Making A Nutrition Chart

Making a Nutrition Chart can be time-consuming and very confusing if you are not a trained nutritionist. In the post, I am pursue writing at this time I want to share some of the nutrition that I convey on the chart of my mind.

“They work effectively well”. To begin reading the Chart of my mind: For breakfast, I take out some food from the cupboard, but honestly; If I used as much of each item that when put together I have a satisfied stomach I would end up with a whole lot of health issues. Why?

Because I would have over consumed on Calories, Carbs, Fat, and the list go on. At the end of the day. With one meal, and a full stomach. If nutrition Facts on the chart of all the things that I put together for breakfast is correct and wholesome, my body should be glowing. However, my mistake!.

Body Cries Out

My body begins to complain. Too much to contain.  If I have three meals for the day,  there would be Lunch and dinner remaining. We are talking about Nutrition Chart that is on foods that we buy in the food stores, Supermarkets etc.

Please do not get me wrong. I do not have an issue with food manufacturers labelling their products as is required by WHO. My problem is the mentioned amount in each labelled chart.

How can I prepare a delicious, nutritious meal from so many foods and not be more than the nutritional intake per servings when I have to satisfy the desire of my yarning stomach?

And to take in consideration that there will be at least two more consecutive meals remaining for the day. I want to ensure that I get it right. Who or what do I follow here? Should I observe the law of nutrition as according to the various food chart or should I support the add-on to my belly sides and thighs?

What’s On Your Nutrition Chart

The nutritional chart that I have drafted in my mind is much different from the ones that are developed by the intellectuals who are legally right in their nutritional findings on each food chart that is labelled.

I can attest to the value and benefits derived by individuals who love to stop by my kitchen during my meal time to share a bite with me. I say this because I know that it is not because of the delicious taste only why my kitchen becomes friendly to some folks who I know.

It is more so the healthy feeling that goes with them after sharing a meal at my place. The Title of my general Recipe that is hanging in my kitchen reads: “My medicine is my food, and my food is my medicine.”

It is a fact that if you can’t eat up on my medicine, you will not be able to eat up on my food. I ensure to have as the first thing in the morning a fresh home-made glass of what I named Fat cleanser.

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Before my breakfast. You see those hangings that some women encountered even some men show the hangings. The only time when they attack me is when I am away from for a month or more.

I am a woman. However, I feel disgusted when I see some fellow women having verandah sides coaches and backroom showing their body’s. All of these women are eating according to nutrition chart labelled on food packages.

I am sure that some of these women are not comfortable, but they can’t help it. I have seen broken relationships, broken marriages after these extra additions sets in on one of the spouses.

I said that it could be the reason why some men after wife have the second child they begin to gravitate to young er women some of the men even get themselves in trouble with the Law turning to school girls.

Because if some of us women look the way we do in our clothes imagine how we look outside of our clothes? No need for us to have distracting looks. Women are born beautiful. Let us keep it that way.

If you follow my chart, you can eat up the whole supermarket each day and be as trimmed and as healthy as yours indeed is. I used my Blender every morning. If you continue reading I share with you what I blend.

 Understanding University Nutrition Chart

The university findings on foods that lead persons to make nutritional charts are relevant to facts. There is a continual study being done on various foods to ensure that the world’s population is eating right. As also to continue the cultivation of the many foods that the people of the world consume each day.

It is right for you and me to know what food contains too much of what and what includes a healthy supply. Some foods can prove harmful to the body if there is a defect in the certain organ of the body yet we consume them daily because they are of a pleasant taste.

If we know about some medicinal terms and we follow the nutrition facts on food charts we might be able to avoid the food that might be harmful to us if we are experiencing some types of failures in any gland or organ of our body.

Not Every Delicious Fruit Is Right For You

I am speaking from the experience of one of the most thirst-quenching delicious fruits that I have ever tasted. I had the plant in front of my yard. I plant it there because of the high value that I placed on the plant as soon as I tasted the fruit.

A very different fruit in my area. The blossoms serve flowers in the front of the yard. The fruits look like a star. Some people would walk in and reap the fruit without asking for permission.

It was a rapid growing tree.  That bears so much fruit, too many for me to consume. I notice that a number of those consuming the fruit dying out from Kidney disease. I went back to the source where I got the plant to find out if they knew the name.

I learn the name, which I research on the Internet. My findings were that if you are having any form of Kidney issue, you should not consume “Star Fruit” as it poisoned people with Kidney issues. I am talking about a highly refreshing Fruit.

Nutrition Chart relevant  To Your Health

Do you not think that it is kind of disgusting for one with a height of five feet four inches to be weighing two hundred thirty-five pounds? Rigorous exercise daily has caused her to look very good

You will agree that that weight is too much for her height. Well, let me tell you that the additional fat and muscles can go. If you want to go. If you cannot afford to buy the expensive Blender, you can find one that is affordable for your health sake.

Fruits and vegetables are of good nutritional value, but you must eat them at the right time for them to be of benefit to your health. Some Women go on a diet believing that, that is good for their health. I do not support that.

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Consuming food is a must, for all I care. One fruit that can burn away every trace of fat out of the body is liquidity and taken in large quantity daily by many people; They are still struggling with overweight and obesity. Why? “Wrong application”.

Instead of using the fruit for your medicine you instead use to help poison your body. I am not in an MLM market, neither am I selling you this helpful information I got the knowledge for free Because I sought it out to know.

I am sharing it with you freely. You should not refuse to know when you become sick because of your nutritional intake following the labels on food containers and you die dead. Please do not blame me. I tried to help you.

Every food can help you by making you strong and healthy so as every food can hurt you making you weak and sickly. Did you know that many diseases come from the food that we eat? Yes, you know. Did you know that you can consume the same foods without being sick? No, you did not know this far. It is true.

Nutrition Value For Life

Follow the nutrition value for life. And count off your years of good health and long living experience. You cannot be healthy if flaws are lingering in your body. Your metabolism should be working in tip-top order. You are responsible for ensuring the process is working fine.

The Blender can help you to detox your body It can help you to lose unwanted weight and put your body into tip-top shape and a healthy mind.

You should ensure to detox your stomach even once per year. Your water intake should is necessary according to your meals (Water, is Life) “I never said sweet Liquid”. Let me ask you a question? How long do you want to live?

How many years? whatever the number may be you can attain that number in good health if you are serious about your health. I am enjoying real good health according to how I am feeling in my body and according to some doctors report on my health.

It does not come overnight. I work on it for a good result. You can work on your health in the same way if you are feeling strongly enough about your health fitness and body mass.

If I have some Blenders in my kitchen, nothing is wrong with that fact as long as they are benefiting me for the right reasons and I see the excellent result. The amount is fine for me having them there.

Thanks for reading. If you have any experience with the content of this article, please share it with us in the comment section below.

  1. Great article, I’ve been looking into creating a nutrition chart over the last few months, but I have been put off by the difficulty of it all. 

    I’m intrigued by your comment of detoxing your stomach at least once per year – how do you go about this and how long does the whole process take?

    • Hi Chris;Thanks for commenting on my post. It is difficult to create a nutritional chart. it can prove confusing if you are not careful. One of the issues with making a nutritional Chart is that, the desire of the sight and taste will contradict the content of your chart.

       To be a the right path get involved in blending your fruits and your vegetables the nutrition that is needful for your body is in the fruits and vegetables. Did you know that Grape or Raisin contain multiple nutritional properties for the body? That is only one fruit.

      The process for detoxing the body don’t has to be long. it depend on what you take. You could stop by one of your health food store and pick up something that is best for you. 

      There is a MLM company called Semetery that distribut a very good body dextoing. I had used it in the past. If I remember right. That one took about three days. If you were here where I am I could show some things that you would not need more than dose and all would be fine. Thanks again cheers!

  2. I believe that having a nutrition chart is an excellent idea. I have type 2 diabetes and I’m passionate about lowering blood sugars the natural ways and ending diabetes.

    I cannot agree with you more about having a chart for nutrition because it’s the healthy foods that are going to keep you healthy and live longer.There’s no doubt that being overweight and having diabetes or any other disease for that matter comes from poor food planning.

    Let’s face it. We all know which are the healthy foods and what we should be eating, right? The more we know about nutrition the better off we will be.

    It took being diagnosed with diabetes for me to get with it, plan a nutrition chart, and go out and exercise.My question is, Do you every change up the foods on your nutrition chart every so often?

    • Hi Rob; The nutrition chart is good but when you have an indulgence in eating right you might not need the chart. I am sorry to learn that you are typr 2 diabetic. but I prefer to know that you return to type zero. Do not allow any to fool you that it is impossible to return to normal.

        It is very much possible. For now you will have to watch your fruit intake the fruits are very sweet so you might need to cut back on fruits for now. and consume more green leefy vegetable blended into juice.

       You should indulge yourself in having the juice first thing in the morning. You will be seeing good results before long. Thank you again for commenting on my posts.

  3. Our health is something that I would say a lot of people don’t really pay close attention to. We put food into our bodies but don’t really put the right food in. Most of us are so concerned about taste and don’t even bother to know or find out if what we are taking in is giving our bodies the right nutrients meant for our bodies.

    Sometimes it does take discipline to be able to eat right. I like the fact that you have something like a reminder to tell you that you are suppose to eat healthy because our body is basically our life. If we don’t give our body the right nutrients it would not function the way it is suppose to.

    Juicing can be really rewarding because it always contains lots of nutrients. I hope a lot of people would know this so they can start giving their bodies the right nutrients and live a happy and healthy life.

    • Thank you Jay for your comment. It is since I came of age and have full responsibility of myself I understand that nutrition plays a significant roll in our daily lives. with regard to health and longivity.

      There must be a level of discipline regarding the food we eat and when we have them. Juicing can replace food supplements such as Ions and vitamins when you know what to juice. It will assist us in living long and healthy.

      Again I thank you.


  4. Hey Dorcas, Great article about making a nutrition chart. A lot of people fail to follow any kind ofnutrition guidelines. 

    Having some kind of guidelines for the food one eats on a daily basis is crucial. The health of the body is closely tied to the emotional as well as psychological health.

    Many of the general nutrition guidelines are not based on nutrition science but put together by apanel of “scientists” paid for by the food industry and often times ends up doing more harm thangood for the average person.

    As far as being average is concerned, average results are just not good enough if you plan onenjoying a long and productive life. Having food as your medicine is one the most important partsof not only self-care but self love as well.

    • Hi Eric; Thank you for your comment. It is a fact that we can sometimes make the nutrition Chart but never follow its principles. Once the eyes sees the eyecatching food and the nostral smells the aroma all eating desire break loose.

       But for us to stay healthy we will have to take action where our eating habit is conserned. I know that there are those who put money over people’s health and their general life.

       Recently I saw a man who is the head one in public health in my country on TV telling people that the amount of sugar that one consume daily cannot affect him/her negatively. 

      So people should go ahead and eat all the sugary foods that they desire to eat. He went on to say sugar is not a contributing facture to obesity.

      His statement makes me more determine to stick to the foods that I eat and get healthy results. I have grown past the average in health and I will not go back to average. Thanks again


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