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Good Nutrition is one of the keys to a Healthy life

Because aging has to do with nutritional needs, the demand for nutrition will be greater when one reach fifty years older than in earlier years.

As there is a change in some hormone function, there will be developed in nutritional needs likewise. Because there are some different hormones in men than those in women.

Men Nutritional Needs Differ from Women

The nutritional needs of men are not the same as there is in women. It is the foods we eat that provides us with the necessary nutrients that gives energy to the average man and woman.

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Both women and men need to eat dairy, fish, meat, nuts, and beans to ensure protein in the body. So as their body needs healthy fats, and oils, whole grains, vitamin, minerals and water to maintain needed carbohydrates.

Eating moderate amounts of these foods can assist in preventing some chronic disease, such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer.

Life Starts Change at Age Fifty

As you develop to about fifty years of age, consider yourself as one who has completed one half of life’s century. You now take the downward stride on the other side of life’s journey.

You should now become mindful of the foods you eat and drink. Ensure to take healthy foods into your stomach. Be health conscious, eat wisely. You cannot control your life, but you can control your health, by eating the correct nutrients.

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Use less salt in your food, ensure to eat less fried and baked foods, if any at all. Choose your fruits carefully, some fruits are extremely sweet, and because of the amount of sugar they contain, they are not healthy for the aging person to consume. These extra sweet fruits are mostly found in the Tropics.

Time to Watch Your Nutrition

Once your age reaches fifty years, you should ensure to get the correct nutrients in your meals such as Calcium, dairy, fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. Always remember to consult your Doctor for advice about nutrition as you get older.

People differ in their nutritional needs as after fifty years. If you have diabetes, you will need to monitor your carbohydrates and calorie intake. High blood pressure patience should avoid taking sodium, more than the other nutrients.

You and I know that the calories in fruits are healthier than the calories in cakes. So as the calories in whole grain is healthier than that in a candy. Sodium will be a concern for both men and women, after fifty years.

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While a little sodium is good for your nerve health, excess sodium encourages your body to retain fluid. Which is giving energy to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Women over fifty years and post-menopausal women, bones lose calcium resulting in osteoporosis.

Nutrition rich foods, contain lots of vitamin and minerals with just a few calories. They are low in sugar, starch, sodium, and bad fats.

Some Vitamins are Essential at This Age

The body needs Vitamins and minerals known as: micro-nutrients. They nourish and keeps the body healthy. And reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

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You might not find it necessary to do your family, friends, or neighbours, a favour in all your life. However, you need to do yourself this favour.

Ensure to feed the needful nutrients to your body, to enhance your nutrition level. Nobody can do this for you. It is all your responsibility, to take the best care of yourself. That includes your nutrition.

You should not take my advice lightly; it is the over fifty years’ old that suffer most from common diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, poor circulation, and stroke, Glaucoma and cataract, etc.

You should find it easier to fix a problem before the problem fixed yourself. Not many people who developed any of the above mentioned diseases are able to have them reversed.

While they would want to reverse a disease, they might not find the resources to take the action. As well as, they might not even know there is a chance to reverse.

One disease Breads Another

I had not known of any person who had fallen victim to any one of these diseases who had not later acquire some other diseases. Ensure the right nutrition to prevent entry of the first diseases into your body.

By so doing you can stop all disease from getting a hold on you. Lifestyle habits have a lot to do with healthy and unhealthy living. Your nutrition, has a say in your health and wellness. You have reached age fifty stretch- hold, you now have to think and eat differently.

If you observe your figure in a mirror, you will see that your body curves start to take a different shape. That tells that your life, takes a new route that demand drastic lifestyle changes, to stay healthy and strong.

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What are the food properties that you are included in your diet? Do you consider taking less carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats? Now that you are over fifty years old, are you having numbness in your fingers and hand?

Consult With Your Doctor

If so, what steps have you taken? Have you discussed it with your Doctor, or do you take lightly and keep it to yourself? The old saying says, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ I would have a discussion with my Doctor at the first sign of numbness in my fingers and hand.

And so should you. Do your feet become uncomfortable in your shoes these last days? Are you feeling sharp knifing pain in the bottom of your foot heal? If so, what have you done about it?

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Are you keeping the issues to yourself and call it ageing, as you consider to buy yourself a wheelchair? No, that is the wrong move! You need to get confirmation from the professional. Your Doctor!

Even when your Doctor might not suggest a diet change, you will get knowledge of what’s new is happening in your body, who and what your body’s new guest is, then you will be able to take the necessary step to fight the enemy that your poor nutrition cause to access your body.

I am Dorcas. I would love to hear what you think about this article. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below I will reply to you as soon as possible. Remember to share.

  1. Hello Dorcas, it’s very nice to meet you actually it’s the first time that I have seen your post here. I am always happy when someone talks about health and hygiene. 

    I totally agree with you that people need to take seriously to your health and also dieting is very prominent when it comes to good health. I once had a friend who fell ill and along the line, he had to go to the doctor told him that he wasn’t really sick but had to change someone’s diet.

    I think that I should try out some of these supplements that you are using here for myself past 9. I will have a change of eating lifestyle now thank you.

    • Hi Henderson; thanks for your comment. Your Doctor is that important person in your health life. One that should not be left behind in your health and nutrition education. 

      Your Doctor is someone that you should constantly have a dialogue with about changes in your feeling and occurrences in your body. 

      Ensure that your change of diet includes helpful nutrients to combat any approaching ailment of the body.


  2. Hello Dorcas,

    This article about nutritions is very interesting. Both my parents are now in their mid fifties. So I found this article very informative. As you have mentioned it’s always a good thing to seek advice from a doctor or nutritionist when it comes to supplements and diets. Since lot of people are having high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and kidney problems, diet is a very important aspect of their health which should not take lightly. So thank you for this wonderful article Dorcas. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Hi Anjali; hanks for your comment. Your parents have an age where all kinds of illnesses and diseases are attacking. Try to help your parents to identify the nutritious ingredients in the foods that they eat.

      And stick to the ones that are excellent health builders. If you continue to visit my site you will find a myriad of articles about Nutrition and be able to identify the nutrients needful for various organs and glands of the body including the brain.

      Best wishes 


  3. Hi Dorcas. Thank you for your interesting article on Good nutrition being the key to a healthy life. I remember my mother saying many years ago that we bare what we eat. I never really understood what she meant until recently. I have reached that age where I’m starting to suffer more and more health issues. I understand that eating well makes a difference, its just a pity that we are surrounded by take away style foods that do us more harm then good. I will definitely be taking note of the health issues you highlighted, for one thing I will be reducing my salt intake and eating more salad foods. I will also take a closer look at some the supplements that you recommend. Thanks Jim 

    • Hey Jim; thanks for your comment. I found out that many of us were warned about our nutrition by our mothers and grandmothers, although in their term, but we never heed the warning, until now when it is almost too late.

      However, If we get smart and start to research the foods that we know, to identify what nutrients they contain that can be a plus for our healthy living! Take away foods are tempting. But we must be the judge.


  4. Thank you for addressing the over 50 crowd. I’m over 50. I got cancer at around age 50 and I blame my previous diet and lifestyle. Now I don’t do anything the same as I did before cancer. I’m a big believer in nutritional supplements, too. Thank you for posting this information. 🙂

    • Hey Paula; thanks for your comment. I am happy to know that you have overcome Cancer. And you know now that nutrition plays a significant role in your comeback. You should not cease to share this fantastic story.

      Please become an advocate for good nutrition.


  5. This is a very interesting article. At 42yrs I’ve noticed my body starting to change. My knees are are giving me trouble and I am tired more often. I have also given up meats within the past 4 months, and am now vegetarian. Can you recommend something that I should be taking as a preventative measure to help get my protein intake going into my late 40’s and early 50’s?

    I’m starting to consider taking a supplement to account for the protein I’ve removed from my diet and am currently in the midst of doing some research, I’ll be looking more into the Nutritional Yeast Flakes and the Ocuvite you mentioned in your post.

    This was some great information, thank you. I look forward to reading more.

    All the best on your success


    • Hello Tracy; thanks for your comment. The knee joint is one of the areas of the body that often cries out when the body is deficient of some essential vitamins and minerals. Some of these essentials we have in our position but do not know their value. So we pay lest attention to using them. If you take the right supplements you should soon be fine.

  6. This is a very interesting article.  At 42yrs I’ve noticed my body starting to change.  My knees are giving me trouble, and I am tired more often.  I have also given up meats within the past 4 months, and am now vegetarian.  Can you recommend something that I should be taken as a preventative measure to help get my protein intake going into my late 40’s and early 50’s?   

    I’m starting to consider taking a supplement to account for the protein I’ve removed from my diet, and am currently in the midst of doing some research, I’ll be looking more into the Nutritional Yeast Flakes and the Ocuvite you mentioned in your post.  

    This was some great information, thank you.  I look forward to reading more.

    All the best on your success


    • Hey Tracy; thanks for your comment. Some women experience changes in the body earlier than others. However, fifty years and older is the time when most people start to see changes in their bodies.

      It is also the time when many women experience menopause. You should be eating meat and fish to supply your body with animal protein.

      Best wishes


  7. Hi! There are so many changes after fifty. First of all we must be grateful for being allowed to get this far in our journey through life. But also we must be responsible with our body and our way of eating. I know how important diet is. And I also know we must help ourselves with some micro-nutrients. 

    I also have family under 50 and they also know the importance of consuming micro-nutrients. Is there something equivalent to Biopron 50+ Probiotic Complex with Prebiotics Gut Health Dietary Supplement for people under 50? Thanks.

    • Hello Henry; It is always good for us to be thankful for each day that we live. Life is a loan that we all should show gratitude for. If we do not take care of our bodies that host our lives, then, we are ungrateful.

      Nutrition plays an integral role in taking care of our bodies. So doing, proves that we are grateful for life. All age group needs to indulge in micro-nutrients, But the need becomes greater after fifty years old.

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