What is Nutrition Pro?

In a nutshell, one might quickly say that Nutrition is taking the lead in good health. However, to help the many who need to know might not have known the full story about nutrition we need to give a more in-depth illustration of what we considered to be Nutrition Pro.

While breaking down the value of our daily stomach intake, we desire to share with you some of what we know about nutrition Pro by comparing and contrasting some things that are considered to be nutrition, the good and the bad, what will make you healthy and what will make you unhealthy.

While not in a Scientific, traditional sense, Nutrition can be broken down in one single word. ‘Medicine’ I say this so you can understand that you nor I do not have to feel pain in our bodies, nor become sick at any time if we practice Nutrition Pro as a daily habit.

All pain, sickness discomfort and diseases to us will be heresies. For example, let us look back in time when people were not accustomed to some of today’s technology convenience how they preserved their lives.

Those people of past years lived long healthy lives. Far from being pain friendly. As for Diseases, going back into history, Tuberculosis must have been the most heard of disease then Compared to now, The names of Disease now has book record.

In truth and fact. Taking proper nutrition can be the only answer to the value of pain sickness and diseases of the day. In days gone by People used to be healthy before so many people became rich and Technology have increased.

Even when my ideas might not become popular among the many people of today, my thoughts need people to reflect and take action. It will be for their benefit.

Nutrition Pro eat right, sleep right, exercise right, and live the long life that you were born to live. Grandma and Grant Pa have lived their lives healthy and long why can’t you and me?

Reflection On History

Looking back in the kitchen of past generations I see where they indulged themselves in cooking various types of dishes for any given week. It helps me to understand some reasons why they enjoyed health and longevity throughout their God-given lives.

The people of my generation cannot endure a full day of rigorous activity. Those folks who had gone before us had left behind them a legacy of the stringent activities that they have indulged themselves into throughout their entire lives.

I will use one example in this scenario as most people know the Rail Road Track. The next time that you take the Train to do some reflecting look at the tunnels the curves and everything that involves the Rail Road Track.

The only Technology that was available on some of those Tracks would have to be “manPower” Why so? Nutrition was right! I look at Joint pain and how some of us at the age of forty-five we are rocking, we cannot walk upright, and steady, the knee joint and the hip joint are giving way to pain.

We need to stop that! Find some time to cook the right foods that will give our bodies the excellent nutrition that it needs. Looking back in grandma’s kitchen, observing some of her pots and kettles and Spons and Forks I imagine what she had used them for when cooking.

I remember even my mama, used to go to the meat market and took home some bones. My Sister and I use to make fun of those bones and knuckles, heels and huffs, Goat neck and a specific part of the cow, the joint that joins the knee and upper led. Mama said it was the Gooseneck.

When Mama comes home on Friday evening She would assembly and cut to her desired size all those bones Joints Knuckles and Tendons and placed them into a special pot of boiling water that was already on the flame.

That Pot I cook throughout the night into the following day which was Saturday. My Sister and I never too like it, but we have to keep our dislike to ourselves. And help to watch the pot every Friday through to Saturday.

I am talking about Nutrition Pro Because Mama does it so often she knows at what time the bones are ready for seasoning. She would say: Girls you see what I am doing?

She would take that unique bowl with the veggie and seasoning that she had already prepared and add it to the soup or broth and allow it to simmer.

As I have explained, this was no hurry cook meal. It stays on the fire for approximately eighteen to twenty hours depending on the available bones that she used. Bones like chicken Rabbits and Homegrown animals that are young take less time to cook.

I should help you to know some of the chosen vegetables that Mama used in her Nutrition cook pot. Chocho, Carrot, Turnip, Radish, The Seasoning she placed into a cloth bag made for the purpose include Thyme, one clove Garlic, Escallion, One Green hot pepper, Rosemary, Pimento Seeds or leaves.

There could be some more Mama tie the top of the cloth bag with the strings that the bag is made with and placed it into the Broth or soup pot. Mama said this meal was with foods thatĀ give proper Nutrition which was Tonic and medicine for the backbone and the joints

As children, she never fed us with a lot of this, but she let us have a little. She said it was for the older folks to prevent back and joint pain that does not always affect children.

Facts About Nutrition

For the younger folks, it is a fact that the bones knuckles and tendons of the animal do not enter into many of the younger folks kitchens. But the truth is The Nutrition value that lies within these bones, knuckles, and Tendons.

When your joints begin to cry out and cause you pain if you should see the finished product on sale, to ease your pain, you would not linger nor waver in your mind and cuss out the cost. You would no doubt buy even the water that washes out the pot in a bid to get the Nutrition to ease your knee joint pain.

I can attest to the fact that Nutrition is way beyond something that will only fill your stomach and leave a good taste in your mouth. Nutrition has a long-lasting effect on your entire body.

It is a fact that Nutrition serves as your medicine, your Skin Toner, Your Hair Grower, Your joint relaxer. Your eye strengthener, your Gum enhancer, Your Intestine wall builder, you name it Nutrition work with it. What else would you call Nutrition other than your food and your medicine?

These Involve Nutrition

I will be using some of the images that involve Nutrition. I found it necessary to incorporate these images so that you may have a fullsome vision of some of the things that affect Nutrition and the reason why you should make some effort to get these gadgets handy into your kitchen.

These gadgets at your disposal equip you ready to make your own life an enjoyable, healthy experience as also those members of your family according to their age. You will be serving out to each member of your family the correct proportion of nutrition which will be their food and their medicine enhancing their health, for a better longer more enjoyable life.

Pots and BlendersĀ are also processors in the Nutrition Pro that I recommend. Why? Because without the container and the pan you might never be able to add some of the natural foods together that will make for you a fullsome nutritious meal.

Cups and Blenders serves a significant roll in the nutrition preparation for the whole family. While at the same time Some types of Knives, Forks, and Spoons are not excluded from the necessary equipment that put together the total preparation of the Nutrition that is needful for your body’s daily consumption.

Always keep in your mind that it is not so much the number of foods that make up proper Nutrition it is more the quality foods that are prepared for their Nutritional value and not so much for the filling of the stomach.

Ensure that you Process fresh vegetables in your blends and also wholesome fruits. I do not say fresh fruits because the distance that fruits traveled after harvesting, make it difficult for you to get fruits that are fresh unless you produce some for yourself.

You might need to wash your vegetables in clean water adding a pinch of salt. Some foods have tough outer skin and husk Even when more Nutrients lies in the tough outer skin; it is not pleasant to the taste buds. You might need to strain after blending to make your drink and Puree more delicious.

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