Can Nutrition Advanced or Suppress COVID 19?

We are living in serious time, where, many do worry and fret, being uncertain of what will be next. I am not saying that I have the answer to the issue nor anyone I know has a remedy for COVID 19 What is provoking me is: the role nutrition plays in all of this!


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Yes, people eat healthy foods, `because people want to be healthy. Now if we are consuming the foods we believe to keep us healthy, how comes COVID 19 in our health path with such boisterous invasion that is causing all sorts of mayhem among people?

Nutritionist and some category health officials will need to revisit their former healthy directives. People need to know more about the immune system and how it works. What is the role of nutrition in the function of immunity?

Otherwise, it will be useless for you and I to ensure healthy eating that involved eating foods to build the immune system when during all our effort, a virus as evil as COVID 19 can viciously attack and have dominion over many lives. While thinking seriously about the virus, one thought comes to my mind. I will share it here: Does anyone know the cause or the origin of COVID 19? Where it comes from?

Who or what brought it about, and why? I am watching the many restrictions given to avoid being caught by the virus. I had not seen any exemptions that allow anyone not to follow these precautions. They are general warnings for everyone. Everyone means all people. I realized that the world is a big place, with all categories of people in it. Why the COVID 19 without an explanation.

Everybody needs to know if eating healthy immune-building foods can or cannot help to suppress the virus or enhance the spread of the virus. The truth is all people want to follow proper nutrition, no one wants to have a weak immune system, neither in the upper body nor in the lower body. All want both ways immunity to be vibrant and healthy. If nutrition does not play a significant role in my general health there must be a breakdown somewhere.

In this post, I am appealing to those in authority; I mean the powers of world health and Nutrition to look carefully at what I am saying and re-think, to get the answer if they have not already had an answer to my query, the world needs to know the whole truth on this large health issue!

On an individual approach, one might not be able to conquer the virus and put it under control, but knowledge is ‘power’ tell us the truth and allow us to take it from there. The world wants to know what is the cause of COVID 19. What or who brought it into activity and Why? No one can digest more than a stomach full at any given time.

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Neither is any immune system able to be replenished with more than the required amount at any given time. How can nutrition advanced or suppress COVID 19? I love to eat right and I want to know! I have been hearing a lot of talks about the virus many precautionary measures have been handed down to help suppress the virus.

Where Doe’s COVID 19 Comes from?

So, I ask? ‘Wear a mask’ Is it the wind that carries the virus? Why I should wear a mask to keep it away? ‘Don’t touch your face.’ Is the virus likely to be on the skin of my face? What about exposing my upper arms shoulders and upper back? Looking closely at these directives, it is obvious that the virus is like a ‘spirit’ that floats in the air, which is likely to cling to the skin of my face why I should not touch my face.

I do believe in hygiene, but I am sure that never in the world’s history has so much Sanitizer ever been sold. Where the virus comes from? Why it harasses the entire world at once? While many people of the world are eating nutritious foods to keep their immune systems strong and healthy to fight away any foreign invasion that might want to attack the body?

Where is WHO in All This?

What is WHO saying in all of this? Are they saying they do not have an answer? Is anyone dear to believe WHO has no answer to all my queries? Somebody knows, and the world needs to know, after all, the whole world fallen victim to the virus! Why keep it’s cause and origin a secret when all nations suffer the ill-effect of the virus?

The quickest way to identify a cure and a standoff for the virus is to make known its cause and origin to the world; who knows, there might be a Genius somewhere who can identify some remedy which will be the quick cure and total control of the evil invasion COVID 19.

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Many might say ‘who am I, who cares whether I like it or not.’ But I don’t like it one bit! I am in the world, the world needs answers. If the world cannot get the relevant answers to these questions then, nutrition is no more vital to man’s health and longevity.

(Today you may eat well and wakes up tomorrow feeling what many victims of COVID 19 have explained. You might never be blessed to escape death during the sudden breakdown. COVID 19 claimed your life).

Why eat Healthily?

Your years of healthy nutrition all go in vain as if you never even heard about nutrition. If some of us were nutritionist and dietitians, the longstanding silence about the truth of origin and cause would no doubt have us nervous and somewhat numb by now. The truth needs to come to light. The whole world is staggering for too long under the misrepresentation of the truth about COVID 19 disclosure. I implore the powers that be to come boldly and speak the truth of the matter to the world, it will help you to naturally live longer.

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  1. Nutrition and wellness I believe most certianly play a role in our ability against covid 19. While there may not be a so called cure right now as is with most viruses. Living healthy will help your immune system either way. Will it keep covid 19 away ? perhaps not but by eating healthy and living healthy you will have a better chance of survival if you do get it. No processed foods,organic is better and I think supplements should be natural plant based not drug store.Less side affects from plant based vitamins and supplements.

    • Hey CCAV66; thanks for your comment. I know that eating healthy is our best option right now. However, I believe someone knew where COVID came from and the mode of transportation that causes the urge for people not to touch their face.


  2. I think you need to proofread your article, such as “to fight away any foreign invasion that might want to attack the body? maybe invasion should be “intrusion”. Nice read, good content, Dorcas. COVID-19 is really a pandemic that has changed the world immensely. Great that you can share your knowledge to help cope with the current situation. Thanks, my dear. 

    • Hey Rick; thanks for your comment. Since COVID 19 everything has changed. I never knew that there were so many dishonest people around me until the virus erupted.

      COVID is a definite sign of destruction. I wish it will go away and never return.


  3. Ok great website very informative on nutrition and the benifts of suppliments and healthy eating. I did find some content errors like this one here at the begininning of your blog….”Yes, people eat healthy foods, `because people want to be healthy. Now if we are consuming the foods we believe to keep us healthy, how (comes) it will be useless for you and (me ) this should be (I) instead of me. Aslo … ensure healthy eating COVID 19″ you need a period in this sentence where I have a line…..”upper body nor in the lower body___ All want both ways immunity” Also this part of a sentence ….”of COVID 19 What or who (bring) it into activity and Why? I think that word should be (brought) So I think your website is very informative and well laid out there are a few areas where the grammer, and punctuations need fixed. You are definately right about needing to know where this virus came from and why it became so pandemic. Why our Countries were shuyt down so hard being that only elderly and already sick people died from it and everyone else who were healthy either didn’t contract the disease or recupted from it. I for one think our Government paniced needlessly. Causing wide spread fear and devastation. This is a great website to inform people who read it and giving them knowledge about this whole pandemic thing. I do however think some graphics would do your website justice and make it more pleasing to your audience.Great job. Deborah

    • Hey Deborah; thanks much for your comment. I know the errors are there but find it hard to correct them the day the post is written, The Doctor said it is a brain nerve malfunction He called it a name I do not remember. Then I forget to correct it.

       I realized that the Government have panicked drastically, however, they are all human as I am. I am praying that God will be merciful to us during this pandemic for his namesake.


  4. Hi Dorcas!

    What a hot topic right about now!  Where do I begin?

    I am a strong believer in building a strong immune system to fight viruses, infections, etc.  I also believe in following the advice of scientists who have studied and researched for many years.  They know best.

    What scares me the most about COVID-19 is the fact that an asymptomatic person can spread the virus and could possibly kill someone else.  What are we supposed to do, walk out of our houses in a plastic bubble?  It really is a challenge staying home and not ordering out, etc.  but necessary (in my opinion).  I have NOT ordered anything out since March 13, 2020. It’s not worth it. 

    When it comes to my and my family’s health, I do my part and I also rule out any underlying health issues by getting yearly physicals and paying attention to my body.

    Thank you for this heartfelt website!

    I wish you continued success!


    • Hey Tobia; thanks for your comment. I am not one who goes out a lot, I live alone in a large house, and since COVID 19 I have even cut back on the small amount of time I leave my house. Not everyone can be like me. The truth needs to be told to the world. We should not be left to our imagination. 

      Dengue comes from Agie-Egiptile mosquito. Where does COVID 19 come from? Who or what brought it about? It is somewhat difficult to totally eradicate Mosquitoes However, we are doing as much as is in us to conquer them totally. We can do nothing about COVID 19 because we know not where to look or act against the plague.


  5. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am very sure the quality informations here will be of great help to anyone who come across it. Sincerely speaking, you have a point here; before we start thinking of the cure, why not first know the origin of the virus.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I have learnt a lot from this post!

    • HeyJoy; thanks for your comment. I do appreciate it. In many areas of society, people need a clear understanding of occurrences to better able to suppress the negatives and enhance the positives. But the powers that be, continue to play hide and seek with the population. Of which the consequences are great.

  6. Helloo Dorcas Whyte, thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing content with us all, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your content, first of all, I really want to commend your skills in bringing up such a well thought out article, I really learn a lot from it, thanks a lot for the info I already saved these post so as to come back for future reference

    • Hey, Charsleethan 1; thanks for your comment. I was inspired to write this post as I found much missing information in the COVID 19 pandemic saga. We are often warned and advised about Malaria and Dengue, that they are transmitted to us by the Aggies Egypite Mosquito, so we have a chance to source and destroy their habitations. The Flu and common cold we are told are airborne.

      They called the flue by various names, but we can use many kinds of medications available to combat the common cold and the Flu. There is nothing that we can do to fight back at the COVID 19 because of its origin and it’s path, to us are kept a Mistery or a secret


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