Does Nutrition protect the Immune System?

In today’s article, I want to share with you some important facts of life we all need to observe. When it comes to our body and the foods we ate. Saying all of that, we need to know that our bodies are our first gift. We were born with our body meaning we should take the best care of it!

Caring for the body does not require the outer body to get all the attention, if more attention is given to the inner body the outer body will be replenished in every area. How do we take care of the inner body? We must take care of eating the correct foods that will enhance health and longevity.

Nutritious over Delicious

It is important to stock the stomach with the nutrients that will maintain the body’s immune system as a precautionary measure against strange diseases that sometimes attacks unexpectedly. There are always sickness and diseases floating around us waiting to be hosts by us.

No joke, they will overpower and conquer our system if the immunity is not strong enough to resist and conquer them. By eating nutrients that build or strengthen the immune system we can rest assured that areas of our health that depends on our immune system to be healthy will be safe.

Never Wait for Reason to Boost Immunity

It cannot be safe to wait until there is a strange disease or virus in the village before thinking to start stacking up on food with nutrients to build the immune system. There could be a serious health issue at that juncture. We see where COVID 19 had rocked the health of individuals all across the world.


I advise everyone to follow best practice during this crisis. Intake of proper nutrition not only boosts the immune system it plays out on the entire body. The skin glows more radiant younger look, as well as the hair and nails.

If what some people are saying and fussing about now is true; then many victims of COVID 19 is at fault by not ensuring their immune system were in good standing. Another thing I have seen is the price of some foods believed to strengthen the immune system has skyrocketed.

It is a serious issue but I am told of a price hike that causes me to laugh aloud! Here it is; in the local market where the large oranges were sold for $500.00 per dozen, the price has doubled to $ 1000.00 per dozen with the statement: oranges boost your immune system! “Buy it to escape COVID 19!”

Prepare your Immune System

If this is so, those of us who have eaten nutritious foods that maintain our immune system will not need to support this, however, we need to be aware that it will not matter how well we enhance our nutrition by eating nutrients that build the body if we indulge in including trans-fat in the preparation of our foods we could be inviting serious health issues.

I never knew this before it was too late when I have fallen victim to trans-fat effects. I am now saying I learned my lesson the hard way. Now it is my responsibility to eat soberly and ensure to include nutrients in my nutrition plan to reverse the ill-effects of trans-fat, which is not something easily reversed.

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Companies and Individuals profit from Your Eating choice

It takes consistency to do the tricks. Although many folks do not know this, many businesses are booming with the support of the people in the population. These businesses, as well as people who are involved in these kinds of businesses one way or another, are making the kind of money that causes their faces to shine; they are making good money that makes them happy. But the truth be told, their success comes at the cost of people’s health, including some of those who are in the business.

That’s the way of the world eh? Some of the foods that we eat are not easily resisted, even when we are not sure about their value to our body’s health because they are of such attraction to the taste eyes and nose they are most favoured in the diet. These foods are filling, but not in the least nutritious.

In many cases, they help to grow belly fat on rapid, as that is one of their main purposes after filling the belly. People who love to eat spicy and sugary foods are always in danger by the sight and smell of these foods. It is not as easy for them to cut the eating pattern of these delicious tasting foods to be satisfied with the food that is altogether nutritious and healthy.

Fried and baked foods are Appealing

Nothing satisfies some folks as well as fried and baked foods accompanied with soda drink which is refined sugar. While you may treat yourself with this kind of filling food once or twice per week, you need to ensure to treat your body with the nutrition that will maintain your body’s health and longevity.

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I catch myself growing some muscles on both my sides extending to my belly late last year. It causes me to wonder how I look to the viewing public, When I step out of my bathtub I viewed myself in my bathroom full height mirror, naked, I never liked what I saw. It caused me to fret if I look like a balloon to people when I am dressed in clothing. It was not easy for me to restart physical exercise in the mornings but If I don’t these add on muscles will grow out of control, and might no doubt make me uncomfortable in movements. I promised myself to fix it before my friends start mocking at me. It was neither the fries nor the baked foods that caused the extra muscles it was excess eating due to stress.

I am not sure if I am eating normal as I ought to be eating as the stress is not all gone but I restart physical exercise at least five days per week and I am regaining my figure, I had not seen any of my friends since COVID 19 I am sure to get some whistles and much applause when we shall meet face to face after COVID 19.

Amid everything; I ensure to maintain proper nutrition to keep my immune system at peak performance during this season and always I hope you are doing the same. I am Dorcas. I would love to hear from you please leave your comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Do like share and follow.

  1. Thanks you offer some great advice in this article but as one who suffers from hypertension I also read through your other Blog posts on high blood pressure. You provide some good food for thought and some techniques that I have heard of before and some that I have not. There is definitely no shortage of good information here.

    Thanks for the post


    • Hey Hamish; thanks for your comment. There are large numbers of people who suffer from hypertension these days. It is one of the diseases that took away my mother. I ensure to pay much attention to its cause and possible cure ever since. If you follow my advice there, you cannot be wrong.


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