Guava health benefits

selective focus photography of green tree leaves

Here is a Guava branch without fruits.

Some research has shown that Guava gives some essential health benefits. As known by many people in Tropical countries. Guava is a traditional fruit with many health benefits.

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The fruit as I know it, is round as well as some is of an egg shape. There are many species of Guava some have bright pink fruity flesh and seeds, or pale baby pink fruity flesh and seeds, some creamy coloured flesh and seeds and some baby yellow fruity flesh and seeds.

Yellow Strawberry Guava - 10+ seeds - Psidium littorale - TROPICAL FRUIT!

Guava seeds are tough I had never seen a broken guava seed. Guava is a tasty, delicious fruit. I enjoyed it best when near ripe. The fruit skin is mostly of bright yellow colour when ripe. However, some that are not so sweet might have a yellowish green skin colour when ripe.

Guava leaves are used to treat diarrhea in some countries. But in countries where the use and treatment of the Guava is known, Guava leaves, root and fruits are commonly used for many health benefits. Thus, fights many diseases and won.


For an example: Type 2 diabetes,


High blood pressure



Menstrual Cramps





High Cholesterol

Heart Disease


Weight loss, among many other health disorders.

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Guava is an all year tropical fruit with bigger yields in the hot months. In some countries you do not have to cultivate Guava as it grows wild, if you are a cattle farmer who have large acreage of land, fed one ripe Guava to one of your animals and that will populate your hundreds of acreages of land with Guava unmanageable.

The plant grows rapidly. And yields a lot of fruits. Good for farmers; there are some manufacturers who will buy the fruits and  processed it into Jelly’s and jams as well as many blends juices.

Guava roots are boiled into tonic in the rural areas mostly by farmers and those who are active in the sale of “Front End Lifters” If you are consuming a lot of Guava in any way Expect to see significant brightness into your skin making it healthy and bright looking.

The bud or stem of the Guava can be cooked as a delicious delicacy I was surprised to see Guava in the local Market, it is so common in the rural area where I am from, In the City where I now live one of my neighbors plants a Guava near enough to my fence that part of the tree now occupies areas of my roof.

I do not need to buy nor travel to use the fruit, it is on my roof, I go up and reap. I reap enough, I can share with my friends and passerby. I cooked Guava Jelly and Jams. I serve it with biscuits and Bread. I made many blend juices using Guava and some other nutritious tropical fruits.

If you have Guava and you are like me, you blend the ripe guava strain and freeze until you are ready for the juice. You can add one or more other frozen juice to your Guava. Those who are suffering from some chronic disease might want to utilize more Guava in their diet and see what it will do for them.


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It is said that Guava leaves inhabits the growth of the virus that causes the flu. Among other truths that researchers have documented about Guava health benefits.

Now that some practitioners have made extracts from the plant leaves and fruits more ailing folks can be benefit from using the extracts if they cannot access the fruits.

Because so many people suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease and many other human deficits I consider that it would be of help to many folks to write something about the common fruit Guava.

Cartilage Destruction

Osteoarthritis are becoming a common ailment in many people who I am acquainted with. Truth be told, they might not even believe that the food they eat can play a significant role in their health and wellbeing.

Some of them I know are living in rural areas where guava among many other health benefit foods inhabits their area wildly. Because many people are ignorant of the health benefits in these plants if they do eat it is in very small portion now and then.

Not often nor in the proportion that can benefit. Sad to say though, these are the same category of people who if you want to hide something from them, you only need to put it in writing.

I have seen many overgrown ankles and knee joints from the effect of Osteoarthritis wincing in pain, can barely move about. While the Doctor is trying hard with medication to help; with the same eating lifestyle, it might take forever to cure if at all.

I had consumed many guavas and in many ways, before I knew about its health benefits. Now that I know that the fruit is excellent for me health wise, why should I not consume even more? Guava is not as sugary as many fruits I know. The sugar in guava is mild. I like to eat the full Guava before it’s ripe.

Otherwise, I juice the ripe guava, I have it: Guava Ginep, Guava Pineapple, Guava Carrot, Guava, Mango, Guava Ginger or sometimes, guava all of the above.


Because Guava contains Manganese which helps the body to absorb nutrients from the food that we eat. It is not, the vitamin C, lycopene that is found in Guava that cause it to be credited; it is more so the mineral folate, that helps to promote fertility.

While potassium in Guava helps corrects high blood pressure. Lycopene, Quercetin, vitamin C and some other polyphenols together acts as potent antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals in the body preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Regular consumption of Guava fruit has successfully the risk of prostate Cancer as well as inhibit the growth of breast Cancer cells because it is rich in lycopene.

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Due to the rich content of fiber and low glycemic index, Guava stops the development of diabetes. At the same time, glycemic index inhibits any spike in sugar levels, while the fiber content keeps the sugar levels regulated.

Heart Health

The regular consumption of Guava fruit improves the Sodium and potassium balance in the body thus preventing high blood pressure. Guava is known to lower the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol which is a contributor to the development of heart disease.

Because of Guava’s dietary fiber compared to other fruits, eating one Guava per day gives extremely high benefit to one’s digestive health. Always swallow Guava seeds when eaten as it is an excellent laxative thus it assists greatly in weight loss.

Vision Health

Guava is a well-known booster for vision health, due to the presence of vitamin A It not only prevents degradation of eyesight but it improves your eyesight. Helps slow down cataracts and macular degeneration.


Vitamin B-9 which is a recommendation for pregnant women to the development of the baby’s nervous system and protect the newborn from neurological disorders are also contained in Guava.

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The anti-inflammatory and powerful antibacterial ability which fights infection and kills germs. Consuming Guava leaves also works as an excellent home remedy for toothache, as well as the Guava leaves juice is known to cure toothache and swollen gums as well as any oral ulcers.

Magnesium in Guava

The magnesium in Guava helps to relax the body’s muscles and nerves, after a hectic day at work a guava is the best fit to relax your muscles calm your nerves, combat stress, and boost your system’s energy.

Read more here

Good Brain Food

Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6, which are also known as Niacin and Pyridoxine help in blood circulation to the brain, thus stimulating the cognitive function while relaxing the nerves

Weight Loss

Guava is one of your best fit for weight loss. You won’t need to compromise your protein, fiber, nor vitamins, Guava naturally helps you to lose weight by regulating your metabolism. Guava is a very filling snack that satisfies the appetite.  Read more here

Cough and Cold

Among fruits, Guava has the highest quantities of Vitamin C and iron, which are both proven as preventives against cold and viral infections, thus the unripe Guava and Guava leaves are excellent for cough and cold.


Because of the rich presence of Vitamin, A and Vitamin C and anti-oxidant Carotene and lycopene which helps protect the skin from wrinkles you can eat a Guava each day to keep your wrinkles away.

Guava helps the skin regain its radiance and freshness. Guava is a rich source of vitamin K, which get rid of discoloration, dark circles, redness and acne irritation.

I am Dorcas. I would love to hear what you know about Guava. Please share what you know in the comment section below. I will reply as soon as possible. Remember to share.

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