Nutritional value in Celery Juice

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Hey there my loyal readers; today I want to share with you some amazing benefits of celery juice.  Benefits you might not have known about that is needful for you to know.

Celery Juice Benefits:

Some studies have shown that Celery juice may help to fight against Cancer and liver and brain related diseases, reduce inflammation and boost cardiovascular health.


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Some benefits of Celery Juice: heals and activate intestine by replacing hydrochloric acid, which helps in faster efficiently digestion. Celery Juice lowers cholesterol.

Celery is a natural anti-inflammatory plant It is said that Celery Juice, aids the liver and lowers blood pressure.

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The fact that Celery contains Minerals such as: Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium. And Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Means that Celery is highly beneficial for the human body.

I have been reading about the vegetable for some years now, but never come in contact with the plant. Recently a cousin of mine who lives in the UK kept sending me information about the plant. He even sends some video of testimonials about celery nutritional benefits.

Many of the videos show consumers of celery demonstrating how they prepare the vegetable and consume it by drinking or eating the raw celery as the would eat lattice.

I searched for Celery in my local markets, but never found the vegetable. Meaning Celery is not yet grown by farmers where I am. Two benefits that people demonstrate in their comments and testimonials about Celery that interest me most, are the hair growth and overall hair health. As also the Weight loss. It does not call for any disbelieve or doubts about the benefits

If we follow the purpose of the various vitamins and minerals contained in the Celery, we will understand that celery does some benefits to our health and nutrition due to its contents.


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There is a clear indication that the Some of the vitamins and minerals found in Celery will fight against Cancer. Cardiovascular disease, High Blood Pressure and type two diabetes, and also increase blood flow.

Of course, there is no doubt that Celery improves bone and brain health, due to some of its mineral contents. We often show concern for many organs and glands in our bodies, but when it comes to the Liver and the kidneys as also the brain.

We tend to forget that they are active members of our body that help causes  that help the body to function healthier. And they are maintained by various Vitamins and Minerals as any other Organ and

Glands in the body. Because I am not a medical Doctor nor one who serves in the medical profession, I will not say what witch vitamin or mineral work on here, you need to identify that for yourself.

Human and social biology was and still is my favorite subjects. The fact that we can access the Internet for information via our computer. It is advisable that every home has a stock of Home physician books that we read through often.

So we can determine the cause of our bodies feeling before we call on our Medical providers. If we know what Vitamins and what minerals work for this and which one work for that we can make a wiser choice in our food selection.

And communicate in a more intelligent way with our health providers. Making our visit easier for everyone. According to Celery user testimonies that I watched on some videos sent to me.

There are properties in Celery that fight against Anosmia, anxiety and depression. So as there are some properties that works on the improvement of the nervous system, Hair growth and quality, the skin enhancement.

And not to leave out Weight loss. However, it is needful for all to do their own research and prove for themselves if the truth be told about the health benefits of the Celery vegetable plant. Or any other nutrition, plant so to speak.

And when you do your research and find the truth about what function each Vitamin and mineral have in your body, be wise and eat wisely, never eat overmuch of any one vegetable fruit or herb. Or eat on a continual basis.

Take a break, mix up your diet so that your body can be replenished with a variety of minerals and vitamins. Too much of one mineral or vitamin can be as harmful as too little or none at all.

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When it comes to weight loss, you need to know that the same foods that you indulge in eating for weight loss after a period of time you will discover that if you stick on that food for too long you start gaining weight, this time that specific food will not help you to reduce your weight.

Be moderate, know when to break away from the food you are eating for weight loss, even when you see it is working tremendously. That’s the time for you to give it some rest and go to another weight management food.

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Always remember to rotate your diet for the best results. Some testimonies that I heard about Celery, said that after five months of drinking Celery juice every day, their skin began to break out. Even when they are testifying they have not identified the cause for the breakout.

If you overstock your body with vitamins and minerals that is needful for some organs and glands only and leave the others deficient, you are inviting trouble into your system.

Your body needs a balance. All organs and glands in the body need vitamins and minerals, but all glands and organs do not use the same minerals and Vitamins.

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Therefore, we need to treat the body evenly throughout. Know this. If your liver is ailing and you take some vitamins and minerals that will take care of the Lungs issues only, your liver will not be replenished. Ensure to eat moderately and evenly.

I am Dorcas I want to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you. Remember to follow share and like.

  1. I didn’t know that celery has so many benefits. It is available in stores where I live, but I don’t buy it much because I stopped liking it two years ago. Well, I stopped liking the cooked or fried version, but raw is still fine, so I should start buying it again and eat it raw. How do you make the juice? Just blend it with water or can I add other things such as ginger for example? Which supplement has similar functions as celery?

    • Hey Christine; thanks for your comment. Since Celery is a vegetable it can blend with other veggies from its family and also Ginger. Depending on what you like.


  2. I did not know that Celery Juice lowers cholesterol. and is a preventative measure against cancer.

    You mention Celery Juice.  Can I also take Celery in the form of a vitamin supplement, like in a capsule and receive the same benefits.

    Interesting also that Celery Juice helps with depression.   Seems like God put all these good plants and veggies on the earth for our benefit.

    • Hey Phil; thanks for your comment. I am not sure if there is any celery supplement, however, I will search that out. Yes; God had created medicins for the healing of the nations. However, man’s pride sometimes defeats his health.

      Man tends to look down on the natural things God had provided and seeks his own invention. That’s where man is defeated. 

      Intelligent man, allows his pride to overrides his ability to understand that nutrition depends on nutrients from plants, and the purpose of nutrition is fulfilled in good health.


  3. I had no idea that there was any nutritional value in celery at all so this article was a real eye-opener for me. I do know that fresh vegetables and juicing are healthy and I drink fresh juice at least once a day in the morning. The cost of celery where I am (Dubai) is quite high so I have never used it.

    Now that I have learned just how valuable it can be in the fight against many maladies, I will spend the extra to add it to my juices at least a few times a week. You have convinced me and now I have to follow through! I have cancer and am using natural and alternative therapies to fight it. The celery will add to the list of natural foods that I consume regularly. Thanks so much! 

    • Hey Dave; thanks for your comment. It is not in Dubai, only the price of Celery is high; Everywhere I received testimonials from, the people commented on its high cost. That’s how it is where I am, once the food is identified as one with medicinal properties, the vendors hike the price.

      Since you have Cancer, you should check out my post here:… I have proven this plant to have cured cancer. Not hear-say, proven. Many of my posts have something for cancer, but I have proven Neem to be a fast active cure for cancer.

      It will not take you a month for cancer to go from your body even if it reaches stage 4. You can get the powder and maybe other forms of neem on Amazon. Please stay on this site and make your purchase, I need some sales from this site to remain on Amazon. 

      Thank you


  4. Hello Dorcas,

    Thanks for sharing Celery Juice benefits. Celery juice may help to fight against Cancer, liver, brain related diseases, reduce inflammation and boost cardiovascular health. But it is not possible to make regularly. So we need some supplements.

    All organs and glands in the body need vitamins and minerals, so we have to go with healthy supplements.

    Thank you 


    • Hey Parveen; thanks for your comment. Testimonials about Celery, state that the vegetable has performed tremendously in these areas of nutrition. I will have to research to find out if there are any Supplements made from the plant.

      As it is Celery is not yet common to all countries. And I would want to use the plant’s contents.


  5. Hey thank you for the awesome post! I have not tried celery juice before, but I am definitely willing to because I suffer with depression and I know that it is good for helping deal with that. What I didn’t know is that it may help fight cancer. That is so cool!

    • Hey Jessie; thanks for your comment. There are a whole lot of benefits for the body that consumes Celery from the testimonials I read. And if there are vitamins and or minerals in the vegetable that strengthens body cells from cancer or any disease, I have no reason not to say it cures the disease.


  6. I never would have thought that celery had so many good things in it for your body.  Do you think adding other fruits and vegetables to the juicer would also have some good benefits to your body.  Also do you think all of the vitamins and other products on your site would be a good mix to take together to benefit your overall body health.  I am looking into bettering my health and body so I am glad to have found this post and thank you for putting out such great information into this post.


    • Hey Douglas; thanks for your comment. I personally do not juice one vegetable nor fruit. I always blend a combination of three to five different vegetables or fruits. I ensure to get most of if not all of the essential Vitamins and minerals from the juice I blend.


  7. I consider myself a fairly healthy eater. I stay away from most junk food, but usually fail to get all the nutrients my body needs. It’s funny that you talk about celery because that’s probably my least favorite vegetable. I never realized that it could have so many benefits, though, so I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

    As for making sure one’s diet is balanced, I think you had it right when you said it’s about variety. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating junk food, but I think it’s important to also eat healthy foods. After all, we’re humans, not machines. If you can’t bear to never eat junk food again, then don’t try to. That’s what I say, anyways.

    I do have one question: this article is about the value of celery juice, not the whole celery stalk, so what does that mean for everything but the juice? Are the celery fibers of no remarkable significance? Thanks for this article, I really enjoyed it.


    • Hi Isaac; thanks for your comment. If you are always eating healthy, there should be no problem if now and again you eat some junk. As a human, you might be somewhere where you cannot avoid eating junk. 

      The whole Celery stalk and leaves are good for juicing as I understand. But in areas where they package the vegetable, the leaves are not packaged because the leaves tend to decay quickly


  8. Hello Dorcas;
    I am happy to come across your article and I would like to make my modest contribution to your review. I had concerns with my weight and a friend advised me to take celery juice, I could see the changes in less than a month of this treatment without counting the improvement in my libido as a bonus. I strongly recommend this method in combination with physical exercises to anyone wishing to improve or maintain their health.

    • Hey Moi Moi; Thanks for your comment. It brings value to my post. I had not Used Celery personally, The plant is not yet in my area. But my cousin who sends me the Video has so much to say about its performance in the body. As also the testimonials.



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