Health and Nutrition Benefit of Purslane


Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea Sativa)- 200 seedsPurslane (Portulaca Oleracea Sativa)- 200 seedsPurslane (Portulaca Oleracea Sativa)- 200 seeds


Purslane is a weed that gives a great taste treat. Purslane comes like an unwelcome guest for most of us to as we found the weed in our yards and garden that we never plant. Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea) is one of those weeds that will grow in areas where people often traverse it could be growing in your front yard and garden even now.

Purslane could be native to Persia and India however the edible plant has been found in all areas of the world. Many nations use purslane as food even before they knew of its powerful medicinal qualities.

The purslane succulent fleshy stem leaves and Yellow flowers resemble baby jade plants. From one main root, the stems branch out flat on the ground forming large mats with leaves.

Purslane is said to be related to Rose Moss, Portulaca grandiflora, it is not so weedy after all. It is said that the purslane seeds stay in the soil for as long as forty years which could be the reason for its none extinction.

Purslane is an all year round plant that is not easy to control as it has a persistent life that fights week killers, weeding without further destructive force might only prove as a relocate to purslane as it continues to thrive even when uprooted.


Seeds Common Purslane Portulaca oleracea Organically Grown Heirloom HerbSeeds Common Purslane Portulaca oleracea Organically Grown Heirloom HerbSeeds Common Purslane Portulaca oleracea Organically Grown Heirloom Herb



To kill the plant, ensure that the under root is turn up to face the sun and no part of the plant is in contact with soil surface. With this information being given, why would anyone who knows the benefit of this miracle plant wants to extinguish it in the first place?



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Although it has bright yellow flowers, it is not one of the most attractive looking plants to have in the front of the yard or in your garden. Purslane will grow anywhere fertile soil exists.

Once you and I know its benefits we will add some care to its existence and encourage its presence by giving some amount of care to the plant. The plant is very drought resistance due to its succulent characteristic however, if you cover Purslane by mulching you could prevent its growth until the mulching rot and ware away.

You can treat Purslane as a cultivated plant to get the best quality in growth as the cultivated purslane is more protected they will appear fresher and eye-catching more appealing for the table even without the bright yellow flowers.

Purslane should be eaten cooked, steamed, stir-fried or pureed. It might get slimy if overcooked. Purslane proves best to me when blended into juice with some other green vegetables or herbs.

However, the health benefits of purslane in enormous it is a standalone giant in medicines. Purslane contains a vase amount of fiber, vitamin A, Vitamin C, and vitamin B, Iron, magnesium, manganese, Potassium, Calcium, and copper, minerals and antioxidants.


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With all these properties Purslane protects the heart’s health, strengthens bones, prevents cancer, helps digestion, rejuvenates the skin, strengthens the immune system, suppresses some digestive diseases and supports child development.

Purslane contains omega 3 fatty acid thus it allows those who do not consume fish to obtain omega 3 fatty acid from eating its fresh lushes purple stem and green leaves.

You can reduce your risk of Cholesterol and poor blood circulation by making Purslane part of your regular diet. The potassium reduces the tension in the blood that could cause heart attack and stroke.

Boost Blood circulation

Copper and Iron in Purslane help in the production of red blood cells which is needed to improve blood circulation by aiding with oxygen that will increase the healing rate of cells and organs. Iron and copper also improve hair growth.

Purslane works in the prevention of constipation as it relaxes the digestive system and cures stomach ulcers. The Vitamin A in purslane fights against hemorrhoids and protects the mucous membranes. Vitamin A and C found in purslane acts as antioxidants and fights oral and lung cancer.

Protects cardiovascular health

Purslane contains high amounts of alpha-linolenic acids (ALA) an omega -3 fatty acid which is found in vegetables as well as small amounts of EPA and DHA, an omega 3 fatty acids which is more commonly found in fish.

This essential fatty acid plays an important role in the maintenance of heart health; it can lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.



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Omega 3-fatty acids are also useful in the treatment of preventing depression and is also useful in aid and enrich brain health.

Accelerates blood circulation

Helps in some digestive system disease treatment

Prevents cancer

Strengthen bones

Increase vision

Balances blood sugar

Purslane seed has been evaluated in type two diabetes by eight weeks’ significant improvements in serum insulin and triglycerides were noticed as well as improvements in liver function tests.

There was also a twelve weeks’ evaluation test done with type two diabetes test in a clinical trial; the effectiveness of purslane extracts in achieving glucose control in adults with type two diabetes.

The dose met the criteria as food and was in line with the recommended dosage of ten to thirty grams per day. Improvement was seen overall in glucose control.

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AS a component of medical nutrition therapy for patients with type one and type two diabetes, the American Diabetes Association Standards of care (2014) recommend an increase in foods containing alpha-linoleic acid based on beneficial effects observed on a lipoprotein profile. Heart disease prevention and overall positive health in patients with diabetes.

Prevents anemia

Supports child developments

Helps in weight loss.

There is calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, which are needed minerals to improve bone tissues and improve the process of bone healing in the body. Thus purslane protects bones against osteoporosis.

Increase vision

The vitamin A in purslane protects the eye and prevents yellow spot disease a macular degeneration and cataract formation by destroying free radicals caused by age-related diseases from eye cells. The benefits that one can derive from consuming purslane is unmatchable.

One only problem is that many folks who suffer from various diseases who could benefit from consuming purslane or its seed supplement do not know of its existence.

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  1. What? Purslane is all over our front garden. Luckily, it’s maintained by the housing association and I’m not much of a gardener. Otherwise, I would definitely have replaced these with some flowers (that most likely would not have had any health benefits whatsoever).

    It’s true what they say. Weeds are just plants that you don’t want in your garden. But this is definitely one of those unassuming plants that you actually do want there. They grow so easily and give you so much in return without taking that much from you. Except perhaps space to grow other plants but hey, with the benefits you mentioned, surely, it’s worth it?

    • Hello Kevin; thanks for your comment. If you are a gardener and you knew Purslane to replace it with garden flowers is easier said than done.

      (eg). I plucked them out on Monday by Friday the area from which they were removed is covered with tiny seedlings thicker than before. Should you see Purslane on your premises count yourself blessed Nutrition and medicine come to your door.


  2. wow! I had no idea purslane was a weed and even edible! Do you know of any other weeds that are medicinal and edible? I have experience with dandelion “weeds” . It is interesting to think about the value in plants that are seen as bothersome and invasive. This is truly great information.

    • Hey Chris; thanks for the comment. I treated Pursland very bad before I knew the benefits that it carries to my door. You can click the link in this post to find another plant that has some of the powerful nutrients that are in Purslane and the plant has a slight resemblance of the Purslane plant.

      Dandelion is more like a shrub than a weed. Its flowers are bright yellow it bears long pads like Red peas Pad when dry it is processed like coffee and is consumed in like manner. Unlike Purslane which is more like Spaniges and does not possess any pad 


  3. Hi Dorcas,

    Love this informative article about purslane, and I learned a lot from your article. I think the part that draws my attention is purslane also helps to control your diabetes, and I would love to share with my family members that have diabetes for many years.

    I also have a question that is the purslane capsules from PinpingRock via the link to eBay the best one? or you have other brands could list out here for considerations? It will be very nice that we could get a better recommendation from an expert like you.



    • Hey Matt; thanks for your comment. I have been fighting with Pursland for years to get it out of my premises without any success until I develop a hatred for the plant. It spreads itself in the front of my yard as far as the step as if it would come inside the house. 

      Emagine I had to walk on it and it is not lawn grass. I became much ashamed when I found out that it is packed full of nutrition and a powerful medicine plant; it is a blessing that came to me in the guise.

      The brand will not matter anywhere purslane is found it got to be genuine.


  4. Hello 

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing and informative post about the great weed purslane with us. I am very excited and surprised to know about it. Before your article I didn’t know the benefits of purslane weed. But now it is very clear to me that purslane is weed which is full of nutritions. It accelerates blood circulation, helps in some digestive system disease treatment, prevents cancer, strengthen bones, increases  vision, balances blood sugar. It is very beneficial specially for children. It also prevents anemia, supports child developments, helps in weight loss.

    I’ll get those products which are made of purslane you have given here. I will definitely share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the beneficial information about purslane. Thanks again. 

    • Hey Monalisha; thanks for your comment. The truth is I should have written about this plant long ago, from the time My hatred for it change to appreciating it. My yard is filled with plants that are packed with nutrition and medicine including purslane which I had disliked until I found out its value.

      If you see anything growing in your yard that you do not know before you destroy it research it at your nearest lab. You could destroy a cure for a serious disease or ailment that might show up in your body later on.


  5. Hi Dorcas,

    This is very brilliant work in putting forward the Purslane. I have learnt so much about this incredible plant reading your article. I am aware of this plant, but no one pays much attention to it as it is considered a “wild plant”.  Now that I am aware of its medicinal properties I will be paying much more attention to it.

    It is so amazing to have a platform where  information can be shared and in the process acts as a catalyst for  learning and teaching.  I have no doubt that someone else will find value in this article.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience with purslane.

    • Hello MazieD; thanks for your comment. I am one who was much upset and against this plant, it chooses to grow in the front of my yard and spread to my front step I could not step outdoor without walking on it. 

      The more I tried to destroy it was the more the plant spread. It is not a lawn grass but is there haunting me. until I found out that it was one of the blessings that come in weed form to me. Yes; wealthy Affiliate is an information storehouse. Thumbs up for that.


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