How strong is the immune system during these times of crisis and uncertainty? It is imperative for people everywhere to ensure that Nutrition is at a good standard in their every day lives so that the immune system can be healthy and strong for any disease eventuality. The sudden arrival and spread of COVID 19 is a sure sign that now is no time to take chance with our health and fitness.


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It is not impossible for an outbreak of another cruel disease like COVID 19 to emerge suddenly on the world population. For those of us who are alive and are in good health, we must take sensible precautions to ensure our immune system be in good standing. Doing this means that we must follow healthy guidelines as to hygiene and proper diet that includes nutritious food to enhance a robust life.

There are many supplements on the market both locally and online, but without a professional guideline; I would not recommend anyone to embark on any form of Supplement during this time, as many deceivers are wasted all over the place. As well as many who esteem money over good health and life. It is not convenient for a dead body to spend money!

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It will be more comfortable to be alive without the badly needed commodity ‘money’ than to be dead with a billion dollars. The food we eat coupled with exercise and proper sanitation can take us a far way through life’s journey. Even when we might not have a lot of money being in health will speak volume for us!

Changing World

The world is rapidly changing, for some people, it is changing for better while for others it is definitely for the worst. In this massive world change, some will remain as they are, neither better nor worst. But I will warn everyone to be prepared for whatever comes your way don’t let it conquer you! Treat your body with the right nutrition in every area of the word. Somebody sent me a script recently.

I read it and have a good laugh! There was no one around to share it with, I never turn to the phone though, why? I should not be one of those to spread propaganda and mislead people. And this is one of the reasons why I make mention of taking precaution with food supplements. I have found that the human race never takes the check, when there is a crisis many seized the opportunity to mislead and defraud the innocent in a bid to get rich!

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There must be a way to help small-minded people to step up to reality and start loving each other and treat others as they would want to be treated. I am saying this because I have found out that intellect has nothing to do with a dishonest mind, some of the most effective thieves in the world today are among the highly intellectual. The poor innocents are often victims of these strong giants.

Somebody help me Please!!!

How do I change some people’s heart to become a heart of flesh and consider their brothers as themselves with a heart of love? I am crying!:  How does an egg strengthen your immune system? Or in what way can pure boiled water add to your Nutrition? If you should stop by your family doctor with immune deficiency and your Doctor instruct you to go home and boil an egg and consume it with some boiled water to improve your immune system, would you consider your doctor’s brain health to be in good shape?

This is just a small portion of the article that I received. If you practice eating nutritious foods, then you should not have an issue with your immune system, unless there are some underlining conditions in your body that you have not yet identify. But for your health sake do ensure to eat nutritious foods, that will enhance your entire being.

With many job closure at this time it might be difficult for some families to maintain all the nutrients that are necessary for the day, but eat as best you can and ensure that your kids get the best nutritious food as you possibly can give them. Produce at the local markets price is sky racket since the inception of COVID 19, this should not be, but it is, It caused a burden on those with children and large families who are out of a job during this time.

But in spite of all that, do ensure to buy available fruits and vegetables as much as you possibly can to ensure your families immune system is in good shape. The world and almost everything in it are on rapid change, however, there is still a chance for those who will make a change for the better. Everybody cannot be selfish so as everyone will not be generous! There must be a balance. I have purposed in my heart that any change I should make must be for better and not for worst.

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As I desire the good for myself so do I desire good for others, and I am in no wise partial. I desire good for everyone! There is a common phrase going for the sake of COVID 19 that says: ‘we are in it together, let us lookout for each other. ‘But it seems like the majority saying this to get what they desire from others, not to be there for anyone! I do not see selfishness getting anyone anywhere.

While it is not expected that you will be feeding others from your pot, it is sure not expected for you to prevent others from having a pot of food. Although the world is rapidly changing, that kind of mindset is not expected to be common among the many changes that are taking place worldwide. I understand that some people are poor in more than one phase of their lives; however, it is not expected that one should be poor in pocket and in mind at the same time. Build for yourself a rich mindset and help improve the standard of life in whatever way you find possible for others.

Doing so will allow the nutrients you consumed to dissolve and circulate to your body cells in a better way to ensure your immune system continues to be strong as your body enjoys proper nutrition.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful review about nutrition during this Covid-19 pandemic. I have seen a lot of people within online platform advertising different types of supplements, claiming that it will help to improve the immune system. But thank God for this review which has touched a lot of the areas that I should consider before given in for any supplement again.

    Like you asked: How does an egg strengthen your immune system? Or in what way can pure boiled water add to your Nutrition? This is the truth, but many people would have been misled already. Please keep promoting this review to save a life, tons of people out there need to read this review. I will recommend this post to my friend who is considering buying a supplement…thank.

    • Hello, Blessed; thanks for your comment. Not everyone thinks before action, as people, we often resort to home remedy which sometimes involves a supplement, But when there is an active disease floating among us we need not take it lightly to treat it unadvisedly, doing so could result doing more harm than good.


  2. With this Covid-19 thing, I have seen some friends and family members just let themselves go. It’s hard to tell them to stop, but I have tried. I get it, it’s depressing to stay in your house, and depression brings comfort food. Also, because restaurants are closed, some of them prefer a quick burger or pizza delivery. 

    The action will hurt them more in the long run. Let’s try to help each other in this challenging moment in history, especially if it’s family or a friend.

    • Hey Juan; thanks for your comment. It hurts to see a friend or relative foolishly let go on life when they could take measures to stay alive. However, I don’t envy them who want to depart this life. Let them grab the opportunity that COVID 19 brought and go at their will. 


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