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The Ninja Foodi is an air fryer, pressure cooker, and slow cooker all in one.


Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Broil Dehydrate Slow Cooker Air Fryer oven


When this Ninja Foodi was released, it got a lot of buzzes. Because many people were excited about it with the belief they hoped that it was just as good as the other two. The fact that it pretty much sold out instantly shows it was even better than anyone expected.

We have tested it, we loved everything about it. The instructions and guide made it so easy to get used to. And, it was so easy to handle as well. The share amount you can do with the foodi is extraordinary, from boiling an egg to slow cooking a ragu and air frying potato wedges.

Because it is such a unique and high-quality appliance, we did not think a short review would suffice, so we dedicated a much more comprehensive review below.

Final Verdict

A sour in-dept. review shows, there is very little we could find fault with the kitchen appliance, and you will start to wonder how you ever did without i

Instant Pot Duo v2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker



Instant Pot 60 DUO Plus 5.7L 9-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure, Slow, Rice,

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The Instant Pot Duo is an appliance which can very much do the job of several of your other devices, making it perfect for smaller kitchens or those who like to get adventurous in the kitchen.

This instant pot is a top-selling brand in America, the fact that they are also available in Europe has proved a very popular release of the brand. There are fourteen programmers, including porridge, yoghurt, rice and soup, so no matter what you fancy for your dinner with this cooker you can make it from scratch

Very little effort is needed from you.  You simply choose which function you want to use, and leave it to work it’s magic, returning to it when your meal is ready. There is a twenty-four hours delayed timer option so you can plan well ahead and get the dinner ready for tomorrow night, and if you happen to be stuck in traffic on the way home, an automatic keep-warm can hold it all for up to ten hours until you are ready to serve.

This is all done safely, there are ten safety functions, and no heat or steam is released, so the danger is kept at a minimum. It is silent; too, there is no hissing like cookers of the past. The function panel is a nice size to keep you in control, and everything is nicely labelled.

The ‘instant’ name doesn’t mean it is any quicker than other pressure cookers because it still needs to preheat and then release the pressure at the end of the process which adds time unto the cooking period. For instance, oats porridge can take twice as much of time as they would in a microwave, but it is still a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the time to watch over it in the morning.

And there are some nice extras available, such as a clear lid for slow cooking and an additional inner pot if you need to cook something else without emptying and cleaning what you have just prepared.

Everything feels strong and robust, and we liked how the handle on the lid is suitable for both right and left-handed users. You get a good recipe book and cooking timesheet with it too, which is perfect for complete beginners and professionals.

Pressure King Pro 12-in-1


Pressure King Pro 900W 5L 12-in-1 Chrome Digital Pressure Cooker - 59.99

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The Pressure King is one of the most popular pressure cookers on the market, and we are not surprised given how simply and easy it is to set up. It is seen as the closest rival to the Instant Pot in terms of ability and quality, yet going for at almost half the price for anyone who can afford spending over one hundred pounds.

You simply press which function you need to operate, and the temperature, times and pressure levels are all automatically selected on your behalf. Choose from meat, rice, stew and fish amongst others. With everything cooked perfectly in the end.

There are the standard delay timer and keep warm functions which make life much easier, but there is also the addition of a third function Fast reheat will boost the temperature of any food before you serve while maintaining flavours. If you like your food piping hot there is no need to give it a quick go in the microwave before serving as fast reheat has done the job alright.

We have to say that even though it is pretty fabulous at everything it does, cooking meat is where it excels. No matter whether it is a whole chicken or some gammon, it comes out well moist and perfect, in around half the time it would have taken in the oven.

We were disappointed at the instruction leaflet and recipe booklet which does not give justice to the Pressure King Pro. They were poor for an item of this quality. Even though the latter includes over sixty recipes, some are just completely illogical to make in a pressure cooker. It also takes a while to get to pressure. But to say these are the only negatives we have, we can safely say that we would highly recommend the Pressure, King Pro.

Tefal All in One CY 505E40 6 Lite pressure Cooker

The Tefal has a generous six-litre capacity and twenty-five pre-programmed setting which make this a great cooker for small families or anyone who likes to batch cook for the week ahead.

There is a delayed start function up to 24 hours in advance that allows you to take your planning ahead to the next level.

It is a great size, and will likely take up less room than a slow cooker so is great if you want something which can do all the tasks you could want yet doesn’t fill your kitchen. We like the DIY function, which puts the control in your hands.

This is perfect for anyone who is looking up a stovetop model for this reason but would prefer to stay away from their old school. The lid is also hinged which makes things nice and easy to remove and pop back on. It is simple to add extra ingredients without faffing about, and you don’t have to plan and get your benches ready to place the lid.

The instruction isn’t great. They are very poor and basic with no mention of most of the extras. But if you are starting simple and building up to more adventurous cooking, then it is easy to get the hang of quickly. What is great in the little recipe book which comes with it. There are thirty options in there, from Chilli con Carne to Curry, or even chocolate-vanilla marble cake. Risotto fans will love the fact a basic mushroom recipe can be ready in just six minutes.

Once you are done, the steam basket, trivet and spatula are all dishwashers friendly for ease. Our only niggle is that the hinged lid can cause condensation to drip over your worktops when it is opened, but this is an issue commonly found with products of this type and is nothing which can’t be wiped away within seconds. It certainly wouldn’t put us off using it every night.

Final verdict

A fabulous price for such a versatile appliance, which gives pretty perfect results time after time. Brilliant for families or anyone who usually neglects cooking healthy meals.

Sage the Fast Slow Pro BPR 700 BSS

Why Sage? Because it is a name associated with clever, helpful and pretty game-changing appliances, and this pressure/slow cooker is no different.

The cleverness is mostly down to the dual sensors at the top and bottom of the bowl, which constantly monitor the food and adjust temperature and pressure accordingly. A hand-free steam release function automatically lets out any excess depending on the food too, so it is perfect every time in terms of moisture and cooking levels.

Thanks to these six functions, you can sear, sauté or reduce ingredients ready to cook. There are also twelve dedicated programmers for you to choose from, such as Bolognas, risottos, or puddings. The twelve is a custom option, so you can cater everything to your preferences if you know that the automatic settings don’t get it quite right for your tastes.

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However, once everything has been cooked and eaten, a lot of the inner components can be put in the dishwasher if you’d rather put your feet up than wash them by hand. The removable pot makes it easier to clean too, which is ideal if you’ve made something very saucy.

It is nice and quick with a lot of foods. Potatoes are perfect in ten minutes, as is rice. Stews are done in an hour, and meats are incredibly tender despite being done quicker than they would in the oven. There is also the option to slow cook, so it is great as an all-in-one.

Final verdict

This is another fabulous Sage Kitchen appliance, which will make life so much easier and jazz your kitchen too. The Price is better than some alternatives, but a lot cleaner looking which could seal the deal.

Crockpot Express Pressure CSCO51

The crockpot is a name mostly associated with slow cookers, but seeing as they are pretty much at the top of their game when it comes to those, we had high expectations for this item.

From the twelve settings available, eight of these are pressure cooker orientated. This will help you cook meats quicker but still keep them tender, and risottos and curries can be perfect in well under half an hour. There are also other functions which could come in handy when making stews and soups such as sautéing for vegetables.

A delay timer will allow you to plan and ensure your dinner is ready for when you get home, which is ideal if you are usually far too tired to start cooking when you get through the door. Cleaning up everything at the end is also nice and easy, as most components are dishwasher friendly and the pot is removable it can be cleaned by hand.

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All of the settings are clearly labelled on the control panel, so it couldn’t be easier to get things going. A handy countdown timer will let you know how long you have to wait, and you can fine-tune the temperature and pressure levels if you like things a little more done than standard. However, you will need to switch the vent at the back between pressure and no pressure and empty the condensation collection tub.

It is on the bulkier side if you’re going to be storing it, and it doesn’t cope well if you adapt your recipe for one or two people using smaller amounts. The keep-warm and delay timer functions also only work for up to four hours, so may not be ideal for anyone who is a ‘prepare the night before’ kind of person-twelve hours is usually the standard.

But still, it is nice and easy to use and gives you pretty much all the options you could want. It comes in nicely under one hundred pounds too. Which is good for the adaptability? We like how it is easy to adapt between pressure and slow cooking. It has a nice amount of flexibility and control only takes five minutes to preheat/release. However, the pot is not durable enough for dishwasher use.

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  1. @lucasdeoliveira1976

    I’m so glad i found this post because my cousin is moving to uni and i wanted to get him something usefull!

    You provided a lot of important information to me, now i just need to ask him if he already has a pressure cooker and if not i will definitely buy one!

    thank you

    • Hey Lucasdeoliveiral; thanks for your comment. I hope you will get to your cousin before he stacks up on a pressure cooker on his own. I am happy that you found this sales guide useful.


  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for helping me choose a great pressure cooker. Your review has helped me to decide which pressure cooker our family will get as my old pressure cooker is small and it can only do one job at a time. As our family is growing and we have less time to cook, a great cooking tool will help us to save time and still serve healthy homecooked meals. I have been eyeing Ninja Foodi for a while now. Why do I choose it? Because it can not only be pressure or slow cooker but it can also be used to air fry our food. I think it is a healthier choice. 

    Thanks again for your review. I have bookmarked your site for future reference.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you.



    • Hey Ferra; thanks for your comment. Do you know the Ninja Foodie is my favourite choice? However, they are all excellent pressure cookers and as I have taken the time to searched them ou; I can assure you that any bran you choose from the collection will do you justice in the kitchen.


  3. Hello Dorcas, thank you for sharing this review about pressure cookers. I have been playing with the idea of getting a pressure cooker for a while, as I think it will make my life as a working mother much easier. I like the fact that very affordable high-quality options are now available. The Ninja Air Foodie sounds just about perfect to me, I like the fact that you can slow cook and fry all in one device. You have helped me get a good overview of the pressure cookers available. Thank you.

    • Hey Drea; thanks for your comment. I am happy that the effort I make to put this work together is helping as intended. Yes, they are of high quality and affordable.


  4. There’s a lot of cooking equipments today and it’s always very sad the it is hard to determine which is the best of the fake electronic. Pressure cooker is very important in the kitchen and it’s of different types, I like the 6 best that you’ve included in this article, I’ll check through and see which one I can buy, thanks.

    • Hello BeyondCol; thanks for your comment. In almost everything we have to encounter these days, there are fake ones and there is genuine stuff. If we are skill enough to discover the fake ones on our own then we can avoid them.

      Here is where my effort to assembly these six Best pressure come in. with the help of users, I put the list together so you can make your choice as they are all excellent pressure cookers.


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