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Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Coma and Death Type2 diabetes is insulin resistance. Researchers said that eating carbohydrate and sugar is not the cause of type 1 or 2 diabetes. When glucose is piled up in the bloodstream, it causes a condition called “high blood Sugar” Diabetes.

According to research that I have access to read the consumption of carbohydrate and sugar will not directly cause diabetes. Juvenile diabetes which is also known as type 1 diabetes, occurs at any age, it is an occurrence when the Autoimmune, insulin-producing cells of the pancreas are broken down and destroyed. Insulin acts like a door to your body’s cells that allows glucose to enter your body’s cells. It is the Glucose that fuels the cells with energy.


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Without the presence of Glucose in the body If you have type 1 diabetes blood glucose is unable to enter your body’s cells. You will, therefore, need to take insulin to open the door of entry to blood glucose to enter your body cells.

Without which, blood glucose piles up in the bloodstream rapidly resulting in Diabetes. There is a different reason for type 2 diabetes though. At the initial stage, the beta cells remain alive as also the pancreas continues to produce insulin.

However for many unknown reasons the body cells put up a resistant to insulin thus become insulin intolerant. The action is more like a locked door crystalised. The body cells no longer recognised insulin.

Making them unable to utilise blood glucose as they are supposed to. Failure of body cells to recognised insulin is how blood glucose piles up in the bloodstream. The occurrence caused damage to the tiny nerve cells and blood vessels throughout the entire body.

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That later identified as high Blood sugar or diabetes. That generally accompanied by Nerves breakdown, causing blindness kidney damages pain and many more ailments.

The patients with type 2 diabetes Pancreas works overtime to put out more insulin seeking to lower the amount of blood glucose in the bloodstream. That is a fruitless effort.

Because the body cells had already gone intolerance to insulin, the pancreas becomes burned out as it overworked trying to correct an issue; the pancreas results in stop producing insulin.

Type 2 diabetes begin to behave like type 1 diabetes, resulting in a reliance on an insulin intake injection for survival. 

With all of the evidence on hand, some people will continue to blame diabetes on the eating of carbohydrates and sugar. Healthy Body will always recognise excess glucose.

When a healthy body identifies the presence of excess glucose in the bloodstream, it then sends out insulin that will enable the Liver to use the blood sugar as fuel — allowing the body to use glucose at normal levels that will not cause damage to the gland.

Keep in mind that victims to diabetes no longer have the ability that allows their body to use blood sugar regularly. That is the reason why it piles up in the bloodstream causing the dysfunction colloquially known as “blood sugar.”

However, with all the negatives, there are some ways that Persons with diabetes can manage their blood glucose. They can, by taking all medication prescribed by a Doctor, as direction demands.

Or if they have access to natural herbs that will do a great job of lowering the blood sugar or restoring the Pancreas and Liver to their former healthy state.

Keeping in mind that many natural herbal medicines work wonders in the body. Some of these herbs even grow in your yard. The only problem is to know them.

There are insulin Injections that replace the insulin that the body no longer produces. At this juncture, you will need to watch the number of carbohydrates and sugar that you are eating.


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As eating much sugar and carb will compound your issue, keeping in your mind that Carb is the nutrient that raises your blood glucose. The Pancreas can no longer work to break down sugar, eating much carb and sugar at this time will leave you on your own.

Did you know that you can help your body not to become diabetic? As well as after you fell victim to diabetes you can improve your body not to fall apart by taking an adequate amount of exercise as well as changing your diet?

By adding some fibre-rich vegetables and fruits to your daily diet? Your body weight can be a deterrent to your issues. You see, insulin resistance correlates very much with being overweight.

When you are above healthy body weight, it is the more insulin resistant your body becomes. Did you know that excess body fat increased the level of systemic inflammation throughout your organisation?


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Studies have shown that inflammation lies at the root of many chronic diseases including diabetes. The most important and useful way to lower inflammation, blood glucose level, and insulin resistance, is to command a healthy body weight.

The easiest way to get that done is to manage your protein and carbohydrate intake. It is so because foods containing carbohydrate are calorie dense, more than some other foods.

It is your calorie intake that weighs down most negatively on your weight. Excess fat and weight gain. Your body stores excess fat and benefits weight gain, from the many calories that you eat during the day.

Body exercise is an excellent activity to improve body health, as the more rigorous exercise you give to your body will be the more calories that your body will burn.

You are allowing the excess body weight to exit your body compellingly. Proper nutrition includes body exercise.

Take notice that Uria escapes out of the body when you exercise regularly. There is no age limit when it comes to applying to maintain a robust body.

Daily nutrition coordinates with your regular exercise. I do not allow myself to be too busy to exclude my daily practice. The action is a part of my daily routine.

I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you; please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as I can.’

  1. This was a very interesting discussion about diabetes and ketoacidosis. I like that you talk about nutrition at a cellular level because they are ultimately what makes up our body. I was wondering if you knew anything about the effect of ketosis on gout? My FIL’s doctor is trying to find him a diet to help his gout but hasn’t found one yet. I was thinking about the keto diet because ketosis has a good effect on the body in some cases. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Merlinda; thanks for your comment. I come to understand that the many diseases that plague the human body come from one food deficiency or another. Some of these diseases there is no known treatment that Doctors can prescribe to help the suffering patients.

      However, If people are like me, the experiment on foods, that will help them to remedy or cure their diseases.

      I had Gout that nearly kills me at one time. I had the plague on the neck of my uterus that the one that almost kills me. I had it about four different times on both my eyelid. At no time the Doctors treatment ever help me.

      As a small farmers child who involves in many types of farming, I noticed when certain foods are in season, those Gouts on the eyelids went away. I am out there on the farm every day, and it was easier for me to eat these foods than to return home for lunch.

      It took me long to get over the one at the neck of my uterus, but it is gone for many years now, and it will not return.

  2. Andy Zeus Anderson

    As a type 2 diabetic diagnosed within the last two years and managed by Metformin is appreciate your detailed explanations about the differences between the two types and the causes and damage done concerning this disease.

    Diabetes is one of those silent killers that is often a leading cause of the number 1 killer of men age 40 and above, heart disease. I am just now starting to have some nerve issues in my feet and legs, especially around my hip on my right side which feels numb half the time.

    I continue to lose weight and am starting to eat better, but the lifestyle change is one you are slow to adopt as so many favourites involved your eating habits.

    • Hello Andy, thanks much for your comment. I will PM you about your issue. I glad that you have found my post and leave your comment. As also you understand that Diabetes is a Silent Killer. Globally. 

      I am sorry to learn about your other health issues. I encourage you to believe that you can be relieved of all of these negative issues in your body. 

      You see foods everywhere that supply the nutrients to conquer these ailments in your body. It is that you do not know their value.

  3. I love your introduction, it is educational and prepares people’s mind down to what they should be expecting. But I do have an issue to the word or phrase of ”death type 2 diabetes”. This is improper as a person promoting awareness for this set of people.

    The people that most need your article or will benefit from your article are the people with the condition. I don’t if it is a typo mistake. But once you declared them death already once, they don’t see the need of taking your advice. I am a medical student myself, I have never come across the term death type 2 diabetes. Thank you 

    • Hi Agusta; thanks for your comment. Your findings are appreciated. However, people with the condition reading my post if they conform to the advice that I have given they will gain benefit. 

      It is not a typo; it is a fact. However, if the wording is too strong edit is not a problem.

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