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Neem Nutrition And Health Benefit

Today I want to share with you my readers some of the facts that I have proven about the fantastic plant NEEM. Before I go further let me make abundantly clear. As it is possible for you to be sceptical as I was when I first heard about Neem and its benefits.

You don’t have to believe me or take my word.┬áIf you are ailing in your Hair, head, eyes, nose, or any part of your body, you name it. Feel free to check out Neem for yourself and prove me right.

Neem could be growing wild in your area, and you do destroy the plant because of how rapid it becomes, and you see no reason to allow it to dominate your land. I hope you will change your mind if that is you.

There are numerous health benefits in every part of the Neem plane. Every person might not know it on the Planet because of some constraint in the Medical Field.

However, it is Clinically known in some countries in that National Health Board used Neem as their principal Medicine. Because proper nutrition forms the basis of good health, I will safely say that Neem is the number one Nutrition for the human body.

I say so because of the powerful healing force that the plant carries. Mind you; I never had all the sicknesses and diseases that plague the human body and mind.

But I have experienced the healing ability that is in Neem for more than one ailments that attack the human body. I will show you a plant of Neem so you can know the plant when you see it live. I will also share with you some of the properties that are in the plant. And what neem have cured for me.

What Is Neem?

Here is Neem. After I found and used the leaves and branch and prove for myself the fantastic health benefits, I could do nothing less than find a seedling and plant it here near to my gate in the front of my yard.






It is less than a year old. I might soon have to cut it down to drive into my yard. You can look at it see for yourself what Neem looks like, so no one can mislead you to some other plant that might have a resemblance of the Neem plant.

Neem is a multi medicinal plant that fights and eliminates many illnesses and diseases from the body by adding to the collection the nutrition that is needful to resist and prevents such ailments.


Azadirachta indica NEEM TREE - Seeds!


Some people believe that Neem is suitable for every kind of body dysfunction as well as Farm Animal and Garden health. From my knowledge of the plant, I will not blame those who believe that neem cures everything even when I would not exaggerate and overestimate Neem.




I know what it had done for me when many Doctors told me about my ailments with a prescription after prescriptions resulting in me getting worst every day. Until God Sees it fit to allow me to hear about Neem in the way I heard about it, and never believe a word that I heard.

As everyone who called the Radio Station to tell the DJ that they knew Neem said it is good for everything. I was prompted in my spirit to Google Neem. I was feeling so low in my body. I followed the prompt and found a site that has something written about the Neem benefits.

These are the things that I was suffering from: High Cholostrial, Diabetes, Kidney issues, Poor Circulation, and some Skin issues. It took me four months to find the plant as I never knew I could get it processed in the online stores.

Neither did I know what it looks like or where to get it. I live in the western part of my country as the Radioman who was seeking to know about it. All the callers called from the eastern side of the country.







Health Benefits Of Neem

Here are some of the Health Benefits of Neem:

Anti-bacterial Potential

Improves Reproductive Health

Improves Gastric Health

Detoxifies the Body

Controls Diabetes

Exfoliating Properties

Anti-Cancer Properties

Treats Malaria

Treats Acne

Improve Oral Health

Reduces Dandruff

Inhabits Fungal Infection

Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Believe it or not, the leaf. Bark seeds, root flower, and fruit are us to make Medicine. If you can find a Doctor who will be honest with you, you can find out more in-depth about the high healing quality of Neem and some of the medicines that are available from Neem.

However, let me warn you. Those medicines that are available from Neem are most expensive. The poor man might not be able to afford to pay to fill a Neem prescription.




Here are some of the body’s dysfunction that Neem treats to normalcy

Intestinal Worms

Bloody Nose,


Eye issues,

Stomach upset,

Cardiovascular Diseases


Liver Disease



Birth Control

Can cause Abortion,





Intestinal ulcers,

Skin Disease


Urinary tract disorders,




Low Sperm Level

heals ulcers in the digestive tract

Prevent conception

Kills Bacteria and prevents Plaque

Skin Softner

Vagina infection

Neem is an Insecticide

Treats Head Lice

Mosquito Repellent,


Neem is bitter to the taste, but not too bitter for you to drink. When I was sick with all those diseases, I drank a hot cup of neem in the morning and a cold glass of Neem at night when going to bed.

I drank Neem especially to clean up my poor circulation, after fourteen days I was freed from every ailment except the High Cholostral witch was much lower than when I started drinking Neem My skin returns to its standard beauty all the flaws that had grown onto my skin disappeared

Will Neem Helps Me To Lose Weight?

I can proudly say that Neem also acts as a weight loss remedy for me. Wherein I was overweight, within those fourteen days I lost eighteen pounds off my weight and my I was returning to my beautiful figure there was no more discomfort wearing my Bra. That amount of heat in my body was gone.

Poor Circulation for me is something of the past. My Blood Sugar is regular ever since, So as My Kidneys, In another post I will tell you how I overcame the High Cholesterol.

I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below.

Thank you.


  1. Hey Dorcas,

    I’ve enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on “Neem Nutrition And Health Benefits”. I use neem almost every single day because of the many advantages that you’ve mentioned. I even use it for cleaning my teeth in the morning.

    From my point of view, I tend to think that using neem for brushing your teeth can make them quite strong, and get rid of germs.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this article. Keep up the excellent work Dorcas!

    • Hi Av2001; thanks for your comment. Thanks too for finding the information valuable. It is important to know that no medicine should be taken every day throughout your lifetime. 

      There should be some brake period when you are not on a specific medication. Neem is no different.


  2. Hello,

    I had no idea what neem was and, after readind your post, I noticed how much it can help to people and how sad it is that not as many people are aware of its benefits. And your article also made me realize I should take care of my body and learn more about ways to stay healthy. 

    Keep spreading this kind of information! 

    • Hi Mariana; thanks for your comment. I am happy that you get something good to take away from my post. I implore you to stay healthy as much as you can.


  3. I have heard about the benefits that we can gain fro Neem tree. But after reading your article I realized there is more to it. Neem tree is a real treasure to the human beings. I think just by consuming this every week we can be disease free. Thank you for sharing such an informative article about neem trees.

    • Hi Sujandar; thanks for your comment. Some more benefits associated with Neem. I have not written everything that I know about the plant.

      I would not advise you to take Neem continuously I would make it like for fourteen days and stop for a while maybe for a month or two before I take some more for maybe seven days or so as it might cut down the Blood pressure and Sugar too low.

  4. Your pages and post are awesome.  When I’m reading it it’s like you are having a conversation with me rather than trying to impress me with over complicated words.   Very easy to read.  Would love to see a few more pictures. Don’t be afraid to bold those important parts.  Such a great site.  Love the post about Neems! I had no idea what they were until today. 

    • Hi Subfocus; thanks for your comment; I am glad that you find my post comfortable to read. As for the pictures. I will be adding more pictures and some Links where people can source the commodity online. 

      I did not want to lose my work as the Internet was on and off I feared it would go and not return as it often does. 


  5. Hi there, thank you for sharing your experience with neem. Based on what you shared neem certainly helps several illnesses and ailments, those are long lists. I like the fact too that it is not one particular part of the plant that can be used as well as there are benefits to be gained from the different parts. Your personal story is great to read though, it would be good if you had some visuals to illustrate the difference neem has made in your life as well.

    • Hi Cyndy; thanks for your comment. Because I never plan to write on the subject, I miss having some things in place. If you should see the miracle that Neem work on my Dog who was bleeding like a broken pipeline with Cancer that Chemo Therapy could not help.

      That might be another post. To enhance the article, I might need testimony from the Doctor who gave up on applying any more Chemotherapy to her. My Butcher has survived Cancer and has even given birth to nine puppies Since.


  6. Thanks for this information about Neem. I had never heard of this before. Where does it grow naturally? I suffer from diabetes and high cholosterol and would certainly like to try it out for myself to see how it worked. I recently lost my medical insurance and need to explore more natural options to control my diagnosis as I cannot afford the medicines anymore. Thank you again for sharing. It could make a big difference in my life!

    • Hi Karin; thanks for your comment. Neem is in many countries now I do believe it originates in India, I am not sure. However, If you revisit my post I will be adding some Links where you can get the Oil and the Powder to buy.

      I was on medication which was of no use to me when I heard about the Neem. I very seldom play Radio. Because of the way I was feeling the day I heard about Neem.

      I had to drop the broom and went to lay down, and I turned on a Radio near to my bed. The man was asking if any listeners know Neem to give him a call.  Because of the benefits that I got from using Neem, I believe that day was the best day of my life.


  7. James Peter Oleja

    Hi Dorcas,
    Let me ask one thing, you said you drunk a hot cup of neem in the morning and a cold cup in the evening. Did you use the leaves , the bark or the roots? And how was it prepared?
    Peter Oleja.

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