two varieties.

Green Skin and Purple skin. The inside of the purple skin is of a lighter purple from the outside when ripe while the inside of the green coat is cream when ripe.


new 5 seed Star apple Chrysophyllum cainito L. sweet


Star Apple is fairly juicy when ripe and of a mild sugary sweet taste. Unlike other fruits on trees Star Apple is not easy to reap, or harvest.

The fruit will never fall from its stem no matter how ripe it is. It chooses to stay on its stem and dry out causing the branch to die, but it will not fall by itself.

To get Star Apple to the market, some people cut the tree limbs to pick the fruit if the tree is on a slope. If not, they might climb the tree which is dangerous according to the height of the tree.

If you are brave and not too heavy, you might want to climb the tree to pick the fruit because of how delicious and nutritious the fruit is. You can find more Superfoods that are both good for food and Nutrition in some other article on this site.

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  1. Oh my, the health benefits and nutrient factor of the star apple just goes on and on, doesn’t it?  I have never heard of this fruit until recently, and I was so surprised to see how many vitamins it contains.  Wow!  Can you tell me where I can buy it?  I live in upstate New York in the USA.  I’m hoping they carry it, maybe at our health food supermarket?  It really sounds like something I want to try and add to my diet.

    • Hey Babsie; thanks for your comment. I must say as a young girl growing up in the rural area with all access to Star Apple and many other nutritious fruits I never knew how valuable these fruits were to my health and nutrition. 

      I would eat Star Apple because it tastes delicious nothing more. But since I became more involved in Agriculture and began to learn about individual plant a world of knowledge about nutrition opened to me.

      Now that I have the opportunity to share the incredible story with the world I am dedicated to sharing.

      You can get the ripe Star Apple at eBay both the green Skin and the purple skin remember to buy via my site and also to save the seeds you could need them later.


  2. Man alive! There are more and more super foods coming out of the woodworks daily, I feel like! It’s exciting! I love that we have so much to choose from to support our health and longevity these days. The article doesn’t explain where to find it though, I don’t think. Maybe you could add a link to somewhere where people can buy it? 

    • Hi Emmally; thanks for your comment. More new superfoods are in the pipeline you should look out to see them I am living young healthy and flavourful because I eat these superfoods without any reservation I choose this Niche NUTRITION to help folks to live healthy as I am living.

      I will edit and add the link now.


  3. I would love to see what a Star Apple looks like. Does it look anything like a regular apple?

    The benefits sound great, and superfoods seem to have gotten the ingredients list just right to turn this fruit into a super multivitamin.

    Looks like something that pregnant women would also love to get their hands on this to fight nausea, and I see it helps diabetics. I see you can also use the leaves and the bark.

    Thanks for the amazing information.

    • Hi Michael; thanks for your comment. Not really. It is round like a rubber ball. If you revisit this post, you will see the fruit. The fruit has excellent health benefits — both in the plant and the fruit.


  4. That was a very insightful post, I have eaten the Star apple before, and I love the fruit, but I did not know it had so many properties. 

    I used to live in Asia, and it was straightforward to find it there, no that we have moved to Europe it is a task to get hold of one, and they can be expensive.

    Thank you though, for the information, I enjoyed it 

    • Hi Barbara; thanks for your comment it is so good to know that you know the fruit. If you revisit this post, you will see where you can source the fruit even you are living in Europe. I should have put all that information in before I publish.


  5. Hello and thank you for this wonderful article. I really enjoyed it. I am planning on starting a new diet because I want to loose some weight. I believe this fruit will definitely help me a lot. Other than that I am really impressed by the nutrition value and great benefits it has on general health. The only problem is this fruit is not so available here where I am from. 


    • Hi Strahinja; thanks for your comment thanks too for enjoying reading my post. I hope you will revisit my site where you will find some interesting articles that will help you with weight loss. 

      Look out for the next article that I will publish later this week That fruit will help you to achieve the weight balance you desire to have and a lot more.


  6. Hello Whyte,

    this post was really a blessing to me and I must commend such a great work you’ve done, compiling all these piece of Wonderful information into your blog even though you never let us see a picture of what a star apple looks like. Thanks for this wonderful post, I have gained enough healthy information today. 


    • Hi Salim; thanks for your comment. I am so happy to know that my post blessed you. I will add some pictures after I finish the comment. You should read some more of my posts where is a wealth of nutrition information.

      Do share the post


  7. Hi Dorcas,

    I must say I’m ignorant to the fruit called star apple. Wish you had put up a picture for us to see what this super fruit looks like. However, I did look up the picture on the internet to make myself more conversant with it. 

    It has quite some good nutritional benefits like weight loss which has become a problem for me lately. Sadly, I do not live in the West Indies and don’t have access to this fruit.

    Warm regards

    • Hi Louise; thanks for your comment. I apologised for not showing you some images I will add some from eBay where the fruit is currently available as soon as I finish replying to the comments.

      You can source as much as you can afford from eBay via this site.

      Thank you


      PS. If you need weight loss PM me, I will help you with a fruit that is even more powerful for weight loss.

      Thank you 


  8. I have never even heard of the star apple fruit before now. I think that it would be very interesting to try this extremely benefitcial fruit.This is a very good fruit for everyone, wether you want to lose weight or are a diabetic. Great for adding vitamin C to your diet and strenghtening your bones. This is such a great superfruit. How much is this fruit? This is a wonderful fruit with so much nutrients and health benifits.

    • Hi Andy; thanks for your comment. There are many nutritional benefits in the Star Apple fruit giving to the body many health benefits.

      You should read the article through to see the whole story. The leaf and sop or bark both are beneficial as much as the fruit. You can source the fruit by following the link within this post.


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