What are the Nutrition Facts?

Simple put. Nutrition facts are the truth about the food that we eat or drink into our stomach from day to day. However, some officials might contain classified Nutrition facts as being a guide on food labels to guide consumers in understanding the food that they are consuming daily.

While those who have not the training in the area of Food and Nutrition cannot contradict the findings of those, who are experts in food and nutrition, it is the responsibility of every adult individual to be careful about the food that is eaten both in quality and quantity.

Some Can be Misleading

Incorrect information can be on a food package, or drink bottle as many of these at times can bypass the Consumer Protection personnel But everything that is consumed or eaten by the average adult individual is the responsibility of that person to ensure that the food that is of high nutrition quality that can be of value to the body.

It is a fact that it is essential to know the amount of Sugar, Sodium, Fat, Fiber and so on that is observed. But we should not too much reliance on them to eat. Of a truth, we can use the label on food packages to remind us of the many things that together will provide proper nutrition.

Some Information is Confusing

But for any one person to have a stomach full, there must be careful precaution taken to all of these nutrition facts. It is, therefore, suitable for persons to be moderate in everything taken into consideration that having over much is as dangerous as having none at all.

If these Nutrition facts were altogether good to observe they would have remained low in nutrition and not be modified as some have now proven to be dangerous or none essential food intake.

It is a fact that I was grown up to believe that vitamins A an C were of essential value to the body. Doctors would even prescribe them as a needful nutrient for the organisation. According to nutritionist of our time, it is no more a requirement in nutrition.

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What’s this that we are seeing? It is a clear food issue. Vitamin C and A which was a one-time essential nutrition property has now been modified and has fallen into the non-essential category of nutrition.

It is not funny. But for one to trust these nutrition facts that are on food packages, it is more likely that Such a one sees something at the undertaker’s showroom that is of interest. I would suggest to all my fellow eaters. To use up their blenders and blend some more of the natural fo fresh foods and develop their nutrition facts from the contents of their mixers.

 Nutrition Facts Helps one Stay Healthy

Of a truth, Nutrition facts should help us to stay healthy, but I said facts not labels on food packages. I look back on Education, and I choose to compare two outstanding subjects of the many questions that incorporate Education and contrast them with Nutrition facts on food labels.

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These two subjects are Biology and Mathematics; these subjects never change their laws or their properties. 1+1 will forever be =to 2 That’s the Law of math no one can go behind the scene and break it for any personal reason or gain.

So as with Biology. Man breathe in Oxygen and breath out Carbon Dioxide. No guy or gal change that. It is the Biological Law. All must accept that fact. No inside office nor outside office intellectual can change that fact for any reason.

Some Processors

However it please some folks to change clauses in nutrition facts to suit themselves. Those must be the big guys. You and I are at liberty to stay within the confine of our kitchen and use the highly effective machine which we know as the blender and produce our healthy nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables that we can source from the farm directly or from the local Green grocery store in town.

Practising this into a habit will allow you to live a healthier, longer life. One of the reasons for this you will not need to add preservatives artificial flavour nor colouring. These are nutrition facts, not Nutrition make believe on some food packages.

As an observant rural country lover, I have compared and contrast some people who are living in the urban areas and who are living in the rural areas as also, those in urban areas who upheld their backyard garden and those in rural areas who farm ground provisions.

See for Yourself

You are at liberty to do your survey and prove me wrong if you can. I had not found one of those rural ground provision farmers nor one of those urban backyard garden keepers with any mental challenge of mental diseases neither high blood sugar. That name was a few illnesses. Why are these folks so healthy?

They do not spend their time to read food labels about nutrition facts which could sometimes be false. They indulged themselves in growing their nutrition from their backyard or their farm. Please do not get me wrong.

These folks do buy foods that labelled for their consumption. But they do not solely depend on them for the daily nutrition that their body needs. It is possible that the route to their diet was not because they knew that there was uncertainty on the food labels.

Try Some Fresh Farm Produce

They, however, enjoy the fruits and vegetables that they plant with their own hands. Am I cruel to be saying this no I am not cruel? I am well aware that not everyone will be able to have a backyard garden or a rural ground provision farm.

However, It is one fact that everyone can access a Green Grocery or someplace where Fresh farm supply is available. While because of atmospheric pollution, it might not be possible for folks to live healthy for two hundred and over the years as before.

With following the proper guideline of nutrition facts as for real, my generation can enjoy a much longer healthier life. I must warn you though if you eat the correct food and at the same time, you keep yourself as a prisoner to the four walls of where you live or work.

You only walk from your exit door to your vehicle and from your car to your office door without taking any form of physical exercise you may as well follow the nutrition food labels. Be advised; your body needs training as well as it needs nutrition.

Why is Nutrition Facts Important?

Nutrition facts are relevant because it helps consumers to apply a structure to the preparation of their meals or diet. Why would you want to eat half a dozen eggs all at one time when your body can only use up one?

However, some of us will eat the one egg per day, and at the same time we include Sweet Corn to our Lunch and Dinner, and we never forget to support the boil corn vendor at the street corner as well as the vendor with the rost corn and coconut over the other side.

Do you ever count how many corns you have eaten in one day? The Nutrition fact is essential to follow when you know what food contains what food property. You should continue to read food labels to sensitise yourself about some food that can prove harmful to your body depending on how much you will eat each day.

No heart feeling. If you will agree with me as another human being. Some basic foods are highly delicious and pleasant to the taste. No sweat, when you look at some of us how our weight disturbed the scale.

(Balances) Please, do not blame us too much. The jerk Pork the Jerk Chicken and the jerk Fish is at fault, and They are on numerous occasions in our way. The only we can do to get past is to move them. What do you say about that?

Basic Nutrition To Follow

Some of the necessary nutrition that you will need to follow will include those foods that can help your mind to relax. Some food will calm your anxiety. And suppress stress. You might not know the foods that have such power, but as a living person with all of your senses functional, you should be able to identify how you feel after eating certain foods.

Then you should be able to compare that feeling to the feeling that you have when you consume a different kind of food. You should not need an expert to identify your feelings. No Doctor can tell you how you are feeling The Doctor might ask you how you are feeling. But will not be able to say to you. To know it is your duty.


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Conclusion On Basic Nutrition

Your basic nutrition should be rest and water and natural fresh foods including fruits and vegetables. You know that you should be moderate in your eating habit, never allow yourself to get carried away by the delicious tasting foods and overeat yourself. That will no doubt lees you into some form of ill health.

Eat wise, eat healthily, include physical exercise into your nutrition and ensure to celebrate your one century berth days in beautiful, healthy style

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