Nutrition and Health Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed


Guinea Hen Weed fresh, cut same day (Petiveria Alliacea Anamu) 100G /3 OZGuinea Hen Weed fresh, cut same day (Petiveria Alliacea Anamu) 100G /3 OZGuinea Hen Weed fresh, cut same day (Petiveria Alliacea Anamu) 100G /3 OZ


Before I delve into the health benefits of the Guinea Hen plant, I must let you know that with the Slave-trade Guinea hen had migrated from Africa to the Land of Sunshine Wood and Water: Jamaica!

Guinea hen has Weed has been known by many names throughout the countries where it inhabits. It is called Gully Root, Infection Bush, Anamu, Garlic Weed, Miracle Plant, and the Scientific name, Petiveria Alliaceae.

Among many powerful healing herbs that are common in Jamaica and the Caribbean is the Guinea Hen Weed. Strange enough, although the Gully Root is as old as Slavery in Jamaica, there are many Jamaican Who does not know the weed.

However, many know the Guinea Hen Weed and have derived many benefits from the weed from childhood up to adult. Because the plant is common in green lands, those who know the plant use it as cold reliever whenever they get the common cold or the flu.


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Some people used the Guinea Hen to relieve them of their joint and back pain. Miracle Bush is capable of inducing abortion. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to stay clear of the weed. An investigation released from a laboratory shows that Guinea Hen Weed shrinks the growth of many strains of Leukemia and Cancer Cells.

How Does Amasu work against Cancer?


There are many phytochemicals found in Amasu such as astilbin and dibenzyl trisulphide. These have documented to kill cancer cells directly.  Research shows that compounds in Amasu were able to differentiate between Cancer cells and healthy cells. They kill only Cancer Cells. There are some other substances in Anomia that stimulates the body’s natural defence.

Guinea Hen stimulates the immune system

There are resistant stimulant properties in the plant that stimulates the immune system to increase its production of lymphocytes and natural killer cells with dominant disease destroying cells while increasing the production of interferon and interleukins substances naturally produced by the immune system in fighting cancer and infection.

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Guinea Hen Relieves Pain Traditionally, the plant is used as a remedy for rheumatism, and arthritis and has been validated by Clinical research that confirms its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.

Some Swedish researchers have demonstrated COX-1 inhibitory properties cyclooxygenase-1 inhibitors are a new class of popular and profitable arthritis drugs the extract of Amasu have been found to relieve pain and inflammation even when applied topically to the skin.

Guinea Hen Lowers High Blood Sugar

Although much research has not to be done on Guinea Hen for diabetes, it had been documented to lower high blood sugar levels by over sixty per cent. The finding reflects herbal practice. By some herbal


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medical practitioners in Cuba where Guinea Hen has been used to lower Diabetes levels for many years.

Contraction of the Uterus

The use of Amasu caused contraction of the uterus that is strong enough to induce miscarriage; this is a clear indication that Pregnant women should not ingest the herb in any way.

Guinea Hen also contains coumadin, which is a low concentration of blood thinner. Thus, patients with haemophilia and those taking blood thinner should not ingest Guinea Hen before consulting with their health care Practioner.

Direction for Use

Many Jamaicans who had Breast and Prostate Cancer have to experience the healing ability of the fantastic Cancer Curing Miracle Weed. Like many other Jamaican herbs, Guinea Hen is a reliable Cure for Cancer among many other illnesses. Guinea Hen is optimal Nutrition.

Always remember that the body that needs to detoxify can be at significant health risk, taking Guinea Hen or any other herb will not pacify for an under-detox body.

The Guinea Hen Weed

The Guinea Hen Weed grows wild in many green spaces in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It is often cleared away by de- bushing, especially when it grows along the edge of the driveway and inside the yard.

In many instances because some folks do not know the weed nor the benefits it holds, it is often treated as some wild bush mostly because of its unpleasant smell, people want to stop its growth and existence.

Although many people are yet to know the Guinea Hen plant, it has become the subject of many significant scientific medical research. I have learned that the Guinea Hen plant is indigenous to Africa, the Caribbean, South and Central America, and the Amazon Rain Forest.


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The weed is called by many names; however, its medicinal properties remains the same. The Infection Buis filled with medicinal properties that fight infection while at the same time, Strengthens the fighting ability of the immune system.

Medical Practitioners all over the globe have identified Guinea Hen Weed among the exciting and valuable medicinal plants in the world. Because of its anticarcinogenic properties.

(it kills the dreaded Cancer Cells) Men with prostate cancer have been drinking Green Juice, and tea made from the Guinea Hen plant and have seen results. The Poly trisulfides in the Guinea Hen plant hinder the growth of cancer cells.

These are properties that inhabit the protein “kinase” that is in cancer cells, causing the cancer cells to spread throughout the body. Guinea Hen Weed offers many more health benefits, including the lowering of blood sugar levels as well as the repairing of digestive disorders.

Guinea Hen plant also reduces nausea and relieve pain. Miracle Weed prevents degeneration and fights against infections. It also turns back Arthritis and prevalent viruses. The Weed clears the fallopian tubes among many other benefits.  Read More Here

Even before the cancer-fighting properties of the Guinea Hen plant was known widely in some countries, it was known to boast an extensive catalogue of some other health benefits.

According to one nutritionist Chloe-Faith Perez. Guinea Hen Weed is used throughout South America and Jamaica because of its many health benefits.

It has been proven to be effective against harmful organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  It is rich in Said Perez.

Some of the other benefits include: it is rich in antioxidants, and is used as a treatment for respiratory conditions.

Guinea Hen Weed is effective in reducing fever; it has antispasmodic properties. Guinea Hen Weed Stimulates proper digestion and relieves digestive problems such as bloating and flatulence.

It fights infections and stimulates the immune system. Gully root promotes the release of toxins through increased sweat urine production.

Guinea Hen weed is also a natural insect repellent. I am Dorcas. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave them in the comment section below.

  1. This is amazing product. I am particularly interested in its potential against cancer, which have the capacities of differentiating the cancer cells from healthy cells. The current chemo therapies to cancers kill cancer cells and normal cells. This is why the chemo have so many side effects. Guinea Hen Weed could be a very successful cancer products. I have several friends suffering from cancers now. I am going to inform them to take a look of this powerful product. Thank you very much for sharing!

    • Hello Anthony; thanks for your comment. If you linger on my website, you will find that I wrote about several foods and herbs that cure cancer and some other major diseases. 

      Guinea Hen works a miracle on me without I even drinking the weed. Just inhaling the fragrance within a short time my life-threatening ailment was history.


  2. I am always looking for more options when it comes to adding good nutritional ingredients to my recipes for drinks, foods, and desserts, and this Guinea Hen Weed seems like a great candidate to be added to my short-list of herbs and supplements that I use regularly.

    It addresses a lot of maladies that are of concern to me, and I like that it is a natural supplement that has been used for many years by the people living in the areas where it grows. This product comes from Jamaica, is that correct? I ask only due to the shipping time and the charges for shipping…

    The packaging and label indicate that it comes in capsules. Is there a recommended dosage and can it be added to smoothie drinks and in cooked foods safely? Will it affect the flavor in an untoward manner (i.e. make the food taste bad enough that you won’t want to eat it)?   

    • Hello Dave; thanks for your comment. And yes, the product comes from Jamaica. And there is more product from the Guinea Hen Label like bottled juice.

      Dave, I remember when I had the dengue fever; I feel as I was dying, the doctor’s prescription medicine was doing nothing for me. One of my neighbours visited me and said the Dengue is on you too long and it kills some people in the area already, and you not looking good. I soon come.

      She left and returned with Guinea Hen which she puts under my bed. She told me she put it there because I could not see her. But the miracle work, within a few hours the fever and pain dissipated I had no more vomiting nor nausea. The following day I left my bed not feeling a trace of illness.

      I had not known Guinea Hen before; I thought it was a tree I never knew it was something on which I was walking because I kept smelling the fragrance and inquired what smells that way I learned it is Guinea Hen. There is much to say about the Guinea Hen herb, but I will say one thing, and that is Guinea Hen works a miracle on me.


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