Blender Nutrition and Sour Sop

How do the three phases off together? What do they have in common that can prove beneficial to the human body? Can they work as a theme? I will be sharing with you all valid readers, some known benefits that we get from the superfood Sour Sop.

We as human beings maintain a phobia called (I did not know), This phobia develops itself into a hurdle in our paths to good health. We are living in captivity well rooted in (I did not know).


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People, the most developed and organized organism on the planet suffers day in day out from the obstacle that we placed in our way, that continually prevents us from realizing the real benefits that are in the natural things that God made for our health and wellbeing.

We had wandered far from the fact that everything that God made he sustained. Therefore our sustenance was created alongside us to our reach. Sour Sop is one of the many Foods/medicine that God made available for us, but,(we did not know).

I am taking my time to unveil as much as I can remember about this Super Fruit, I called it “Doctor Sour Sop.”  Some people know it as Guanabana,  Graviola,  Annona among other names.  Those who see the fruit and its value can endorse my findings. I remember as a child; My mother always gave me a mug of black tea made from:


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Sour Sop leaves every now and again three days before the moon changes up until three days after the moon changes making the application seven days. She told me that it was to remove parasites (Round Worms) from my intestine.

Sour Sop is a member of the Annonaceae family it is common in the Americas and the Caribbean. Sour Sop is in many other parts of the world, where the fruit, as well as all other parts of the plant, is used in the nutrition building of people’s mind and body.

The juice of Sour Sop is a welcome drink by almost all who taste the juice; there is always a desire for more. Those who add the use of Sour Sop to their nutrition are on good standing health-wise.  Because of the benefits that many people who knew about the fruit have derived from consuming the fruit as well as other parts of the plant.

They can give their honest report of what Nutrition proof there is about the Sour Sop from root to fruit. Sour Sop has proven a beneficial nutritional food/medicine for many life-threatening diseases and body ailments. High blood pressure, Cough and Cold, are among the many illnesses that Sour Sop have conquered.

It clears inflammatory congestion, Soothes irritation, Stimulates the growth of white blood cells, Fight and wins every type of Cancer, to name a few. For anyone plant to function as a warrior against so many of the bodies enemies and wins it got to be high in Nutrition.

You know I always throw away my SourSop Seeds; Before I knew of the value that is in the seeds. Now that I am aware of the wrong move I had made in throwing away the precious commodity I dump them no more. I put the skin and seeds to dry, toast the seeds in my toaster oven and Ground both seeds and bark in my Coffee Grinder.


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I grind them to powder for use in my diet. I cannot knowingly dump my Nutrition “Doctor” in the garbage bin and later on embrace some sickness or diseases. The root bark and blossoms of the Sour Sap are an excellent fit to repair the nervous system. If you consider yourself to be a product of creation, I advise you to make good use of things grown naturally for your consumption.



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When you do not know, you cannot help being sick, but when you see, you are responsible for taking decisive action regarding your health. Two many people are dying from Cancer, while there are as many foods/medicine naturally made available to satisfy the stomach and cure all types of body dysfunction.

Delicious and Nutritious

Sour Sop is highly nutritious and delicious. The best way that I have Sour Sop Fruit is blending into juice. Before I go further; You should not add Lime juice to your Sour Sop Juice. I blend SourSap with Cow’s Milk, Soy Milk, and Ginger. I run the liquid through a strainer after I combine, set it to chill in the Freezer for a few minutes then I serve, Delicious eh?



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    I am not sick; I am healthy and full. You can too if you will do as I do. If you allow yourself to suffer from any ailment that SourSop could fix for you, it will be your fault. I have shown you many ways how you can use Nutrition and enhance your health by securing through the use of Sour Sop a “Robust Body and a Sound Mind.”

You can no longer join the phobia (we did not Know). I have told you, I have shown you images of the commodity and informed you of where you can source the product. If Cancer or any of the other “come to kill us” eat out your life I have to help you it is time now for you to help yourself. There is much more about Sour Sop that I want to tell you But can you handle it all at once?

The top pharmaceutical companies are uncomfortable with the truth that people are hearing about Sour Sap or Graviola they are withholding vital information from the public about the fruit because they know when the sick society get the knowledge of the power in Nutrition that Graviola puts on the table. They will be using the fruit to save the lives of their loved ones and themselves.

They are fearful that their Chemotherapy that they are applying to Cancer patients who are still dying from Cancer will lose credibility if they tell the truth about the natural healing ability that comes with Sour Sop. Some of them even dear to say to you that Sour Sop is poisonous and warns you to keep clear of the fruit. All because of their selfishness.

The big pharmaceutical companies have refused to think, should the world’s population die out from Cancer and the other killer diseases leaving them and their family only, in the big full world how would they feel when they awake in the mornings knowing that the only faces that they will see is their own in a mirror and it is a part of their doing why they can see their face only.-

Thank God, that won’t happen. Sour Sop has gone abroad, the fruit and other parts of the plant are now popular on shelves all over the place. Online shoppers can buy Sour Sop as they please from eBay and Amazon and many other online retail stores.



There are many written facts about Muricala that is gone out to the Public so as many videos Sour Sop is no longer a secret  Food/Medicine it is now a leading Disease carrier whether pharmaceutical companies like it or not. hoped that I have helped you so far, The ball is now in your court it is time for you to take action. Please leave your questions and comment in the comment section below. I will reply to you.

  1. What a great and informative post this was, I really enjoy reading your post, I never knew sour sop has so many health benefits as listed above, why shouldn’t we add lime to sour Sop juice? Does it has negative impact or what. Glad to also know that sour Sop has such a great influence on cancer.i will definitely share this post with loved ones. 

    • Hi Clement; thank you for your comment. This is one universal fact many folks even enjoyed consuming the juice, but that is all they knew about the fruit.

       I knew it is a powerful fruit but knew nothing about its Cancer-fighting skills until Somebody who was cured of Cancer that chemo could not cure 

      I realised that I had underestimated the fruit all along. I never knew that Sour Sop was available in powdered form until I wrote this post.

      I advised against Lime juice added to Sour Sop on the basis, that they are both acids content mixing two different to join with the Stomach acids is not a good idea. It could lead to ‘Acid influx’


  2. Sour sop is one of my favorite fruits. It tastes so good and has lots of vitamins plus fiber. The flesh is  so smooth and it has lots of juices when you eat the fresh fruit.

    I grew up in a tropical country where my grandparents grew them in their backyard.

    I don’t have access to the fresh fruit nowadays but sometimes I get to buy the powder form of its juice. It is still so yummy and tastes almost the same as the fresh fruit.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Marita; thanks for your comment. It is good to know that you are acquainted with the fruit, It is so much great tasting and delicious to drink.

       When I am Pregnant, if I smell the fruit and don’t get it to eat I vomit until someone has to hold me. As soon as Sour Sap is force pass the vomit into my mouth Vomit stops. All is normal again.

       Anywhere you are living you can plant a Sour Sap in your back or front yard 


  3. Hi, this is a great fruit I think. I live in Thailand and am not sure if we have it here, I’ll have to ask my wife.

    We have similar looking fruits but smaller and without the dorns but the flesh looks the same and the seeds and leaves too.

    It’s amazing the variety of healthy plants we can discover on this planet. Here the people eat a lot of wild growing leaves, roots and fruit regularly and they always say it’s good for your health.

    • Hi Stefan; thanks for your comment. Sour Sop is in Thailand. I forget the name it is called by there. If you go through my post on my site, you will find some fantastic fruits that I wrote about I consider myself blessed to be acquainted these powerful superfoods.

       The people who indulged in eating the natural foods from the plants in the soil they are healthier they are stronger than those who feed on artificial foods. Natural foods are always good.


  4. Wow sour soup sounds like an amazing super food! I am in the health field and I am always interested in new findings, so am curious about the claims of this one. Also if it taste good that is just an added bonus. Will definitely be looking into this thank you for the information!

    • Hi Cliff; When you taste the juice you will be saying something that you are sure experienced. If you blend alcoholic drink to your fruit juice, 

      You might want to add a little to your Sour Sop juice and depending on how you do your thing. You will not want to stop drinking Sour Sop Juice.


  5. This is truly a wonderful fruits that we have neglected or we don’t want to know that it can  do all that why we believe too much in mordern medicine . That  is how our problems starts mordern medicine we have forgotten that Nature provided cure for everything, or we don’t want to look for naturally ways,  that is why we go the easy  way out but Nature has stood the text time that way God’s made medicine will always preveil where mordan once can’t even dare .

    • Hi Charlies; thanks for commenting. Now that you know what Sour Sop can do for you it is time for you to give it a thumb up — used Sour Sop to help you live down any sickness or diseases that might be dear to attack you.


  6. This sounds like an amazing new fruit with amazing capabilities to deal with everything from health to nutrition.I am a diabetic so would first like to know if Sour Sop is safe for diabetics because that is the first thing I have to make sure of.It is so awesome that you would take the time to write such a great article because we really need education to  help us move on from the old traditional fruits.Dale

    • Hi Dale; thanks for your comment, Sour Sop is not a New fruit, in fact, itis here from creation it is only that not everyone knew about the fruit.

       On the other hand, the fruit is called by many different names, in different languages. Because of its fibre content, it will be good for you


  7. Now I want to try Sour Sop. I live in the States and somehow I have never seen it! What does Sour Sop taste like? Can you compare it to regular fruits? Maybe like pears? If the Sour Sop can help with cancer, I am all on it. I had a tumor 10 years ago in my uterus, it is benign but it can always come back or develop in size and I really do think that sour sop can help. As a tea, does it taste like green tea? or Yerba mate? 

    • Hi Nuttanee; thanks for your comment. Sour Sop is great tasting if you want to blend it with Milk Nutmeg and vanilla. 

      Or you want to blend it with milk and Ginger, or you want to add your favourite alcoholic drink to the mix whichever way you choose to prepare it Sour Sop juice is great tasting delicious and nutritious. 

      I drank only the leaf that mom used to give to me.  The root and seeds are best for Cancer. Proven it cures twelve different types of Cancers.


  8. I am 28 years old and your article took me back to when I was 6 years old. I am from Nicaragua where Guanava is an easy fruit to find. Like you stated, it is extremely delicious and filling. I had no idea how nutritious it really was until I read your article. 

    I remember when I was 6 i was in charge of taking care of my little brother but I hopped on a carreton that was driving by the street because I wanted to get a little ride to jump off a block away just for fun. 

    Before I knew it I was deep in the forest. when I jumped off I knew I had a long walk ahead of me so I noticed the Guanava tree nearby and climbed it to get one. I didn’t eat it. instead, I waited to go get home because I knew a whooping was waiting for me. I figure if I at least showed up with the guanabana I could possibly avoid the whooping. I was wrong. I got whooped. But at least i got to eat some of the delicious fruit you wrote about. 🙂 

    Thank you for the reminder. 

    • Hi Rick; thanks for your comment. Oh yes, Nicaragua is one of the countries that grow Guanava At least some of the good stuff had entered into your digestive system. I am sure it did some work there, back then. 

      Guanabana is a fruit for the healing of the nations. Another good thing is that you can source Guanabana from shops shelves at favourite online shops.


  9. Thank you for sharing this great information about this fruit sour sop.

    When I started to read you article and I saw the picture of this fruit, the first thing that came out of my head was this looks like Annona and as I continue to read you mentioned this other name of what people may know this fruit and my was there it was I nice filling, my mom used to prepare juice very tasty, but we always drink it fast because if we leave it for awhile it turns in red color.

    After all this year knowing this fruit I was clueless of the benefits that this fruit, I definitely going to start consuming this fruit again thank you I will check the powder.

    • Hi GVporras; thanks for your comment. I have a passion for natural things I have some Sour Sap plant into my back and front yard. They bear until it looks terrible. 

      One problem I know about Guanabana is that the plant shed a lot of leaves every time it rains, other from that it is among the best most effective foods/medicine I have ever known. If you start to consume Sour Sop, it will do good for your Nutrition


  10. Wow, I have never even heard of sour sop (aka Guanabana, Graviola, Annona) but I have to say as a person who focuses a lot of energy on nutrition, I am absolutely intrigued.  I have to say that I am in total agreement with you that the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry have completely turned a blind eye to natural remedies for disease, and have even tried to thwart any attempt to get word out about these curing nutrients.

    Bravo to you for bringing this wonderful food to light.  Super exciting.  Cannot wait to try it!


    • Hi Babsie; thanks for your comment. I have made myself an advocate for natural medicine. I know that God sustains his creation. 

      Therefore it would be awkward for him to create man and not make provision for man’s healthy sustenance. Many foods are natural medicine; if a man identifies and eat these foods, there will be no caused for sickness or diseases.

      I have found out that many intellectuals suffer from a brain deficit in that they failed to believe that they can make money from the natural things of creation in the similar amount or more while their fellow men remain alive and in good health. 

      The phobia gives them reasons to dampen the effort of those who will advocate and ensure that the ailing public is informed about these natural foods/medicine.


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